SUMMARY “Pantry of the Sun” Prishvin

In the village near the city of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, two children were orphaned. Their mother died of illness, and his father was killed during the Great Patriotic War – so Mitras and Nastya were left alone. They lived very amicably and, like adults, led their own economy. Nastya, imitating her mother, got up early in the morning and did all the housework. And Mitrasha, having learned from his father to make wooden utensils, supplied her with all the neighbors. Neighbors also helped children, than they could.

Once Nastya and Mitrasha gathered in the woods for cranberries. They knew that the sweetest cranberries appear in the forest in the spring – it hibernates under snow, and as soon as the snow comes down, it can be recruited in the clearings, which are the real treasures of the sun. So the children went to the forest in April. They remembered about the Palestinians, where cranberries are so many that you can collect it without leaving your place. They walked along

the path in the forest, until they came to the fork. Here Nastya went along a good path, through which many people had already passed, and Mitrasha turned on a barely visible path, as he was guided by the compass. Mitrasha generally gathered in the forest, taking with him all the necessary – not for nothing called his people “peasant in the bag.” He also had a hunting rifle with him.

And in the forest, on an old forester’s lair, there lived a Travka dog. Lesnik Antipyich died, and there was only one grass left. She was melancholy alone in the forest, and she often howled. Heard howling Travki wolf Gray landowner. In fact, there were many wolves in the forest before, even called a special brigade, which was engaged in the destruction of animals. Only the hunters could not kill the Gray Landlord – this wolf was too cunning. The wolf went to the howl of Grass, feeling the prey. And he would have grabbed her, she was a little more. Only saw Travka hare and chased after him.

And Mitrasha walked along the barely visible path, noticing that with every step his foot sank, and in place

of the trail water appears. And Mitrasha remarked that where the man had walked, the grass of the whites was growing. Mitrasha went on this grass. I just decided to turn off the trail, for I saw that one clear glade traverses the path, and appears again immediately after the clearing. Mitrasha decided that he had to cross this clearing – so he cut his path well. And it was Blind Elan. Yelan is a real swamp, and on such glades water is usually seen and marsh plants grow. A Blind Elan was a terrible place, many people died here, because it looked like an ordinary forest glade. Mitras stepped, fell down to his knee, jerked, and even more bogged down. Well, I guessed to grab the gun and throw it flat, for this gun it held.

Nastya meanwhile found a Palestinian woman, who had a lot of cranberries. And so she got carried away collecting berries, that she forgot about everything. Only when she saw the snake did Nastya scream and remembered Mitrasha. Heard this cry and Mitrasha, shouted back, but the cry of his wind blew away.

A travka ran through the forest and scented the trail of people. At the fork the track was divided into two. Herd ran along the trail, from which it smelled of food and found Nastya. The girl sat with her head bowed. She looked at the dog and turned away. But Travka again smelled the hare and chased after it. She drove him straight to Blind Elani. And then she stood still when she saw the man. The man also saw her and called her by name. Slowly the dog began to approach the man, and Mitrasha was afraid that she would rush to him from the excess of feelings and then they would drown together. When the dog was close, Mitrasha grabbed her by her hind legs, she jumped up from the fright and pulled him out of the swamp. “Come to me, my Spot” (this name was given to her first by Antipitch) – he called, and the dog with a joyful shriek rushed to him. Then she remembered the hare and drove him to the man who became her master. But exactly where the hunter was hiding, the Gray Landlord hid, he jumped out from behind the bush, and Mitrasha, forgetting about the hare, fired at him point-blank. Soon Nastya came running to the sound of the shot.

And people in the village have already begun to worry – the children have not been too long. They gathered to go to the forest to search, and from the forest they met Mitrasha with Nastya and Travka. Mitrasha told them that he had killed the Gray Landlord. First, adult hunters did not believe that the boy could kill such a beast, and went into the woods, where they found the dead wolf.

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SUMMARY “Pantry of the Sun” Prishvin