Summary of “Woe from Wit” by Griboedov

The narrative begins in the early morning, when the maid Lisa knocks on the bedroom door of Sofya Famusova. Sophia is not alone – she spent the whole night talking with the secretary of her father Molchalin, but she does not want anyone to know about it.

Leaving Sophia’s room, Molchalin faces her father. Famusov is very interested in the question of what his secretary is doing in this place at such an early hour.

And Sophia, left alone with Lisa, remembers how quickly the night flew by. Lisa is funny, and she reminds Sophia of her former passion – Alexander Andreevich Chatsky, who three years ago went to travel and has not yet returned. Sophia says that the passion for Chatsky is nothing but a childish feeling, and now she likes people who are sensitive, timid, modest and tidy – that is, such as Molchalin.

At that moment Chatsky himself appears. He came to the house to Famusov immediately from the road, before he could visit his home. Sophia

is not too happy about the appearance of Chatsky. Moreover, when he asked Sophia about his former acquaintances, he casually did not say very well about Molchalin. Famusov, too, does not show particular joy when he sees Chatsky. He asks him about where he was and what he saw, but Chatsky promises to tell him about the whole evening, since now he needs to go home.

The next time he appears in the house of Famusov, Chatsky asks about his daughter. Such a clear interest in Sophia does not really like Famusov – he suspects that Chatsky dreams of marrying Sofya. And indeed, Chatsky asks him a question about what would Famusov say if Chatsky became the suitor of Sophia. Famusov replies that, to begin with, Chatsky needs to sort out his affairs and make a career and set him as an example of his late uncle and Colonel Skalozub, who just appears in the house. Here Skalozuba Famusov considers quite suitable suitor for his daughter – he praises him, which irritates Chatsky, who expresses his opinion about those flatterers and serf-owners who so like Famusov.

At that moment Sofya runs into the room and with

the words “Oh, my God, fell, was killed!” runs to the window. It turns out that Molchalin fell off a horse. Soon, Mulchalin himself enters the room and reassures all those present, saying that he is in order. Chatsky, this behavior of Sophia is surprising and alarming, but he can not believe that such people as Molchalin, whose main characteristics are “moderation and accuracy”, can be liked by Sofya. Chatsky, in conversation with Molchalin, finds out that he does not have any opinion on any issue, since he believes that at his age and in his position one can not yet have one’s own judgment.

Famusovs gather guests. One of the guests, old Khlestov, praises Molchalin (Molchalin is the only young man who paid attention to her dog). Chatsky in conversation with Sophia can not keep silent about this. She is angry with Chatsky – she is hurt by his attitude to Molchalin, and so she avenges him – she tells the guests that he, most likely, went mad. Soon the rumor spreads among all the guests. He will also be informed about this by Chatsky, who is worried about the question of whether this was heard by Sophia – he does not even think that it was Sofia who spread this gossip.

Liza appears in the vestibule where Chatsky is hiding behind the column. Mulchalin walks after her. Lisa asks him to go to Sophia, but he answers that he likes Lisa, and he cares for Sophia only because she serves with her father and wants to make a career. These words are heard by Sophia, who convicts Molchalin and demands that he immediately leave the house. Chatsky, too, is no longer able to remain silent. He expresses his indignation with Sophia. Immediately there appears Famusov, who heard the noise. He threatens to send Sophia “to the village, to my aunt, to the wilderness, to Saratov,” and Lisa to the house.

Chatsky, unable to stay in this house, where indeed, listening to Famusov and those who like him, you can go crazy, leave him, never to return. And after all that happened, Famusov is interested in only one thing: what will be said about this by those representatives of the world, whom he respects.

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Summary of “Woe from Wit” by Griboedov