“The doctor of his honor” Calderon in summary

“The doctor of his honor” Calderon in summary

The action takes place in Spain at the time of King Don Pedro the Just or the Cruel. During the hunt, the brother of the Infante King, Don Enrique, falls from the horse, and is unconsciously brought into the house of Don Gutierre Alfonso de Solis. They are met by the wife of Don Gutierre, Donja Mensia, in which the courtiers of the Infanta suite, Don Arias and Don Diego, recognize his former lover. Dona Mencia is in a difficult situation, because her husband does not know that she is still in love with Don Enrique, who knew her before. Infant wakes up and sees beside Men Menia, who tells him that she is now the wife of the owner of the house. She lets the prince know that he has now nothing to hope for. Don Enrique wants to leave at once, but the appeared Don Gutierre persuades him to stay.

The prince replies that in the heart so beloved by “he became the master of the other,” and he must go. Don Gutierre gives him his horse and in addition to her lackey Kokin, a joker who calls himself “at the mare’s economy.” At the farewell of Don Enrique, Donia Menzii hints at the ambulance, saying that the lady should be given the “opportunity to justify himself.”

Don Gutierre wants to lead the prince, but Dona Mencia tells him that in fact he wants to meet Leonora, whom he loved before and has not forgotten until now. The husband swears that this is not so. Remaining alone with the servant of Jacinta, Donja Mensia confesses to her that when she saw Enrique again, “now love and honor entered the battle between themselves.”

King Don Pedro accepts petitioners and gives everyone as best he can: a soldier appoints to command a platoon, a poor old man gives a ring with a diamond. King Donja Leonora appealed to the king with a complaint against Don Gutierre, who promised to marry her, and then refused. Now he is married to another, and her honor is confounded, and Dona Leonora wants him to make “a worthy contribution” for her and give her the opportunity to go to the monastery. The King promises to decide the matter, but after Don Gutierre listens.


Gutierre appears, and the king asks him to explain the reason for refusing to marry Doné Leonore. He admits that he loved Donor Leonor, but, “being unconnected with the word,” took his wife another. The king wants to know what the reason for this change is, and Don Gutierreau says that once in the house of Donoya Leonora found a man who jumped off the balcony and disappeared. Leonora wants to immediately tell what really happened, but standing next to Don Arias enters into a conversation and admits that he was then in the house of Leonora. He then courted the lady who at night came to the Don Leonore on a visit, and he, “in love with the mind,” followed her with unfairness “entered the house,” and the landlady could not “prevent” him. Suddenly Don Gutierre appeared, and Don Arias, escaping Leonora’s honor, disappeared, but was spotted. Now he is ready to give an answer to Don Gutierre in a duel. They clutch at their swords, but the king in anger orders to arrest both, for without the will of the king no one dares to draw a weapon in his presence.

Don Enrique, seeing that the husband of Dona Menzia was arrested, decides to get to her house for a date. He bribes the maid Jacinta, and she escorts him into the house. During a conversation with Donja Mencia, Don Gutierre comes back, Don Enrique is hiding. Don Gutierre tells his wife that he was released from prison by his friend the mayor, the chief of the guard. To get Don Enrique out of the house, Dona Menzia raises a false alarm, screaming that she saw someone in her cloak in her bedroom. The husband grabs the sword and rushes there, Dona Mensia deliberately overturns the lamp, and in the dark Khasinta takes Don Enrique out of the house. However, he loses his dagger, which finds Don Gutierre, and in his soul a terrible suspicion is born that his wife deceived him.

The king, at the request of Don Enrique, releases from the prison Don Arias and Don Gutierre. Seeing the prince’s sword, Don Gutierre compares it to the dagger found, then tells Don Enrique that he did not want to meet with such a fighter as the prince, even under cover of the night, without recognizing him. Don Enrique understands the hint, but keeps silent, which gives Don Gutierra a reason for suspicion. He is ready at all costs to learn the secret on which his honor depends. He wondered whose he had found the dagger in his house and whether the lamp had accidentally overturned dona Mencia. He decides secretly to get into his house under the guise of the lover of Dona Mencia and, covering his face with a cloak, play the scene of a meeting with her to check if his wife is faithful to him.

