Summary “Brother Seven” Krapivina

Summary “Brother Seven” Krapivina

Seven-year-old Alka lives in a new city, built on the site of the village. Near the city is a large ravine, in which dandelions grow. Once the neighbor girl decided to play with Alka and put dandelions in his mouth. Alka hit her, for which he was punished by his elder sister Marina.

Most of all, Alka loves one birch, which he calls the Green Mane. He sits down on the bend of her trunk, and it seems to him that he is a fabulous giant on a horse. But Marina interrupts her dreams, hails him and calls home.

Once a worker appears near the birch and says that there will be a construction site at this place, and the birch will be cut down. The frightened Alka worker promises to find another place for construction. For this, Alka must transfer to the other side of the river his rake,

but live. To be in time, Alka goes around and from the last forces drags a heavy burden. Seeing Alka, the head of the worker is indignant and calms the boy: they did not plan to cut the birch. He will gladly take Alka to work instead of a working parasite, even if the boy grows up.

Alka looking for a friend

Alka and Marina spend the summer in the camp. Marina is very strict with her younger brother. Here would be Alka’s older brother, it would have been different! Alka yearns for the house.

On the first night, Alka gets acquainted with his roommate Vaska, who is fond of birds. In the morning it turns out that Vaska was transferred to another room. Alka is looking for her new friend and is late for the evening line. He sees the head of the camp in front of everyone shaming one of the boys for the broken glass and threatening to send him home. The boy denies his guilt, and Alka learns Vaska in it. According to the reaction of one of Vitka’s pioneers, greedy and roaring, Alka realizes that the culprit is Vitka. Alka takes the blame on herself.

Short Happiness

Vitka calls Alka after breakfast to eat blueberries in the forest and on the way leads him to the farm. There Alka sees his pants, like the sailors he dreams about, but the boy does not have enough money, he has to borrow.


on a bicycle, Alka spoils his pants, decides to wash and dry them over the fire, as a result, a hole appears in his trousers. Sighing, Marina makes shorts out of her pants.


Alka becomes more attached to Vaska, but Marina believes that Vaska is a bully and has a bad influence on Alka. Vaska always stands up for Alka and does not give him offense.

The sick Vaska is put in an isolation ward. The boys bring Vaska to the fry’s can, but Marina learns about it and throws them out.

Marina goes to a neighboring camp to agree on a large common fire, and Alka, bored without a friend, asks her sister to take him with her. Marina does not want Alka in her absence to run to the sick Vaska, and agrees. In the lake Alka, caught on the way, he collects a flask of water with leeches to take to a friend. Marina thinks that there is clean water in the flask and, wishing from the heat, asks for a drink. Alka does not and can not give in to her complaints. Returning to the camp, the boy gives Vaska a flask.

Drops on the asphalt

Alka remembers how in the courtyard during the rain, they took the children from the playground “fungus”, turned it over, sailed through the puddle and got dirty in the mud. Seeing this, Marina immediately broke the game to show off before her classmate Kotka. The guys went home to change. Being offended that her sister spoiled such a good game, Alka asked his friend Vitka to get the ball to Kotka. Vitka struck his foot on the ball and got into a tree standing between Marina and Kotka, which was sprayed with drops from the leaves. The dress of Marina from the crepe-georgette could sit down because of the water, and where would she go with Kotka? Then the rain fell again. Together with the guys who have already changed clothes, Alka decided to wait out the rain in the entrance.


Kotka comes to Alka when Marina is not at home. He accidentally sees her picture and asks her for a wall newspaper. After a while Marina comes home happy and reports that they wrote about her in the wall newspaper. Alka says that he gave Kotka a photo, hoping that he did something nice for his sister, but Marina runs away in tears. Alka takes a photo from Kotka and brings it to Marina. Marina tries to find out that Kotka spoke at the same time, and cries.

In the evening, Alka sits on the windowsill and looks out the window. Marina tells him to get off the window, otherwise he will catch cold. Alka is sad, Marina is not angry anymore.

Plush Hare

Vitka finds his beloved Alkin an old toy, a plush hare. Realizing that Alka is still playing toys, Vitka ridicules him and throws the hare into the yard. Playing a hare in football, the guys tear it. Alke’s sorry for his favorite toy, he feels as if he betrayed an old friend. He wants to take the hare, but the guys do not give. Appeared suddenly Vaska takes the hare from the children and sews it up. Alke seems that he feels like a small wadded heart beats.

