Summary of “Ermolai and Miller” by Turgenev

In the evening, we went with Ermolai to hunt woodcocks. Yermolai is a hunter, a man of about 45, tall, thin, with a long nose, narrow forehead, gray eyes and wide, mocking lips. All the year round he walked in a caftan of German cut and blue trousers. Yermolay had an old flintlock and a dog named Valetka, which he never fed. Ermolai belonged to my neighbor, an old-fashioned landowner. The landowner refused him, as from a man not fit for any work. His only duty was to deliver several pairs of black grouses and partridges to the master’s kitchen once a month.

Ermolai was carefree, like a bird. He constantly got into various alterations, and always returned home unscathed with a gun and with a dog. Not being a jolly fellow, he was always in a good mood and liked to talk. Yermolay had a wife who lived in a dilapidated hut and suffered hardship. He appeared at home once a week and treated his wife cruelly and rudely. At home he never stayed more than a day, and on the side of

the house tyrant again turned into Ermolka, who was known for a hundred miles in the district.

Hunting we went to a large birch grove on the shore of Isti. Wishing to try our luck the next morning, we decided to spend the night at the nearest mill. When we came to the mill, it was already dark, and the owners did not want to let us in. In the end, we decided to buy straw from the miller and spend the night in the street under a canopy. Melnichikha brought us food. While Ermolai was baking in the ashes of potatoes, I dozed off.

A slight whisper woke me. I looked up and saw a woman whose pale face still contained traces of her former beauty. By reprimand, I recognized her as a domestic woman. It was the miller of Arina. She spoke quietly to Ermolai. He called her to “stay” and promised to drive his wife away. I got up and spoke to her. From Arina, I learned that she was the maid of the wife of Count Zverkov.

In Petersburg I was acquainted with Count Zverkov, who occupied a rather important place. From him I heard the story of Arina. Zverkov’s wife was plump, sensitive and angry. She

had a firm rule: not to keep married housemaids. After 10 years of faithful service, the beautiful Arina, the daughter of the elder, began to ask Zverkov permission to marry. She was refused. After a while it turned out that Arina was pregnant with Peter’s lackey. Zverkov ordered to shave the girl, put it on rags and send him to the village.

From Ermolai I learned that the child of Arina had died. For two years she was married to a miller who bought it from the master. The footman Petrushka was given up as a soldier.

Peredkazala Julia Peskovaya

In the evening, the main character with Ermolai went hunting. Ermolai is a hunter, a tall and thin man of about 45, with gray eyes, a narrow forehead, a long nose and broad lips. He walks all year round in blue bloomers and a caftan of German cut. Ermolai hunted with an old flintlock and always a hungry dog ​​Valletka. He belonged to the neighbor of the protagonist, a landowner from an old family. The owner considered him unfit for any work, so the only thing the man was doing was once a month, he delivered several partridges and black grouses to the kitchen.

Yermolai was very carefree, often getting into various alterations, but always returned unscathed. He was always in a good mood and was very fond of talking. A man lived in a half-ruined hut and was married. True, the house appeared only once a week, and with his wife treated terribly rudely and cruelly. And then, having left the house, again turned from a domestic tyrant into that Ermolka, which everyone knew.

Hunt they went to the shore of Isti in a huge birch grove. And then they decided to spend the night at the nearest mill, after thinking in the morning again to try their luck. When they came to the building, it was already dark, and the owners refused to let them in. The men bought straw from the miller and decided to spend the night under a canopy in the yard. Melnichikha brought them food. The protagonist dozed while Ermolai baked the potatoes in the ashes.

He was awakened by a slight whisper. And lifting his head, the man saw a woman with a pale, but still beautiful face. It was the wife of the miller Arina, who spoke quietly to Ermolai. He called her to him and threatened to drive his wife away. The protagonist stood up. After talking with Arina, he learned that she had previously been a maid to the wife of Count Zverkov.

The hero was acquainted with Zverkov in Petersburg, and from him learned the story of Arina. Zverkova’s wife was quite an evil woman and had the rule of keeping only unmarried maids. After serving 10 years, the beautiful Arina, daughter of the elder, asked the count for permission to marry, but she was refused. Soon it turned out that the girl was pregnant with Peter’s lackey. For this Zverkov ordered the girl to shave and send to the village.

Later, Ermolai said that the child Arina died, and 2 years ago she became the wife of a miller who bought it from the master. Peter’s lackey was given up as a soldier.

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Summary of “Ermolai and Miller” by Turgenev