Summary of “Travel Alice” Bulychev

The story consists of 24 chapters, each of which, in fact, is a small independent finished story. From the first chapter, the reader will learn about the preparations for an interstellar journey to collect rare alien animals, Professor Seleznev and his daughter Alisa, whom he promised to take with him. Participation in the expedition of second-grader Alisa is questioned because of an unpleasant incident in the school. However, faithful friends come to the rescue, and everything ends well. In the next chapter, due to Alice’s guilt, the launch of the Pegasus spacecraft is almost broken. Due to the fact that she secretly carried almost fifty of her school friends on board, so that they could get to the football match on the Moon, there was an overload, and Pegasus simply could not tear himself away from the Earth. However, the favorite of the crew is forgiving this trick.

A new character Bulychev travel alice summary In the third chapter appears a new very colorful character

– the space archaeologist Gromozek. This good-natured giant will meet more than once in different stories of the cycle about Alice Seleznev. More often than not, in order to persuade Professor Seleznev to allow his daughter to get involved in another adventure, it would be his help that the author resorted to using Bulychev. “The Journey of Alice,” a brief summary of which we are considering, gives a fairly complete picture of the character of Gromozeki and his inclinations. So in other stories his appearance is perceived already as a meeting with a close friend. But meanwhile, he offers his friend Seleznev to refer to the diaries of the famous Three Captains, who fired all the galaxies on their starships. Their records should help the expedition to find really rare and unique alien animals. From this innocent conversation, the main intrigue of the story is tied up.

The first discovery of Alice The fourth chapter is commemorated by a commotion on the ship. The first found unknown animals – tadpoles – quickly turn into monsters, and then completely completely disappear. With this mystery,

which proved to be unbearable for the three adult crew members, it is easy to cope with the unusual child’s thinking of Alice. What does it mean if the dog licks you? What features make a woman really attractive? Charming photo session of Mom of the Fifties. This is her first discovery in a whole series of future puzzles and puzzles. Next comes another episode, which, no doubt, deserves to be included in the summary (“The Journey of Alice”). The bushes are creatures that look like plants, for which they get their name, but behave like animals.

The talker was short of the story of the journey. Alice Professor Seleznev could not personally see the diaries of the captains, he received only their oral and very brief content. The journey of Alisa Selezneva might not have become so exciting if she had not been lucky enough to acquire a talker belonging to one of the captains. The talker is an amazing bird, able to fly independently between planets. In addition, he has a wonderful memory and is able to reproduce any sounds heard. The second captain, trapped, sent him to call for help. But only the knowledgeable person could fully extract the information that was stored in the bird. So our heroes had to be satisfied with only fragmentary clues.

Meeting with space pirates, the journey of the alice from the planet earth At the very edge of the galaxy, far from the patrol ships, the most elusive of the space pirates – Veselchak U and Rats – comes into the confrontation with the Pegasus team. But even here Alice’s boldness and wit allows him to win a complete victory over the sophisticated scoundrels. They are arrested, and captive captains are released. The famous captains express their gratitude to their saviors. They ask about the latest news from the Earth and get a story about them. The journey of Alice Selezneva is coming to an end, but the captains promise to take her with them on an excursion to the neighboring Galaxy. The father promises to release his daughter, provided that she will grow up a little more.

Return home The story ends with a description of how the whole team is heading to its native Solar system. During the expedition it was possible to collect not very many specimens of rare animals. But these species will be a worthy addition to the collection of the Moscow space zoo.

About the most amazing adventures Alice is asked not to spread much. She readily agrees, understanding that most of them friends still will not believe. In addition, the on-board magazine keeps their brief content. The journey of Alice, committed during the summer holidays, ends with the beginning of the new school year.

The Mystery of the Third Planet

Based on his story, Bulychev wrote the script for the cartoon “The Mystery of the Third Planet.” Like the book itself, it was provocative and dynamic. However, this work should be perceived at best only as a short content of the tale “Alice’s Journey.” She in no way conveys the complete story about the girl Alice, described in the book. Therefore, if you need to read this story according to the school program, do not think that watching the cartoon will be enough. Although, if you try, you can write a short summary of “The Journey of Alice.” 5-6 proposals for this will be enough.

A description for the reader’s diary. Summary: “Alice’s Journey.” A girl from the planet earth is sent to an expedition to collect rare alien animals with her father – Professor of Biology Igor Seleznev. On board the space ship “Pegasus” there are two more crew members – Captain Poloskov and mechanic Green. During the expedition, a small crew meets with many unusual situations, the way out of which often helps to see the resourceful Alice. Thanks to her curiosity, the team manages to find the trail of long-lost heroes – the famous captains. Despite the intrigues of space pirates, the crew of Pegasus discovers the secret refuge of the villains and releases captive captains. From his journey, Professor Seleznev brings tadpoles to the zoo, which during their development grow to gigantic proportions, and then turn into small amphibians; bushes, who are able to run on the roots of people in search of water, and fighting among themselves for compote. Among the findings are pebbles that turn into heroes, about which a nearby person thinks. The researchers and Sclissa, who looked like an ordinary cow, but with transparent wings, and a couple of other animals, were brought.

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Summary of “Travel Alice” Bulychev