Summary of “Notes of the Hunter” Turgenev

Chor and Kalinych

Once, while hunting in the Kaluga region, I met with the local gentleman Polutkin. He also like I loved hunting. Polutkin made an offer to live on his estate. The road was long, so it was decided to call on one of the peasants’ men-Horia. He was not at home. The chorus lived in a separate house with six sons and was distinguished by prosperity. In the morning we went hunting, taking with us a cheerful Kalinich peasant, without whom Polutkin could not imagine hunting. The next day my hunt took place alone. I stopped by to see Horia. He stayed there for three days, learned that Chor and Kalynych are good friends. I became very attached to them, but I had to leave.

Ermolai and millericha

I went hunting with the serf neighbor Yermolay. He was quite carefree, Yermolay had little to do. This hunter was married, but in his half-ruined hut almost did not appear. We hunted all day, by the evening we decided to stop for the night in a mill. At night

I woke up from a quiet conversation. With Ermolai, Arina, who was a mill worker, was talking. She told her story about how she served with Count Zverkov. His wife, upon learning of Arina’s pregnancy from the lackey Petrushka, exiled the girl to the village. The servant himself was sent to the soldiers. In the village, Arina married a miller, and her child died.

Raspberry water

I went hunting again on an August day. From the heat I wanted to drink, and I got to the source called “Raspberry water”. Near the key decided to lie down in the shade. Two old men fished near me. One of them was Stepushka. Nothing was known about his past. Stepushka hardly spoke to anyone. Another fisher was Mikhailo Saveliev. He was a freedman and served as a butler from the petty bourgeois. I decided to talk to them. Saveliev talked about his former master – the earl. Suddenly we saw a walking peasant. He was returning from Moscow, where he asked his master to cut the rent, which the deceased son was now paying him. The master threw him out. The traveler lamented that he had nothing more to take from

him. After a while we went each to our side.

County doctor

Somehow returning home after hunting, I felt that I fell ill. I made a stop at the hotel, from where I sent for a doctor. He told me his story. Once he was summoned to the sick daughter of a landowner out of town. The doctor, having arrived on a place, has seen the beautiful 20-year-old girl. The doctor was imbued with her position and even experienced feelings. The doctor decided to stay until the patient is better. The family took him as a native. Gradually the doctor understood that the girl could not cope with the disease. The last three nights he spent with her. The girl died. The doctor then married the daughter of a merchant with a good dowry.

My neighbor Radilov

Ermolai and I went to hunt in the lime garden. As it turned out, its owner was the local landowner Radilov. When he met, he called me to lunch with him. The landowner lived with his mother and sister, his deceased wife. A week after dinner, I heard the news that Radilov had gone away with his sister-in-law, leaving his elderly mother.

The Ovsyannikov Monastery

With Ovsyannikovym I met at a party with Radilov. Ovsyannikov was a representative of the old generation with the manners of a prosperous merchant. His neighbors showed respect. Ovsyannikov lived with his wife, but without children. He was respected by his neighbors. When we met with him, we talked about hunting, about new noble manners, about another neighbor Stepan Komov. Then the Oryol landowner Franz Lezhen joined us, who came to visit Ovsyannikov.


We went one day with Ermolai to the village of Lgov to hunt game. A large number of ducks were kept in the large pond of Lgov. We decided to take a boat in the village for more convenience. On the way we met a young man Vladimir. Along the way, I learned his story: the fellow traveler was a freedman, he communicated with us with very refined expressions. In Lgov we took a boat, the truth is old, the cracks had to close the pakley. They fought for glory, the boat was full of ducks. But as it turned out, the boat was leaking. And suddenly went to the bottom. We could not get out of the overgrown pond until late in the evening.

Bezhin Meadow

On hunting in the Tula province I was a little lost. Walking through the stars, I went out to a broad meadow, which was called Bezhin. There were bonfires on it, there were children, they grazed horses in the night. I lay down with fatigue and listened to their conversation. One of them told about the brownie in the factory, where the boy had to spend the night. Another admitted that he saw a mermaid in the woods on the trees. Suddenly a sound was heard from the side of the thicket. A flock of dogs ran after them, followed by one of the boys. Returning. he said that there were wolves nearby. Talks stopped only in the morning.

Kasyan with Beautiful Swords

The driver drove me home one of the summer hot days. Ahead the coachman saw a funeral procession, we hurried to overtake the convoy to avoid taking them. But the cart broke down, and the procession reached us. Having reached the settlement, we changed the axis of the cart. Local old man Kasyan agreed to take me to the hunting ground. The old man was considered a fool, and sometimes he treated herbs. Hunting was not successful, we returned to the village and I’ll fight and went with the coachman Yerofei home.

The Burmist

Almost in the neighborhood with my estate is the house of Arkady Pavlovich Penochkin – a young landowner and a retired military. It is distinguished by special education among local nobles. I do not often visit him, because I do not feel comfortable in his house. Somehow Penochkin, learning that I’m going to Ryabovo, decided to go with me. His goal was the village of Shipilovka, where he lived praised by him emperor Sofron. At a meeting with him, the commissioner complained to Penochkin about the lack of land, to increase arrears. When I had already left Ryabov for hunting, I learned from a friend of the peasant that Shipilovka only belongs to Penochkin only on paper, and the camp manager is in charge of everything.


During my hunt a cold rain began. And I had to stop in the nearest village. In the biggest house there was an office of the elders. The chief clerk was Nikolai Yeremeyich. Through the office there were orders and orders for the burmist and the elder, but all the papers were signed by the owner of the village Losnyakova. After a short sleep, I witnessed a quarrel between Nikolai Yeremeyich and his medical assistant Pavel. He accused the clerk in various obstacles for his marriage to Tatiana’s bride. Later it became known to me that Losnyakova had sent Tatyana to exile, and she left her clerk and paramedic at her place.


In the evening I returned with another hunt. From the bad weather, I took cover under a broad bush. On the road I noticed a local forester who took me to his house. There I saw a 12-year-old girl and a baby in a cradle. The hut was very miserable. Forester, people called a waggon. He had a broad figure and an unshakable face. It turned out that his wife fled with another, leaving little children behind. When the rain was over, we went out into the yard. Suddenly, the sound of an ax sounded in the forest, the forester ran there. Biryuk grabbed the wet man. I was ready to pay for the wagon to let him go. And suddenly this stern man took pity and freed the frightened peasant.

Two landlords

I want to introduce to you two landowners, whom I had a chance to hunt. The first, the retired major Vyacheslav Khvalynsky. Kind, but a bad master. He lives alone and tries not to remember the past. Another – Mardari Stegunov, on the contrary, has a cheerful disposition, although he also lives a bachelor life. Having visited them on a visit, I understood how different people are.


With Ardalion Mikhailovich – my neighbor, we went hunting. He agreed, provided that we go to his estate Chaplygin. There was a felling of an oak forest, in the place of which we soon found ourselves. There, quite unexpectedly, a fallen tree crushed Maxim, who served as a contractor, to death. Death resumed my memories and caused unpleasant feelings.

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Summary of “Notes of the Hunter” Turgenev