Don Gutierre secretly returns to his house, without warning his wife that the king released him to freedom. He makes his way to the bedroom to the Don Mensia and, changing his voice, turns to her. Mensia thinks that the prince came to her, and calls it “Your Highness”, Don Gutierre can guess that it’s about the prince. Then he leaves, and then pretends to have entered through the garden gate, and loudly demands servants. Doña Mensia greeted him with joy, and it seems to him that she is lying and pretending.

Don Gutierre tells the king about the adventures of his brother Don Enrique and shows the prince’s dagger. He says that he must save his honor by washing it in blood, but not in the blood of the prince, whom he does not dare to attempt.

The king meets his brother and demands from him that he renounce his criminal passion for the Don Mensia, shows him the dagger. Don Enrique grabs a dagger and, with excitement, accidentally injures the king in his hand. The king accuses the prince that he encroaches on his life, don Enrique leaves the king’s palace to retire into exile

Don Gutierre decides to put his wife to death, for she has shamed his honor, but to do so, according to unwritten laws of honor, it must be done in secret, for the insult has also been done in secret so that people do not know how Dona Mencia died. Unable to bear the death of his wife, he asks the sky to send him death. To Prince Mencia comes Prince Kokin, sent with the news that Don Enrique is in disgrace because of her and must leave the kingdom. In a foreign land, the prince withers from grief and separation from the dona Mensia. The departure of the prince will bring shame on Don Menzia, for everyone will begin to wonder what is the reason for the flight of the prince, and finally find out what’s wrong. Hasinta suggests that the lady write a letter to the prince, so that he does not leave and do not dishonor her name. Doña Mensia sits down to write a letter. At this time appears Don Gutierre, Hasinta rushes to warn the mistress, However, the owner tells her to leave. He opens the door to the room and sees Don Menzia, who is writing a letter, coming up to her and tearing out a sheet from her. Dona Mensia is deprived of feelings, her husband reads the letter and decides, sending the servant to kill his wife. He writes some words on the same sheet and leaves. Dona Mensia comes to herself and reads her sentence on the sheet; “Love deifies you, honor hates, one brings death to you, the other prepares you for it.” You have two hours to live. You are a Christian: save the soul, for the bodies can not be saved. ” Dona Mensia comes to herself and reads her sentence on the sheet; “Love deifies you, honor hates, one brings death to you, the other prepares you for it.” You have two hours to live. You are a Christian: save the soul, for the bodies can not be saved. ” Dona Mensia comes to herself and reads her sentence on the sheet; “Love deifies you, honor hates, one brings death to you, the other prepares you for it.” You have two hours to live. You are a Christian: save the soul, for the bodies can not be saved. “

Don Gutierre invites the surgeon Ludovico to let his wife have blood and wait until all of it escapes and death comes. In case of refusal, Don Gutierre threatens the doctor with death. He then wants to assure everyone that “because of the sudden illness, the blood had to be let through by Mensia and that she inadvertently moved the bandages.” Who in this crime will see? ” And he is going to take the doctor away from home and finish off on the street. “He who honors his doctor, does not hesitate, will open the blood… for all the ailments are treated with blood,” says Don Gutierre.

On the street in Seville, Don Gutierre leads Ludovico, whose eyes are tied. Towards them go the king and don Diego. Don Gutierre is running away. King removes the bandage from the face of Ludovico, and he tells how a woman died whose face he did not see, but heard her say that she dies innocently. Ludovico stained his hands with blood and left a mark on the door of the house.

The king goes to the house of Don Gutierre, for he guessed, about whose death there is a speech. Kokin appears and also tells the king how Don Gutierre locked his wife’s house and sent away all the servants. At the house the king meets Don Leonor, he remembers that he promised to save her from shame, and says that he will do it at the first opportunity. Don Gutierre runs out of the house with a howl and tells the king how his wife died from losing blood after she had bandaged the bandages in her sleep. The king understands that Don Gutierre deceives him, but in what has happened, he sees an opportunity to fulfill his promise given to Doné Leonore. The king proposes that Don Gutierra take his wife Don Leonor. He objects, saying that she can change him. The king replies that then it is necessary to give her blood, thus giving Don Gutierre, that he knows everything and he justifies what he did. Doña Leonora agrees to be the wife of Don Gutierre and, if necessary, “treated” with his medicine.

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“The doctor of his honor” Calderon in summary