Summary “Spring Island” Astafyev

The author sails along the Yenisei, a strong, wide river. Sails to the homeland of his childhood. Standing on the deck of the ship, licking drops of spray from the lips, he, like many – many before him, asks a rhetorical question – why? Why so little time devoted to what is really expensive, why so long did not come here, to their native places, but fussed, worked, traveled abroad, and even was ill.

On the steamer did not sleep only the helmsman and the author of the story. He was waiting for the sun to rise, the sun that would scare the night mist on the river, and finish this short summer night. And here with the first rays of the rising star, the hero sees the island: with transshipment, flashing red fire, with rocks in the middle of the island, and a brightly green forest below. And everywhere the riotous spring greens with impregnations of different colors. There are bells, wild poppy, and cuckoo’s tears.

The author so tasty describes the seen spring

island that he vividly and brightly stands before his eyes. He himself ran all over the steamer to enjoy this spring, as inadvertently encountered on his way, as long as possible. But the beautiful fairy tale was all removed and removed until it disappeared in the distance.

The hero of the story greedily looked at all the islands, which later met along the steamer’s path, then there was never such a spring one. And the explanation for this miracle is simple: the island was long flooded with the waters of the Yenisei, and when its land was slightly dry – the island needed spring. He could not miss it, despite the fact that around the summer was in full swing. And once it was needed – she also zabushevala around the colors of flowers, fragrant herbs – all that spring comes to every corner of my mother – the land.

But is Astafiev only talking about the land in this story? After all, in the end he writes: “Remembering about the spring island, I think of us, people, because every person comes early or early in the spring, in what guise, in what color, it does not matter.” The main thing is that it comes. “

Spring comes – words that are immediately associated with the arrival of something new, necessarily bright and beautiful. The one that breaks into human souls, captures them, purifying and enriching them.

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Summary “Spring Island” Astafyev