Journey to the White Giant

For the carnival, the whole family sewed Alke cosmonaut costume. He thinks that he has one such a wonderful suit, but the other guys also were dressed cosmonauts.

Walking around the school after the concert, the guys come to the physics room, where they have never been. There they see a lot of interesting things, especially they are attracted by a huge glittering ball hanging from the ceiling. The guys decide to play a space flight. One of the boys is developing a route. They will fly to the White Giant, whose role will play the ball. Alk they choose captain. During the game, something is broken, the guys are running away in fear, and Alka, as the captain, decides to leave last.

Hearing the steps of the teacher in the corridor, Alka hides. The teacher peeks into the classroom and, noticing anything, closes the door to the key. Alka is afraid that everyone has forgotten him, and he will now remain in the class until the end of the holidays, and he so wanted to get the first prize! But the guys come for him and bring a prize for the costumes – a box of chocolate animals. The boy who is developing the route opens the box and divides the chocolate evenly between the guys. Alka understands that today this boy was a real captain.


From the village, which used to be on the site of the city, there was only one house left. In the trumpet of this house there lived a wind, which Alka called Shurshun. When the wind blew out of the chimney, he rustled the leaves along the asphalt. Shurshun was a very harmful wind. Once he turned the ink bottle onto Marinin’s drawing, and horrified Alke. At the neighbor’s girl, he tore a ball from his hand, struck it against the wires, and the ball burst.

Somehow, Shurshun brings Alka in the eye of a mote. A neighbor girl proposes to pull her out with her tongue, but Alka is afraid to even touch her eye, so it hurts. She calls the boy touchy, and the guys quarrel.

At home, Alka rinses the eye with water, and the mote jumps out. He goes out and meets a girl. First they pretend that they do not know each other. Near the house in which Shurshun lives, they make up their minds and decide how to close the wind in the pipe.

City of spring birds

Alki Shurka’s neighbor came from the North. On the way, he fell ill and now lies alone at home. Alka visits Shurka, telling him about his friends. Shurik draws an amazing city with houses in which multicolored glass. Alka complements the drawing with her own fictions.

Alka introduces Shurka with his friend Vaska. Shurka gives Vaska a drawing.

Soon, Shurka goes outside. Walking, he sees pines, on the trunks of which there are bird houses, the same as in his drawing. Below, on a piece of plywood it is written that this is the City of Spring Birds, and the main architect is Shurka.

Large Striped Monster

In the evening, looking at the night sky, the boys remember different stories. One of the guys is afraid to go home. It seems to him that near the fence in the grass there is something big and striped. Guys are guessing what it can be. Taking a large volleyball net, they try to cover the monster, baking on nettles and bumping into burdock. But the monster turns out to be an old mattress.

From vexation Alka gives the frightened boy a slap. Near his house, Alka helps him to tie a torn strap from his sandal, and he apologizes, because he did not know that there was a mattress in the grass. Alka holds out his hand to the boy.

Night trains

Morning train should arrive Alkin cousin Igor. Alka, who always dreamed of having an older brother, is waiting for Igor with impatience, but Igor comes at night.

Between Igor and Alcoy immediately established friendship. Igor goes with Alka to a water station, talks about his unsuccessful love – his beloved girl refused to move to his city.

Igor takes a job at the office. He comes home late, but Alka is waiting for him, and Igor tells the boy about his work.

Igor draws attention to neighbor Vera, whom Alka does not like, as Vera constantly plays scales. Now Igor spends almost all his free time with her, and with Alka talks rarely and does not fulfill his promise to take the boy with him to the CHP. Once Igor sadly tells Alke that he regrets that he came to their city, it would be better to go to the Far East. Marina tells Alke that Igor has quarreled with Vera. He needs to write an unpleasant article about Vera’s father. Alka is afraid that Igor will leave, and tries to talk to Vera, but she cries.

Vaska calls Alka to the station to collect match labels: people come from all sides, and at the station you can find labels that no one has seen. The boys jump on the train to cross the platform, but Alka does not have time to jump off, the train is moving. Frightened Alka unexpectedly meets on the train Igor. Igor goes to work at the CHP, and then by night the train will return with Alka home. He decided to write an article about Vera’s father. Igor promises Alke to show construction, a crane and blue lights.

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Summary “Brother Seven” Krapivina