Summary of “Akhmanov’s” Plakh “

Summary of “Akhmanov’s” Plakh “

Part one

The novel begins in the Moyunkum Nature Reserve, where a wolf pair lived – Akbar and Tashchaynar. In the summer they were born cubs, and when the first snow fell, the wolves, going hunting, found that the reserve is full of people. Hunters arrived in the reserve to fulfill the plan for the delivery of meat, and shot the saigas. During the hunt, the wolves that lived in the reserve were killed – only Akbar and Tashchaynar remained, their cubs were also dead. The hunters put saiga hides in an all-terrain vehicle. In the same cross-country vehicle, bound Obadiy Kallistratov – a freelance employee of the regional Komsomol newspaper, who at one time was expelled from the theological seminary, was lying.

Obadiah had his own ideas about what a real “righteous”

life should be and openly fought with all his strength against those who, in his opinion, lived wrongly.

One day he received a task from the newspaper to trace the way drugs are getting into the middle stripe of Russia. Obadiah, in order to follow the path of the drug, joined the company of “messengers for anasha”, which was sent to Central Asia. Even at the station he realized that among the “messengers” there are their own rules – for example, they do not have to communicate with each other so that in cases of capture no one could be extradited. During the journey, he also realized that there is a man who directs all, develops a plan. All the “messengers” called him “Himself.” For the meeting with him, Obadiah decides to go to the end, he, along with the other messengers, collects hemp, stuffing it with a backpack, and rides back. On the way to the hemp field there is a landmark meeting – Avdiy meets a blond brown-eyed girl who left a deep trace in his heart.

Reaching the railway, Obadiy sees Grishan’s freight train, and guesses that this is the mysterious person for the sake of meeting with whom he has made a difficult journey – “Sam.”

Part two

Grisha immediately realized that Obadiy was not an ordinary

“messenger”, that he had principles in life that were directly contrary to his own principles. He wanted Avdiy to give up his booty and left, but he stayed with everyone. All the “messengers” could jump into the freight train car, and there Grishan allowed them to smoke a cigarette with grass. He did it on purpose to annoy Obadiah. Grishan himself, like Avdiy, did not smoke. Obadiah understood that there was nothing he could do at the moment, but he could not stand it anyway – when one of the “messengers” began to pester him with a demand to join the smokers, he grabbed a bull from that finger and threw it into the open door of the car, and then began to pour out the same grass and grass from his backpack, urging everyone else to do the same. As a result, Obadiah was brutally beaten and thrown out of the car.

Obadiah fell into a ditch at the railroad tracks, he saw the scene of Jesus’ conversation with Pontius Pilate. Then, when he came to, he suddenly realized that he exists in two worlds at once – this and that, where he is trying to save Jesus, the Teacher.

He spent the night under the bridge, and in the morning saw that his passport and money were soaked through. On the ride he was able to get to the station. But his appearance was so dirty that at the station he was arrested and taken to a site where he saw all the “messengers” with whom he was traveling together. There was not only Grishan among them. Hearing that they were going to let him go, Obadiah demanded that he be put to the “messengers” – he decided that he could persuade them to return to the “right” life. The policeman, having drawn a conclusion that he was crazy, brought him to the station and advised him to leave. But Avdiy’s station is getting really bad. Ambulance takes him to a local hospital, where Obadiah meets again with the girl who impressed him so much. Inga learned about Obadiah from the doctor and came to visit him.

Returning to the city of Priozersk, where he worked, Obadiah suddenly finds out that the material he has collected does not interest anyone. He tells about what happened Inge, and she, in turn, shares her problem with him – she divorced her husband, her son lives with her parents, and she wants to take him to her. They agree that in the fall Obadiah will come to Inge, and she will introduce him to her son. But in the autumn Avdiy, having arrived to Inge, instead of the girl finds a letter in which she writes that in order not to give her son to her husband, she has to hide. Returning to the station, Obadiah meets a man who directs the operation to exterminate saigas in the reserve. He joins the detachment, but can not look at how the saigas are killed and demands to stop this extermination of animals. As a result, he was tied up, and then beaten and crucified on saxaul. The whole detachment drives off to leave it alone. There, on saxaul and see him Akbar and Tashchynar, who were looking for their own cubs. When at dawn the hunters return for Avdi, he was already dead.

And Akbar and Tashchaynar left the savannah, found another place. Again they had cubs, but when the road began, the reeds where they set up their own lair were set on fire, and all the cubs perished. Wolves left again, they found another place, and again they had cubs.

Part Three

Bazarbay Neuhutov returned to his home past the pit and heard strange sounds resembling a child’s crying. Going to the sounds, he saw four cubs. Without thinking twice, Bazarbay put the wolf cub in his bag and rode away, realizing that adult wolves would rush after him in pursuit. Akbar and Tashchaynar searched the trail of Bazarbai for the cubs, caught up with him and tried not to let him reach the people. But on the road he had the house of the collective farm leader Boston Urkunchiev, in which Bazarbai was able to hide from the wolves. Boston’s wife greeted Bazarbai affably, and he showed her the cubs and even gave his little son Boston a play with them, and then left.

And the wolves remained near Boston’s house. Every night Boston heard a wolf howling, he even went to Bazarbaia with a request to sell him cubs – he wanted to return them to his parents, but he flatly refused, because he simply hated Boston. Wolves began to wander around and attack people, and Bazarbai sold the cubs, having received a lot of money for them. Finally Akbar and Tashchaynar returned to the house of Boston, and he realized that he would have to kill them, as he did not see any other way out of the situation. But he managed to shoot only Tashchynar. And Akbar remained waiting – and waited.

In the summer, she managed to sneak up to the house and grab the child of Boston, who played on the street. Boston tried to shoot at Akbar, but did not get, because he was afraid to injure the child, which the she-wolf was carrying. And yet he shot and hit, but when he ran to the place where the wounded wolf lay, he saw that she was still breathing, but his son was already dead. Then took Boston gun, went to Bazarba and killed him, and he surrendered to the authorities.

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Summary of “Akhmanov’s” Plakh “