Summary “Kvartet” of Krylov

The Prankster-Monkey, Donkey, Goat and Crowd Mishka Have started to play Quartet. They got the notes, bass, viola, two violins And sat down on the meadow under the limes – Capture their art light. Struck in the bow, tear, but no sense. “Stand still, brothers, stop!” Cried the Monkey, “Wait, how can you go to music? You are not so sitting, you, with bass, Misha, sit down against the viola, I, prima, sit down against the second; we will be dazzled by the forest and the mountains! ” They settled, the Quartet began; He nevertheless does not care. “Wait, I’ve found the secret,” the Donkey cries, “we’ll certainly get along, If we sit down next.”

The donkey listened: they sat in a row in a row, But the Quartet neidet neat. That’s more than before they went to their arguments and arguments, to whom and how to sit. The Nightingale happened to fly to their noise. Here with a request to him to solve their doubts: “Perhaps,

– they say, – take an hour for patience, For the quartet to keep our order: We have notes, and there are instruments, just tell us how to sit!” – “To be a musician, so need skill And your ears are pale,” – The Nightingale answers them.– And you, friends, whatever you sit down, All the musicians are not fit. “

Moral of the Fables Quartet

And you, my friends, whatever you sit down, All the musicians are not fit.

Moral in their own words, the main idea and the meaning of the fable Quartet

If you get down to business do not know how to do it, there will not be any sense, as you should not sit down. Need to study.

As they say: From the change of terms the sum does not change

Analysis of the Fable Quartet

Naturally, the fable has a hidden meaning and it’s not about animals – musicians who do not have a hearing.

There is a version that in this way Krylov ridiculed the tsarist power, in which there were also many chatterboxes.

It is also addressed to ordinary people who can do many things

in words, but in reality nothing. Self-confident people believe that any case, for which they take them to the teeth. But this is not so. If there is no talent or skill in anything, no matter how arrogant a person is, it will not give him the right to own an activity on a par with professionals.

It is believed that he ridiculed the tsarist government, because – among politicians there are also many chatterboxes. They talk a lot and organize a debate, in turn they are not able to answer for words and prove these words by deeds. Krylov makes it clear that it is not enough for government to simply occupy some higher rank. For this you need at least something to understand in the case, which you are doing.

A vivid example can be seen in the fable “The Donkey and the Nightingale”. There also the donkey did not understand singing and believed that the cock sings better than the nightingale.

Such fables are well suited to children, as in childhood they like to show off. After reading the fable, they will understand that before you say something you need to think, but can you really do it.


In the fable “Quartet” a monkey, an ass, a goat and a bear decide to play musical instruments. As soon as they start to play, they realize that they do not work at all. Then they begin to look for the cause, then they do not sit like that, then you need to sit closer and many other ridiculous reasons. Of course, the reason is that none of them can play musical instruments. They took the occupation not at ease, because to play well you need skill.

Heroes of a fable who do not know how to play instruments, but do not admit that music is bad not because of how they sit.

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Summary “Kvartet” of Krylov