Summary “Svyatogor bogatyr”

A long epic is considered by many to be fiction, comparing it with fairy tales. However, epic, that is, byl, differs significantly from folk fantasy. Of course, the events described in the stories are much exaggerated. But scientists find confirmation that they took place in real life. For example, in the caves of the Kiev Lavra lies cancer with imperishable relics of Ilya of Murom, who lived during the reign of Prince Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko. At the same time, there lived Svyatogor – a hero, who repeatedly met with the winner of Nightingale the robber.

Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich are the most famous troika of ancient Russian epic heroes, the prototypes of which, by the way, were real people. But the legends tell of another man, no less revered. This – the hero Svyatogor, whose biography is known, mainly from the epic. How he was – is for certain unknown. After all, at the time when Svyatogor-Bogatyr lived, there were no cameras or

television. According to the legends, he was a real giant: in his pocket to himself could easily put another knight, and even with a horse! He also drove a casket with his beautiful wife. Bylins tell us how the hero of our story met with Muromets, how they became twin brothers, how Svyatogor married (the moral is this: from fate you will not leave) and how to punish the unfaithful spouse.

According to the epic, a hero lived on the high Holy Mountains (hence his nickname), and did not visit the cities and races of Russia. Why? Russian hero Svyatogor was above the forest, his head reached the clouds, When he was going on the road, the world shook, the rivers poured from the banks, the forests swayed. With difficulty he held the Mother of the Cheese Earth. Therefore, probably, he so rarely left his house and went to the people. His strength was very great, and even came from day to day. But this was his curse, his torment: there was no other such a knight that could be compared with strength with a hero. So he did not know where to put it, and in the end she killed him. One can say unambiguously that Svyatogor is a

supernatural being, therefore he is doomed to perish in advance. That confirmation – the coffin found by him in the open field,

According to one version, Svyatogor-hero is a descendant of Lemurians, giants who used to inhabit our planet. Perhaps the last of a kind, therefore, stayed away from the human race, while treating her quite amiably, although she did not understand it. However, such a judgment remains only a hypothesis – without confirmation and refutation.

But some researchers believe that they found the last refuge of the hero. By the period of the war between the inhabitants of Rus and the Pechenegs is the boyar burial mound Gulbishche near Chernigov. Buried in him a man (Svyatogor-bogatyr?), Though not related to the princely family, still was very noble and important, as evidenced by objects in the burial. The weapons and things of the deceased are of impressive size. Perhaps, here lies the historical prototype of the glorious epic hero? It is worth noting that the location of the mound also suggests the truth of the epic. Gulbishche is located on the Boldiny Mountains, near the Holy Grove. Did these rocks serve as a home for Svyatogor?

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Summary “Svyatogor bogatyr”