Summary of “Lover of Lady Chatterley” Lawrence

It was in 1917. The twenty-two-year-old daughter of the famous talented artist of the Royal Academy named Malkom Reid marries a beautiful baronet, known as Clifford Chatterley. Her daughter has a beautiful name – Constance Reid. Six months after the ceremony, Clifford, who all this time fought in France all this time, returns to England. He is seriously wounded and remains paralyzed for life. In 1920, Constantia, together with Clifford return to the mansion Rugby, which is a generic estate Chatterley. It is a very gloomy place: a low large house, which for many centuries was disfigured by various additional outbuildings. The house is surrounded by a delightful forest and a garden.

The whole picture is ruined by century-old oaks, because of which the pipes of coal mines are visible – the possessions of Chatterlen. Copies allocated a large amount of smoke, which affected the general climate of the area. The working village began almost at the gate of the estate. It was

a large heap of dirty, old houses with black, terrible roofs. Even in quiet weather, the air is saturated with smells of coal, iron and sulfur. The working village was called Tavershal. Its inhabitants as well as the whole terrain have a sullen shabby appearance. Nobody greets each other, nobody removes hats. From both sides you can feel the full power of an insurmountable abyss and incomprehensible irritation.

The mutilated Clifford becomes too shy. But with the people around him, he behaves almost insultingly at one point, and in another – timidly and modestly. He was not at all like a modern man who absorbed too much femininity. Just the opposite! He was broad-shouldered, his faces were always rosy. He looked even slightly old-fashioned, but he always tried to be elegant. But without the participation of his wife Constance, he was practically helpless. He needed him to help him understand that he still remains a living person. Clifford begins to engage in writing activities, and Connie gives him the necessary support. Father of the wife Sir Malkom believes that these stories are filled with the author’s

mind, but absolutely devoid of content. Two years passed. Soon, Malcolm begins to notice, that his daughter withers and grows thin, being deprived of carnal consolations. He gives her advice to get a lover. She is very worried. She understands that she completely lost all contact with the actual world around her.

In the winter for a few days in Rugby comes quite a well-known writer Mikaelis. A young Irishman who in his years made a pretty considerable fortune, thanks to the writing of witty pieces that are devoted to secular life. They ridicule all the high society of London, which has warmed him, and later, when his ideas were discovered, he was thrown out into the street. Rugby Mikaelis gets a great impression on Connie. He becomes her lover for a short time. However, this is not at all what her soul suffers. The writer is filled with selfishness, besides, he lacks the male core.

The estate is often visited by guests. This is mostly writers who help Chatterley to advertise their own publications. Soon it has borne fruit. Now Clifford is recommended as one of the most famous writers. He makes a lot of money in his own name. Endless conversations about the relationship between the sexes that occur between them, very tiring his wife Connie. Clifford, seeing the dissatisfaction of his wife, said that he would be very happy if they had children. Let someone else do it. There is only one condition, she must stay with him.

The husband introduces Constantius to Oliver Mollers – their new forester. He was a very slender and silent man. He was thirty-seven years old and had thick blond hair. He wore a red mustache. Let him be the son of an ordinary miner, but his manners were truly gentlemen’s. A striking impression on Connie made his strange alienation in the eyes. During his life he had seen a lot. He was married to a woman who was older than him, and even turned out to be very rude afterwards. In 1915 he was drafted into the army. This is what his wife used to go to her lover, leaving her little daughter. Mellersuudalos attained the rank of lieutenant, but when the colonel died, whom he respected very much, decided to resign and move to his native place.

Connie loves to walk in the woods. It is for this reason that they often met with the forester, which was accompanied by the emergence of mutual sympathy. Hilda – Connie’s sister decided to visit her at the husband’s house. She immediately pays attention to the unhealthy appearance of her sister, persuades Clifford to hire a nurse in order to look after him. Thus, Mrs. Bolton appears in the house. She is a very nice woman at the age of fifty. She has extensive experience as a nurse at the church in Tavershala. Now Connie has more time that she can spend on herself. With Clifford, she only talks in the gazebo until ten o’clock in the evening. The rest of the time she thinks about how aimlessly she exists as a woman.

Once she was walking in the woods and discovered a pretty lodge designed for planting pheasants. Next to her, Mullers made a cage for birds. The blows of the ax sounded not quite happy. He does not like it when someone worries about his work. But it ignites a small hearth in its lodge to warm Connie a little. Until evening she sat there and watched the work of Möllers. Now she almost every day comes to watch the beautiful birds and the chicks hatching from eggs. She herself can not understand why, but her disgust for her husband Clifford is growing. In addition, she finally began to distinctly feel the hurricane of a raging female start. She is now obsessed with only one desire – a campaign in the forest. Only there she manages to live, and the rest of her life seems to her just a dream.

In the evening, she ran to her home lodge. She, caressing a small chicken, inadvertently drops a tear on his gentle guns. Connie is in utter confusion, and Mellers now saw a real touching female spiritual beauty. Since that time the lumberjack became her lover. With this man Connie manages to be completely liberated. It seems to her that she only now realizes the true power of love and feels herself loved and happy. So several months pass. Constance wants to have a child from the liver, and later marry him. But for this, Melles needs first to file a divorce with his current wife, which he began to do.

Coliffor decided to quit writing. He begins to deal with industrial modernization of mines. Alienation between spouses is increasing. Connie remarks that now her husband does not so much need her, as before, and decides to part with him. Before this, he leaves with his father and sister to Venice. Connie is already aware of his situation. She is expecting a baby. She gets news that the wife of Mollers does not want to give him a divorce. She dismisses rumors that defame his honor throughout the village. Clifford immediately fires his forester and Mellers leaves for London. When Constance returned from Venice, she immediately met her lover. They finally affirm the mutual desire to build a family. For Clifford was a real blow to the news that Connie wants to break with him. Mrs. Balton comes to his aid and they overcome it together. A couple in love to divorce, it is necessary for some time to live without each other. To this end, Connie leaves for his father in Scotland, and Oliver works on a foreign farm. He is making plans to acquire his own. Both lovers live by their only hope for an early meeting.

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Summary of “Lover of Lady Chatterley” Lawrence