Summary of “Legend of Kish” London

Summary of “Legend of Kish” London

The thirteen-year-old boy Kish lives along the Polar Sea, along with his mother Aikigoy. Kish does not have brothers and sisters, and his father Bok died in a battle with the polar bear, which he entered, saving people from starvation. Over time, people forgot about the heroic deed of a brave man, as well as about the mother and the boy living in the poorest needle.

In the needle of the leader Klosh-Kwan, there is a council. Kish gets up and says that he and his mother get the right amount of meat, but often it’s old and tough. With his speech the boy stuns everyone, the hunters are amazed that the youth speaks quite like an adult and throws such bold words into their face. The board members are outraged, they send Kish to sleep with the words that he can not teach adult men.

Then the boy says his last word – he will remain silent on the advice until he is asked to speak. From now on, he himself will hunt and share meat, and his division will be just.

The next day, Kish goes on a hunt alone. It takes several days, but it’s not there. His fellow tribesmen already consider him dead, and his mother even smears the face of the soot in a sign of sorrow, but he announced one morning carrying a piece of the carcass of a dead bear on his shoulder. He sends men on his trail, and they find a lot of meat on the ice. The bear with the cubs was not only killed, but also refreshed according to all the rules. Kish has a secret.

He several more times goes on a hunt, not taking with itself anybody, and returns with invariable success. The division of him is invariably fair. Kish asks people who eat the meat they bring, build a new needle for him, more spaciously, what his fellow tribesmen do.

Superstitious people start talking about witchcraft. Kish is sent to watch two young hunters – Bima and Boon. They return in five days and tell the story of how Kish met the bear, angered him, attracting attention, but when the furious predator rushed to him, he began to scoot and drop on the ice the small balls that the bear was eating. After a while, the bear forgot about Kish, since these balls

did, according to Boon, a lot of trouble. Because of the pain, the bear began to tear itself with claws, until it weakened, after which Kish finished off with a spear completely exhausted predator.

Upon Kish’s return, a messenger is sent for him, inviting him to the council, but he replies that his needle is spacious enough to hold everyone. The curiosity of men is so great that everyone heading home to the young hunter is led by leader Klosh-Kwan.

Kish explains that he came up with an easy way to hunt. He takes a whale, sharpened from both sides like a needle, twists it and wraps it in pellets of sealed fat that expose to frost, where they freeze. On the hunt, Kish throws these beads to the bears. Bears swallow them, fat in the stomach melts, and the hairs straightens, inflicting terrible pain on the beast and exhausting it.

Thus ends the story of Kish. Later, he becomes the leader of the tribe, and under his rule all have enough meat.

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Summary of “Legend of Kish” London