Summary “Extracts from the journal Masha” Odoevsky

January 8, 1833

Masha writes that she is ten years old. Her mom said that she was old enough to keep a diary, write down everything that happened in the day. Mom gave the girl a beautiful book in morocco bind, and my father gave a pretty inkwell with a bell.

January 9

Masha showed her mom a magazine. Mom was unhappy that the girl did not write anything about her yesterday’s misconduct. It turns out that on the eve Masha’s brother, Vasya, invited her to play with him. The girl writes: “… I showed him my morocco book and answered that I could no longer play with him anymore, that I was already big.” The brother became angry, burst into tears, grabbed my book and threw it under the table. Vasya stumbled, fell and hurt himself, and when the nurse began to reprimand me, instead of running to Vasya and comforting him, I said in my heart that he was worth it. time has come mama, but I also did not listen to her words like nannies, for which

my mother ordered me not in leave my room… Only by evening I made peace with Vasya. ” Masha did not write all this in her diary, because she was ashamed. But my mother said that you need to write even your bad deeds, then to re-read and not forget about them. Only this way you can correct yourself.

Masha wrote that she would try to behave well. And then it will not be a shame to write down everything that happens to her in a diary.

10 January

A very beautiful lady came to visit Masha’s parents. She was dressed elegantly. The lady admired that such an order reigns in the house. She told Mama’s mother that she must have very good servants. But Mama’s car objected that she herself was engaged in farming. The guest replied that she herself does not know how to do this, everything is decided by her husband. But the husband is very busy in the service, so it turns out that nobody is engaged in the economy. Dad’s machines began to tell the guest that the woman should be engaged in the economy. It turns out that the elegant guest was brought up in a different way. Before

marriage, she knew how to play dolls, dress herself and dance. And now she has learned nothing. While the guest was talking with Masha’s parents, a man from her house came. It turns out that her little child suddenly became ill after eating. The guest was very frightened. The car my mother went with her.

11 January

The car mom returned late. She said that the child suffered from the fact that he was fed from some uneaten saucepan. Doctors believed that the child will not live until morning. The car mum was crying, she was very sorry for the child. Masha writes: “I could not understand how the child could get sick from the uneaten saucepan, but when the papa said:” That’s what can happen when the mother of the family herself is not engaged in the household! “-” How? ” – I asked – does the child die from the fact that his mama is not engaged in the household? “-” Yes, my dear, “answered Papa,” if his mother had been taught to study the house more than dancing since childhood, then with her there was no such misfortune “”.

Papa’s words made a great impression on Masha. And she asked Mom to teach her how to farm. Mom said that for this you need patience. And you need to learn gradually. To begin with, mom told the girl that now she would take the laundry from the washerwoman after washing. Masha had to write down all the laundry that was given to the laundry, and then take it on the inventory. Previously, this was done by a nanny. But since she was illiterate, she could not read and write, she was often mistaken. Now Masha was glad that she can read and write. After all, she could easily figure out whether the laundry was returned by the laundress. Masha realized that underwear – it’s part of the economy, like everything else. And everything needs to be kept in order.

12 January

The child of that woman died. Masha realized that there could be no trifles on the farm. She took the linens on the roster, then calculated how much soap needed to be washed.

Masha’s dad showed the girl geographic maps, explained what they needed. Masha learned that you can find any city on the map. The conversation went not only about geography, but also about history. And Masha said that she would like to learn everything. Papa said that tomorrow he will tell her more about what history is.

Masha accepted the laundry. And she did everything right. Nurse even was surprised, because everything was without dispute. Previously, the nanny always argued with the laundress. Masha Masha was very pleased and promised to soon take her daughter to a children’s ball. Masha went to the Pope to tell her about what history is. Dad said that history is a description of the various incidents that were ever. About what was once a long time you can learn from records similar to those that Masha herself leads. Dad explained to the girl that things are changing with time. And it can be very interesting to know how people dressed; what were the customs. Papa talked about his grandfather’s grandfather: “… you know the old man with a beard, whose portrait hangs in the dining room.” At that time, there was even more difference with us than in a dress, and in everything, he not only wore a beard, walked in a long shawl, belted sash, but in his house there were no armchairs, no sofa, no pianoforte. Instead of him stood oak benches round the room; he rode not in a carriage, but always almost on horseback; his wife went under a veil, never showed herself to men; she did not go to the theater, because he was not there, or at balls, because it was considered indecent; they both did not know the letter. You see, what difference does it make to all of us. “Masha understood that it is very interesting to know the story. Papa said that you can learn the history of your people and of other peoples.” And the girl began to think about how much she would have to learn in the future. she did not go to the theater, because he was not there, or at balls, because it was considered indecent; they both did not know the letter. You see, what difference does it make to all of us. “Masha understood that it is very interesting to know the story. Papa said that you can learn the history of your people and of other peoples.” And the girl began to think about how much she would have to learn in the future. she did not go to the theater, because he was not there, or at balls, because it was considered indecent; they both did not know the letter. You see, what difference does it make to all of us. “Masha understood that it is very interesting to know the story. Papa said that you can learn the history of your people and of other peoples.” And the girl began to think about how much she would have to learn in the future.

