Summary The City of En

LI Dobychin

City En

I go to the patronal feast in the prison church together with Maman and Alexandra Lvovna Ley. Here we meet “mademazel” Gorshkov and her little students.

I read about the city of En, about Chichikov and Manilov. We go for a walk with the nurse Cecilia, she leads me to the church. On the street we meet “the terrible boy”, which makes us face. I’m very frightened.
I dream to go to the city of En and make friends there with the sons of Manilov. Maman celebrates the New Year with the Belugins. There she meets the engineer Karmanova, who has a son, Serge. Now I dream of friendship with Serge. We go with the nurse to look at the parade.
Karmanov and Serge come to visit. And Serge turns out to be the “terrible boy” (though he does not admit that it was him). I remain in doubt. Our family moves to Belugin’s apartment, which they moved to Mitava. Karmanovs live in the same house. Easter comes,

guests come with congratulations, among them – Kondratyevs.
In summer the Kondratyevs go to the camp. (The head of the family is a military doctor.) We visit them. I communicate with their son, Andrew. Engineer Karmanova, her daughter Sophie and Serge are going to Samokvasovo for the summer. We escort them to the station. We spend summer in a village on the Kurland coast.
Returning to the city, we meet with the Karmanovs, Kondratyevs, Alexandra Lvovna Lei. We learn that Sophie was married.
In the autumn the father dies, having caught on autopsy. Now the apartment is great for us, and we are moving to a new one.
Maman gets a telegraph as a student. And I’m preparing in the preparatory class, studying at the “mademazel” Gorshkova. Gorshkova often shakes my hand “under the cover of the table.”
I notice that meeting with schoolboy Vasya Strizhkin is an omen of luck. And just before the entrance examination I meet him.
We learn that Sophie was born a boy. On a visit to the Karmanovs I get acquainted with my contemporary, Tusenka Siu.
We with
maman go to the exhibition, then we look at the “live photo”. The next morning I receive a note from Stephanie Grikupel: she wants to meet me. Maman learns about my acquaintance with this girl and forbids further meetings.
In the school I have problems with arithmetic. The friendship with Serzh Karmanov continues. Tusenka Siu, it turns out, thought that my name was “Yat,” like the telegraph operator in the book “Chekhov.” Sophie leaves for Libava, where her husband was transferred. Alexander Lvovna in the form of a “sister” goes to the Far East, because there is a war with Japan.
Summer Karmanovs spend in Shavskiy Shakes, we go to visit them. In the autumn I start to learn German. They put me in the lock-up for an hour because I did not notice the calligraphy teacher on the street. I’m thinking about revenge.
We are moving to a new apartment. In summer we go to Vitebsk to visit the lady who visited us during the funeral of her father. Returning to the city, I study at Gorshkova’s French. I learn about the peace with Japan.
A bomb explodes near the school near the school. Classes are canceled. On the streets there are clashes of rebels with the police. We then learn, then no.
From the Far East comes Kondratiev and Alexander Lvovna Lei, who devoted herself to caring for shell-shock after being wounded in the head by Dr. Vagel.
The engineer Karmanov, someone kills on the street. Serge takes an oath to avenge his father. Engineers with Serge forever go to Moscow. In the summer we come to Shavskiy Droshky to Belugin, get acquainted with sister Belugina, Olga Kuskova. The teacher of calligraphy dies. I go for a walk with Andrei Kondratiev. He does not like me very much and can not replace Serge. Alexandra Lvovna is getting married to Dr. Vagel. And I’m still thinking about Tusenka. Although it is better to call her Natalie.
I get an invitation to spend the summer with the Karmanovs. Serzh and I are going to Shavskiy Drozhki, from Sevastopol to Evpatoria. Doctor Vagel, Alexandra Lvovna’s husband, is dying. Opens an electric theater. Alexandra Lvovna wins in the lottery two hundred thousand – the ticket belongs to her late husband. On Easter we learn that a lady from Vitebsk has died.
Summer. We are going to see the house, which was bought by Alexander Lvovna in the town of Sventa Gura. She builds a chapel and wants to organize an Orthodox brotherhood.
I have a date on the boulevard. I come, but I see only the ugly girl Agatha. So that lady who appointed me a date did not come. I keep thinking about Natalie.
Director invites me to enter the observers of the meteorological station. They are exempt from pay for teaching. The sixth grader Gvozdev shows me what and how to do. I start to make friends with him, but my friendship somehow ends.
At the insistence of my mother I buy a subscription to the skating rink. There I meet with Stephanie Grikupel. She introduces me to the girl Louise Cugenau-Petroschka. Natalie skates with the other.
On carnival I’m going to Moscow to the Karmanovs. There I meet Olga Kuskova. She’s giving me a date, but I’m not going. Sophie already has three children.
I’m going to give lessons to Louise Cugenau-Petroschka, but I do not agree with her mother. The century of Gogol is celebrated. I am deeply moved to think about the city of En, Chichikov and Manilov.
A letter comes from Karmanova. It turns out that Serge lives with Olga Kuskova, and the engineer does not interfere with this. The academic year begins. Comes Karmanov, says that Olga Kuskova “did not understand her position well”. And after the engineer’s talk to her, Olga committed suicide. Colonel Sissov makes a proposal to Maman, but she refuses. In the autumn I become a tutor for a fifth-grader. In friendship I’m disappointed.
The school has a new director. We go on an excursion to Riga, then to Polotsk.
I’m starting to be friends with Ershov. He talks about his father, who is in correspondence with Tolstoy. But Ershov is bored with friendship with me, and he does not even want to talk about Tolstoy’s death. I’m acquainted with a contemporary, Bluma Katz-Kagan.
Someone kills the guardian of the training district with a stone. It turns out that he was a maniac and purposely flogged beautiful students. Final exams are approaching. Having sustained them, we receive final certificates. I enter the place where they do not take exams.
By chance I find out that I’m short-sighted. Wearing glasses, I understand that I saw everything wrong. I would like to see Natalie now, but she is in Odessa.

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Summary The City of En