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In St. Petersburg, on Gorokhovaya Street, in the same, as always, morning, lies in bed, Ilya Ilyich Oblomov – a young man of thirty-two to thirty-three, not burdening himself with special occupations. His lying is a certain way of life, a kind of protest against the existing conventions, because Ilya Ilyich so vehemently, philosophically meaningfully objects to all attempts to raise him from the couch. So is his servant, Zakhar, who does not show either surprise or displeasure-he is used to living the same way as his master: how is life…

This morning visitors come to Oblomov one by one: on the first of May, the whole Petersburg light gathers for Ekaterinhof, and Ilya Ilyich’s friends try to shake him, stir him up, forcing him to take part in the social festivities. But neither Volkov, nor Sudbinsky, Penkin either succeed. With each of them Oblomov tries to discuss his worries – a letter from the headman from Oblomovka

and threatening to move to another apartment; but no one cares about the troubles of Ilya Ilyich.
But he is ready to deal with the problems of the lazy master Mikha Andreevich Tarantyev, fellow countryman Oblomov, “a man of brave and cunning mind.” Knowing that after the death of his parents, Oblomov remained the sole heir of the three hundred and fifty souls, Tarantyev did not mind at all tending to a very tidbit, especially since he quite rightly suspects: Oblomov’s elder steals and lies much more than is required within reasonable limits. And Oblomov is waiting for a friend of his childhood, Andrew Stolz, who is the only one, in his opinion, able to help him understand the economic difficulties.
At first, when he arrived in Petersburg, Oblomov somehow tried to join the life of the capital, but gradually realized the futility of the effort: neither he was needed nor anyone was close to him. And Ilya Ilyich lay down on his couch… So the servant Zakhar, unusually loyal to him, lay down on his couch, not in any way lagging behind his master. He intuitively feels who can truly help his
master, and who, like Mikhey Andreevich, just pretends to be friend to Oblomov. But from the detailed, mutual grievances of clarifying relations, only the dream in which the master is immersed can save, while Zahar is sent to gossip and to take his soul with neighbor servants.
Oblomov sees in his sweet dream his past, long-deceased life in his native Oblomovka, where there is nothing wild, grandiose, where everything breathes with calmness and serene sleep. They only eat, sleep, discuss news, arriving late in this region; life flows smoothly, flowing from autumn to winter, from spring to summer, to again make their eternal circles. Here, fairy tales are almost indistinguishable from real life, and dreams are an extension of reality. All peacefully, quietly, quietly in this blessed land – no passions, no worries disturb the inhabitants of the sleepy Oblomovka, among which the childhood of Ilya Ilyich was passing. This dream could have lasted, it seems, for an eternity, had it not been interrupted by the appearance of the long-awaited friend of Oblomov, Andrei Ivanovich Stolz, whose arrival he happily announced to his master Zakhar…
Andrei Stolz grew up in the village of Verkhlev, once part of Oblomovka; here his father is now the manager. Stolz was formed into a personality, in many respects unusual, thanks to a double education, derived from a strong-willed, strong, cold-blooded German father and Russian mother, a sensitive woman who forgot herself from the storms of life at the piano. He is the opposite of his friend: “he is constantly in motion: it will take the society to send an agent to Belgium or England – send him, you need to write a project or adapt a new idea to business – they choose him. light, and reads, when he manages – God knows. ”
The first thing Stoltz starts with, pulls Oblomov out of bed and takes guests to different homes. So the new life of Ilya Ilyich begins
Stolz seems to be pouring some of his energy into Oblomov, Oblomov gets up in the morning and begins to write, read, take interest in what is happening around him, and friends can not be surprised: “Imagine Oblomov moved from his place!” But Oblomov did not just move – his whole soul was shocked to the point: Ilya Ilyich fell in love. Stoltz brought him into the house to Ilinskim, and a man with extraordinary strong feelings woke up in Oblomov, listening to Olga singing, Ilya Ilyich is really shaken, he finally woke up finally. But Olga and Stolz, who conceived a kind of experiment on the ever-dormant Ilya Ilyich, do little of this – it is necessary to awaken him to rational activity.