January 19

Masha was very happy, because my mother gave her a small kitchen appliance. It was necessary for Masha to know what was necessary for the kitchen. The girl learned how each thing is called and for what it is used.

January 20th

Masha writes that she was very tired on the eve and did not write anything. Therefore, I took up my pen only today. Masha was at the ball at the Countess Vorotynskaya. The elegant guests had fun. The rooms were decorated. Masha drew attention to the girl who was sitting in the corner. She was just dressed, and she was wearing worn gloves. Masha met a girl named Tanya. She was nice and friendly. Tanya taught Masha to cut out pictures, paste them on a tree or glass, translate live flowers on paper, copy pictures. Masha listened with interest to Tanya.

The dance ended, friends ran up to Masha. They began to hug her. Masha noticed that nobody had talked with Tanya, everyone looked at her with contempt. Masha was unpleasant. And she herself began constantly to contact Tanya. But suddenly a small mistress of the house, Countess Mimi, approached Masha. She led Masha away, saying that she wanted to show her the other rooms.

When they left, Mimi asked Masha not to talk to Tanya. She said that other girls are not talking to her. And Mimi herself does not understand why her mother allowed Tanya to come to the ball. Tanya was the teacher’s daughter. Mimi said:

“Look at her black gloves, how her shoes sit badly, they say that she goes to the kitchen with her papa!” Masha wanted to intercede for Tanya, but all the girls began to laugh and repeat: “He goes to the kitchen, the cook, the cook.” Masha could not say a word. Dancing began. The girls still laughed at Tanya, called her a cook. One girl even went up to Tanya and said: “Oh, how you smell like a kitchen!” Tanya replied: “I am surprised at this because the dress in which I go to the kitchen I left at home, which is different from me.”

– “So you go to the kitchen?” cried everyone with a laugh. “Yes,” answered Tanya, “but do not you go? My dad says that every girl needs to be accustomed to an au pair.”

“But you and I are quite another,” said one of the young ladies. – “What is the difference between us?” – Asked Tanya. “Oh, great,” answered the proud young lady, “your father is a teacher, and I have a general, here, look: in large epaulettes, with a star, your father engages, and hires me, do you understand that?” “

After these words, Tanya almost cried. All the girls left her alone. And Masha went along with them. Masha was very ashamed, but she did not dare contradict her friends. Masha felt guilty. But suddenly Countess Mimi’s mother noticed that the girls were not good to Tanya. And she decided to fix the situation. She suggested that the girls cut silhouettes out of paper to make a collection of portraits. All the girls took paper and pencils. But no one did anything. Only Tanya quickly drew the silhouette of the Countess Mimi, then cut it out. The portrait was very similar. Everyone admired.

Masha wanted Tanya to cut out her portrait as well. But it was a shame to ask, because Masha understood that she could not protect Tanya from the girls. However, Tanya herself cut out her portrait and gave it to the Countess, Mimi’s mother. Then she took another portrait and gave it to Masha.

Masha rushed to her neck and asked her for forgiveness. Mimi was ashamed. But she did not say anything. Then Countess Vorotynskaya offered to play the piano. Mimi began to play, but played very badly. Other girls also played badly. Tanya played perfectly. Masha specially played the simplest sonata, so as not to outshine Tanya’s skill. Masha Masha understood this and praised her daughter for her kindness. Masha asked her mother to let Tanya come to visit them. Mom allowed me.

January 29

Dad invited the children to play. When they came to the table, they saw a map. She was glued to the board. In those places where the names of cities were, there were small holes. The pope handed out the buttons to the children and offered to imagine that they were going to Moscow and should point out the road to the coachmen. Pugs needed to be inserted into holes to show the way to Moscow. If someone does not know where to put the button, he must pay other players a silver patch. Dad chose a map where city names were not written. Children began to play and made mistakes.

Dad explained how to navigate the map depending on the lines (meridians).

May 2, 1834

Masha went into the room and saw five hundred rubles on Mama’s desk. The girl was surprised, because it was a lot of money. And my mother often said that they were not rich. The conversation turned to wealth. Mom asked my daughter what it means to be rich. Masha replied that it means to have a lot of money. Mom said that every thing has its price. She told the girl how much is spent on food, clothes, apartment and much, much more. Mom said that to throw money away, buying unnecessary things should not even be a rich man. Otherwise, he will make debts, go bankrupt.

Mom explained to my daughter that it is necessary to properly manage the farm, to spend money exactly as much as necessary. She herself made many mistakes in her time. No one taught her how to farm, in her childhood she was taught only music, languages, dances, and embroidery. And she knew nothing about incomes and expenses. When Masha’s mother got married, she could not reduce the incomes with the expenses. And my husband was very angry. She spent a lot of money on one, as a result, she did not have enough for another; often bought unnecessary things or expensive things, without which you can do without. Then Masha Masha learned everything and put her household in order. She began to dispense with those things that were not particularly necessary.

