Summary of Chekhov’s Complaint Book

They say that there are no rules without exception, and any exception just confirms the rule. Maybe that’s the way it is. However, this statement, apparently, has nothing to do with the genius of the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and bypasses the tenth party of himself, and his famous postulate: “Brevity is the sister of talent.” In his works – short stories, in all without exception, Chekhov flamboyantly, vividly and accurately delivers to the reader what some can not express and on three hundred pages. And the humorous “Complaints book” (a brief summary follows) is another vivid confirmation of that…

A bit of history

It was 1884th. What was the year marked? A lot has happened, but we are only interested in one event, at first glance, insignificant. This is the next issue of the weekly “Shards”. “Why?” – you ask. Yes, because it finds its haven humorous story “Complaints book”

– another test of the pen novice writer, a doctor by profession Anton Chekhov. In that far time, he wrote many stories, feuilletons, humoresque under the pseudonym of Antos Chehonte. And he was often reproached for this, urged not to waste his talent, to “starve” a little, so that later, from the accumulated impressions, to give something more meaningful and profound. It can not be said that Chekhov did not listen to these advice and wishes. He accepted them, but at the same time he could not but give out, by his own admission,

Simple and at the same time with some unusual, we can say jeweler, humor, they were also his first steps, steps into the world of great literature, and at the same time without which it is impossible to imagine Anton Pavlovich Chekhov himself. 130 years have passed, and we remember, and we continue to read out with his first miniatures. For example, “Complaint book,” we read a brief summary and find it in it…


The plot as such in the story of Chekhov’s “Complaints book” (a brief description we will describe further)

is not present. It’s amazing, is not it? Yes, it is absent. So, contrary to the laws of the genre and the written rules of literature. But it does not spoil it. On the contrary, it is this feature that brings to the reader the main essence in the best possible way. What is it, this main essence, is? And then what is the “Complaints book”? The summary will necessarily prompt. So, we read…

AP Chekhov, “The Complaints Book”: a summary

Literally, the “Complaints book” is a kind of document. It is stored in a special office at one railway station. To the desk, and the key is relied upon, because there is no document, and it requires proper treatment. In fact, there is no key, and he does not need it at all, because the desk is always open: go in, who wants, open and read…

Speaking figuratively, “Complaints book” is the main character of the work. Her house is always full of guests – the most that neither is diverse. It is impossible to imagine that all these people could ever cross in any other place: the telegraph operator Kozmodemyansky, the deacon Dukhov, the pupil of the 7th form of the Kursk gymnasium Alexei Zudiev, the clerk Samoluchshev and the simply resilient summer resident.

Some come to complain about the brutality of the conductor and the gendarme’s unceremoniousness. Others – to the wind, his harshness and audacity, with which he dared to fly past the station and rip off his hat. There were people who were nameless, but kind, with confessions of love for a certain Katenka, and there were others who slandered, eared and reported: Nikandrov, for example, is a socialist, and Teltsovsky’s shuffler, and the gendarme’s wife did adultery yesterday – went with “Barman Kostka” for the river. The latter, of course, also preferred to remain incognito and did not subscribe. What motivated them? After all, for sure, these denunciations will never be outside the “book.” But, apparently, such people enjoy even such a meager opportunity to say something in public.


Rookers jumped, brought some primitive rhymes, funny answers to previous comments. In general, they write that he will wander into his head, – the paper will endure all the paper, and the heroine – “Complaints book,” – it is understandable, will forgive. You can make grammatical mistakes, and cross out what you do not like, and do not think about the content and meaning of your words… That’s the whole story, and the whole story “The Complaints Book.” The summary is good, but it is better to open the text itself and admire the amazing syllable of the eternal Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

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Summary of Chekhov’s Complaint Book