Summary of “Star Boy” by Oulda

Poor woodcutter brought in the baby home with an amber necklace around her neck wrapped in a cloak with gold stars – he found it in the winter forest on the spot falling stars (other woodcutters refused to carry home freeloader). My wife at first was against an extra mouth, but then surrendered and raised him as her own son. The boy grew handsome, but proud and cruel: tortured animals and people, and did not help the exhortations of the old village priest.

One day the boy threw stones at the beggar. The woodcutter gave him a slap, and the woman took him home, where she called herself the mother of his adopted son. But he did not recognize her – said that he was disgusted even to look at her, and drove out. When he went out to the boy, who supported him in all cruel amusements, they drove him out of the garden and called vile, like a toad. Looking at his reflection in the pond, he saw that he really became a freak.

The boy went to wander and look for his mother

to beg her forgiveness, but could not find her – the animals he had tortured before refused to help. The guards at the city gate sold him for a bottle of wine to the old man, who half-starved the boy in the basement room and sent it three times a day to a dense forest, which from the side looked like a pleasant grove, behind 3 bars of white, yellow and red gold. Three times the boy was helped by the Hare, whom he freed from the trap, and three times he gave the gold to the leper who was sitting at the city gate. Twice the old man beat him to death, and the third time he was met with honors in the city and called the beautiful Prince. The confused guy rushed to the beggar mother, whom he saw in the crowd, but she was silent. He appealed for intercession to the leper, but when he looked up,

When the time came, Star Boy became king – kind and fair.

Said Mouse

Oscar Wilde’s “Star Boy” begins with the two poor loggers getting lost in the forest, and the yard was full of frost. They searched the way home for a long time, but suddenly they saw an unusual star fall from the sky

and the lumberjacks moved towards it. There they saw that instead of a star there was a little boy. One of the lumberjacks decides to take and adopt a child. He brings the baby home. The wife of the woodcutter was against everything at first, but then she agreed and brought up the boy as her own. Years passed, and the adopted child grew handsome, but cruel. He put himself above the rest and laughed at ugly people. Also the boy scoffed at animals, and sometimes over people.

One day a misfortune happened to him, the mischievous pelted one beggar with stones, for which he received a punishment from his father. From this woman, the boy found out that she was his real mother, but he drove her away and said that he did not want to know and see the poor beggar. Then, going out to the street to the boys who had previously supported him in violent games, they simply did not want to know him, and they banished the stellar boy, calling him a nasty toad. Because he drove his mother – he was punished for his sins and past deeds. The boy became very ugly, and his appearance resembled a frog and he decided to go in search of his mother, who wanted to apologize.

The hero spent three years wandering around the world in search of forgiveness, but he does not find it. The animals they mocked, refused to help him. Over the years, the boy realized how offensive to the people he laughed about, because he felt like being an ugly on his own skin. He found nowhere either love or charity. And one guard, in general, sold him into slavery for a bottle of wine. Then the hero comes to the sorcerer, who every day sends him to the dense forest to look for coins: white, yellow and red. To help the boy came a bunny, which he released.

On the first and second day, finding coins, the youth gave them to the beggar, who was constantly sitting near the castle walls, and was punished for this (first time – beating, the second – eternal slavery, and for the third time he could die). But when he wanted to give a coin to a beggar a third time, his real mother appeared before him and all the evil spells dissolve. The boy again became beautiful, but with a good heart. As it turned out, he was a prince, and when the time passed, he became a just and kind king.

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Summary of “Star Boy” by Oulda