Mom told Masha that every person should correspond to the position he occupies in the world. For example, if she wears the same dress that a servant wears, she will be condemned for that. But no one will condemn Mama’s mother that she does not wear such expensive dresses worn by a familiar princess. Mom said to the girl: “There are people who from vanity want to appear richer than they really are: they are very unreasonable people, to deny themselves what they need, they are always restless and unhappy, they are often spend several years luxuriously, and the rest of life in perfect poverty, and all this is because they do not want to live according to the state. “

Masha began to understand that one must live in accordance with the incomes. You need to calculate your money so that you can buy everything you need. In order for the girl to better learn these lessons, Mom said that now she herself will have the money intended for her maintenance. That is, every month my mother promised to give Masha a certain amount of money. And the girl had to dispose of them and write down all the expenses.

May 8

Masha had eighty-five rubles. The girl wrote in the book: “Parish, May 1, 85 rubles.” Mom told her that you need to calculate all the necessary purchases. “Think carefully about what you lack in your wardrobe, meet with your money and decide ahead what you need.” Masha thought and decided that she needed two dresses. She already had two dresses. But one thing became narrow and short, and the other could still be worn. Masha also needed a hat, shoes and gloves. After preliminary calculations, Masha realized that after all the purchases she still has money left. And my mother said that it should be so. It is necessary to leave money in reserve.

9th May

Masha woke up early, she was pleased with the idea that today she would choose cloth for dresses. Together with my mother they went to the shop. The girl saw beautiful material, she asked my mother if it was possible to buy it. Mom suggested that she decide for herself. And she asked the price of the cloth. The seller said that the arshin of the fabric costs ten rubles. Mom told Masha that the dress needed four arshins. So, it is necessary to spend

Forty rubles. And this is very expensive. According to preliminary calculations, the girl should have spent no more than thirty rubles on dresses. Mania began to ask my mother why you can not spend more. And my mother said: “… we need to keep the word that we are giving ourselves. Tell me, what will be of use if we, after long reflection, decide on something and then suddenly change our minds? “

Masha understood that her mother was right. But the fabric was so beautiful that the girl could not resist. And she asked if it was impossible to make one instead of two dresses. Mom said that, of course, so you can do. But she also told Masha that she really needed two dresses, she could not do without them. And so it is unreasonable to choose expensive material.

Fortunately, the seller said that there is another material, similar to the one that the girl liked so much. This material costs three rubles per arshin. Masha said that this is also expensive. But my mother replied that another dress might be cheaper. And thus it will be possible to make ends meet.

And indeed, for another dress Masha found a cheap cloth, which cost a ruble fifty cents per arshin. As a result, two dresses were spent only three rubles more than planned in advance. Mom said that you need to save these three rubles on something else.

Masha and her mother bought a bonnet for seventeen rubles; shoes for four rubles and gloves. Then they returned to the fabric store to buy a lining cloth for dresses. In the store they saw a lady who chose expensive fabrics. She bought everything the seller showed. Masha looked at the lady with envy, thinking how rich she was. It turned out that the machine Mom and this lady are familiar. The lady invited Mama to come to her house to show her a new picture, just bought by her husband.

Masha and her mother sat in a carriage of a rich lady. Masha really enjoyed riding in the carriage. The lady said she did not know how to do without a carriage. But Mama’s car objected that some people are doing well without it.

In the house of the Machine, my mother and her mistress went to see the picture. Masha stayed in the living room. Here the little daughter of the hostess played, no one looked after her. Masha noticed that the girl was wearing an old dress, the belt buckle was broken, so the belt was stabbed with a pin. The pelerine on the dress was torn and crumpled, the boots – old and worn.

When Masha and her mother went home, they began to talk about the child’s strange outfit. The car mom said that the lady is much richer than her, but her daughter wears old worn out shoes. And all this because the lady thinks only of her whims. And she does not even think that she might go broke. Masha said that she would never give free rein to her whims. Mom answered that it was very difficult. But nevertheless it is necessary to try.

Masha and her mother went to the store to buy belts. The girl drew attention to a beautiful neck scarf. It cost five rubles. But my mother said that buying a handkerchief is a whim, a whim. Masha began to beg to buy a handkerchief, because she had money left, and she did not have a handkerchief. Masha had twenty rubles left. But my mother said that ten rubles to pay for sewing

Dresses. And you need to leave something in reserve. Masha said that after buying a handkerchief there will be five more rubles left. Mama objected: “You really wanted this handkerchief, it’s quite expensive, and you can do without it.” Do you know, Masha, that for these five rubles you can buy ten arshins of crochet, and out of ten arshins there will be two dresses for the daughters of that poor woman, which goes to us and who has been sick for so long and could not work. “

Masha realized that she was not right. And she said that, really, let her mother buy a cloth for poor babies. Mom praised the girl for being ready to give up her whim. Mom said to her daughter: “Today you made a big step towards an important science – the science of living.” When you are twelve years old, then you will help me in the management of the whole house. “

Mom told the girl to write down all the expenses. She also advised writing on the first sheet of the expenditure book the words of the Apostle Paul: “He is rich, who is content with what he has” and Franklin’s words: “If you buy what you do not need, then soon you will sell what you need “.

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Summary “Extracts from the journal Masha” Odoevsky