Abramov’s Roads-Crossroads in Brief Content

Mikhail spared his sister and never told her, but he himself knew what Egorsha had married because of her-to take her old grandfather to her, dumb, and to be a free Cossack himself. But she loves him – it’s worth talking about Egorsha, how her eyes will glisten, her face will flare up. But he betrayed her, went into the army immediately after the wedding. His privilege ceased to function. It is doubtful.

The next letter from her husband Liza sat down to read, as usual, washed, smoothly combed, with her son on her arm. My husband told me that he was staying for a long-term service. Lizaveta got furious. If it were not for Vasilissa’s son, not a father-in-law, who would break herself.

And Anfisa and Ivan were assigned by the secretary of the district committee of Podrezov. In the morning I fell into the house, then went with Lukashin to watch the house. They came back, sat down to dinner, drank, and then Anfisa burst out: after the war six years had passed,

and the women still had not seen the piece.

Cropped with this you will not get. He had previously said to Lukashin that he had taken his wife from the chairmen behind the woman’s pity. For each she intercedes, and who will plan to give? We are soldiers, not patrons.

Podrezov could convince people, especially as he could do everything himself: plow, sow, build, send the net. Cool, but the boss.

Lizka has a new misfortune – her father-in-law was brought with a mowing at death. He immediately as he could speak, asked the authorities to call. And when Anfisa came, he ordered to make a paper: the whole house and all the buildings were to Liza. He loved Stepan Andreyanovich as his own.

At the grandfather’s funeral, Yegorsha came drunk: he began to commemorate in good time. But, as he sobered up and played enough with his son Vasya, he took up business. I replaced the steps, I rejuvenated the porch, the bath, the gate. However, most of the ahs and ohs were in the Pekashintsy, when he picked up on the house ohlupen with a horse – a grandfather venture. And on the seventh day

I got bored.

The new cowshed in Pekashino was planted quickly, and then how it zakolodilo. Lukashin understood that the main hitch was in the peasants. When, from what time did their axes become dull?

Lukashin went home to persuade carpenters to go out to the cowshed. Those – in any. Contracted ORSu loads carry – and bread, and monetary. And what on the collective farm? But the beast will wake up in winter. And Lukashin decided to write to them for fifteen kilograms of rye. I just asked him to be quiet. But in the village everyone will know. The women rushed to the grain warehouse, raised the or, and here, in trouble, brought an authorized Ganichev. Lukashin was arrested for squandering collective farm bread during the grain procurement period.

Mikhail Pryaslin started writing a letter in defense of the chairman. But dear fellow countrymen though the chairman also praised, and only Mishka signed himself and one more person from all Pekashina. Yes, Lisa’s sister, although her husband forbade it. Here Yegorsha showed himself: if you are a brother more than a husband, it’s a happy thing to stay. And left.

In the morning Rajechka Klevakina came and also signed her name. So Mishkino ended his bachelor life. For a long time Raisa did not hurt his heart-everything could not forget Varvara. And now for five months everything has been decided forever.

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Abramov’s Roads-Crossroads in Brief Content