Summary of “Mermaid” Dargomyzhsky

The first action. Natasha sits on the bank of the Dnieper in deep thoughtfulness. She is troubled by her heart, and it is not easy for her to listen to the instructions of her father – the old Miller. For several days the Prince, her lover, has not come to Natasha. The miller teaches her how to behave with the Prince. I would very much like to see Miller see his daughter as a princess, but all these dreams are empty. If you soberly look at life, it would be nice to at least give a rich gift or get money from the Prince.

With trembling meets Natasha arrived Prince. He, as always, affectionately welcomes her, but immediately says that he must soon leave. The prince seems embarrassed, he does not finish something. Natasha notices a change in him. Even an expensive necklace, which the Prince gives her, briefly distracts her from unpleasant premonitions. Having gained courage, the Prince informs Natasha of the upcoming separation and her marriage. Natasha is stunned with grief.

Painfully trying to remember something important, which she wanted to say to the Prince. Finally, this important brightly flashes in the memory – she must soon become a mother. The prince asks Natasha to take care of herself and quickly leaves. There is no limit to Natasha’s grief. In despair she tears a pearl necklace on herself, tears off the bandage in expensive stones and rushes to the Dnieper with the thought of revenge.

The second action. In the rich mansions the wedding of the Prince is celebrated. All congratulate the young and wish them happiness. And only one voice on a merry holiday draws on a sad song about how a girl drowned by a drowned woman drowned in the river.

The prince recognizes Natasha’s voice. The fun is broken. However, everyone tries to pretend that nothing has happened. The guests pick up their chocolates. The prince kisses his wife, at the same moment a loud woman’s groan is heard in the crowd. All in confusion.

The third action.

In the longing and constant expectation of the Prince, the days of the Princess languidly pass by. The prince disappears

on the hunt. The Princess recalls the first joyous days of her marriage that flashed irrevocably. The hunter returns and reports that the Prince alone remained on the bank of the Dnieper. The Princess is troubled.

Evening. On the bank of the Dnieper are the mermaids, after hearing a footstep, they hurriedly rush into the water and disappear. Near the collapsed mill, the Prince stops. With sadness he thinks about the past happiness and about Natasha, whom he loved passionately.

Suddenly, an insane old man appears, calling himself a crow – in it the Prince is not without difficulty recognizing the old Miller. Wanting to help the poor old man, the Prince invites him to his tower, but the one with a wild cry “Give me your daughter!” rushes at him. The young servants rescuing the Prince.

The fourth action.

Underwater mermaid’s tier. Twelve years have passed since Natasha, rushed to the Dnieper, turned into a Mermaid, but the thirst for revenge has not faded in her. And now the hour has come – the Prince is here, close. Having called her daughter, Mermaid tells her to go ashore and lure the Prince to the Dnieper.

The prince stands on the bank of the Dnieper. And here familiar places remind him of Natasha. Suddenly the Little Mermaid appears. She tells the Prince about his mother, who became the queen of the waters of the Dnieper, and invites her to the tower at the bottom of the river. In the power of incomprehensible spells, Prince obediently follows the Little Mermaid.

Because of the mill, Princess and Olga run out. They try to keep the Prince, but the inviting voice of the Mermaid beckons him. The Miller comes to the rescue and confronts the Prince in the water. Mermaids draw the Prince to the feet of his queen.

Opera in four acts (six scenes) The libretto of AS Pushkin’s dramatic poem was written by A. S. Dargomyzhsky. The first performance took place on May 16, 1856, on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in St. Petersburg.

Prince. tenor Princess. mezzo-soprano Melnik. bass Natasha, his daughter, then the Mermaid. soprano Olga, an orphan devoted to the Princess. soprano Swat. baritone Mermaid, 12 years old

Boyars, nobles, hunters, peasants, peasant women and mermaids.

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Summary of “Mermaid” Dargomyzhsky