Summary “Quiet Flows the Don” by Sholokhov

After reading the summary of “Quiet Flows the Don”, you will necessarily want to get acquainted with the whole novel.

From the very beginning, the author begins to describe the yard of Melekhovoy, which is located on the very edge of the farm. The reader is told the story of this family, the main member of which is Grigory.

His grandfather even in his youth married an ugly woman, whom he brought with him from the campaign. Because of this, Grandfather Gregory and his father broke a conflict in a lifetime, because his father was against his marriage to a stranger.

Having chosen a foreigner as his wife, he had to become a hermit and settle in the outskirts, soon they had a child whom they called Pantelei. He was very much like his mother, as dark and black-eyed. When the boy grew up, he began to help his father in the household, and soon he married a Cossack girl. In a happy marriage, children began to appear. Pantelei had four children: two sons Petro

and Gregory, and two daughters Dunyasha and Daria.

Early in the morning Pantelei invites his youngest son to go fishing, during which he asks to forget about Aksinya, who was already the wife of their neighbor Stepan. But Grigory does not react to his father’s request and continues to run after Aksinya. This girl suffered a lot in life, even in her childhood she was cruelly raped by her father, and after marriage her husband began to beat her with the same cruelty. Therefore, when she felt Grigory’s sympathy, he fell in love with him until he became unconscious. Soon they were told about their romance in the district. Summary “Quiet Flows the Don” will not be able to embrace all the passions described in the novel on a full scale. Stepan, learning about the betrayal of his wife, even more begins to beat Aksinya, and Gregory quickly married Natalia. But still they can not cope with their feelings and forget about each other. Grigory admits to his wife, that he could not fall in love with her, and she decided to take her own life. This does not excite him, since Aksinya confesses to him that

soon they will have a child.

And just at this time Gregory is called to the war, which lasted 4 years. The description of the war begins, the short content “Quiet Flows the Don” will not give you a full account of all the spectacular battles in which Grigory took part. In the second battle, he is wounded in the head, and news of his death will reach his native village. After some time this information will be refuted, and Natalia will go to Aksinya to ask her to leave her husband alone. At the same time, Gregory’s daughter dies, and Aksinya begins to take courtship from Listinsky. After another injury, Gregory is sent home, rumors of the infidelity of a loved one reach him instantly, and he decides to return to his wife.

The summary “Quiet Flows the Don” will not give you all that storm of emotions that you can get while reading the full work.

The main character is disappointed in the war and in the homeland. Gregory wants to be arrested because he fought for the Whites to save his life, he has to flee from his native lands. He returns home only after the news of the uprising of the Cossacks. His brother serves for the Reds, but he is taken in a deceptive way into captivity and killed. The death of his brother and the war badly affect the state of Gregory, he begins to abuse alcohol.

Deciding to make a breakthrough to the Danube, Melekhov takes Aksinya with him and leaves with her. But soon he receives news from the house that his wife Natalia, doing herself an abortion, tragically perishes. So not seeing the beloved wife, she dies.

A real masterpiece of fiction is the work Quiet Flows the Don. The very brief content of this article does not allow describing all the interesting subjects of the novel.

In the end, the protagonist loses almost everything, his father dies of the disease, his beloved Aksinya dies in the field from a bullet wound. The unfortunate Gregory realizes that he has nothing left in life except children, and he returns to them.

The life of an ordinary Cossack described in his novel Sholokhov “Quiet Flows the Don.” The brief content of this work of almost all readers suggests to familiarize with it entirely.

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Summary “Quiet Flows the Don” by Sholokhov