Meanwhile, Zakhar found his happiness – having married Anissya, a simple and kind woman, he suddenly realized that with dust, dirt, and cockroaches, it was necessary to fight, not to be reconciled. In a short time, Anisya tidied up the house of Ilya Ilyich, extending his power not only to the kitchen, as was supposed at first, but throughout the house.
But the general awakening did not last long: the first obstacle, the transfer from the dacha to the city, gradually turned into that marsh, which sucks slowly, but steadily, Ilya Oblomov, not adapted to take decisions, to the initiative. A long life in a dream can not end right away…
Olga, feeling her power over Oblomov, has too much to understand in him.
Surrendering to Tarantyev’s intrigues at a time when Stolz again left St. Petersburg, Oblomov moved to an apartment hired by Mikhei Andreevich for the Vyborg side.
Unable to fight life without knowing how to deal with debts, not being able to manage the estate and expose the rogues surrounding him, Oblomov goes to the house of Agafia Matveyevna Pshenitsyn, whose brother, Ivan Matveyevich Mukhoyarov, associates with Mikhee Andreevich, not yielding to him, but rather surpassing him the latter by cunning and craftiness. In the house of Agafia Matveyevna before Oblomov, first unnoticed, and then more and more distinctly, the atmosphere of native Oblomovka unfolds, then, what most cherishes in the soul of Ilya Ilyich.
Gradually all Oblomov’s economy passes into Pshenitsyn’s hands. A simple, simple woman, she begins to manage the house Oblomova, preparing him delicious food, adjusting life, and again the soul of Ilya Ilyich plunges into a sweet dream. Although occasionally the tranquility and serenity of this dream explodes with meetings with Olga Ilyinskaya, gradually disappointed in her chosen one. Rumors about the wedding of Oblomov and Olga Ilyinskaya are already scurrying between the servants of the two houses – Ilya Ilyich is horrified when he finds out about it: nothing is yet decided, in his opinion, and people are already talking about what, most likely, from house to house, and will not happen. “It’s all Andrew: he instilled love, like smallpox, to us both.” And what kind of life is this, all the worries and anxieties, when will peaceful peace and peace be? ” Oblomov reflects, understanding,
Days go by days, now Olga, unable to stand it, herself comes to Ilya Ilyich on the Vyborg side. Comes to make sure: nothing will not awaken Oblomov from a slow sinking into the final dream. In the meantime, Ivan Matveyevich Mukhoyarov takes the Oblomov case on his estate, so thoroughly and deeply entangling Ilya Ilyich in his clever machinations that the owner of Blessed Oblomov can hardly get out of them. And at that moment Agafya Matveyevna is also repairing Oblomov’s robe, which, it seemed, could not be repaired by anyone. This becomes the last straw in the throes of resistance of Ilya Ilyich – he gets sick with fever.
A year after Oblomov’s illness, life began to flow in its measured course: the seasons changed, Agafya Matveyevna cooked delicious food for the holidays, cooked pies for Oblomov, cooked coffee for himself, enthusiastically celebrated Ilyin’s day… And suddenly Agafya Matveyevna realized that she fell in love master. She was so devoted to him that at the moment when Andrei Stolz, who had come to Petersburg on the Vyborg side, exposed Mukhoyarov’s dark deeds, Pshenitsyn renounced his brother, who until recently had been so revered and even feared.
Surviving disappointment in the first love, Olga Ilyinskaya gradually gets used to Stolz, understanding that her attitude to him is much greater than just friendship. And on the offer of Stolz Olga agrees…
A few years later, Stolz again appears on the Vyborg side. He finds Ilya Ilyich, who has become “a complete and natural reflection and expression of peace, contentment and serene silence.” Looking at himself, pondering over his life and getting more comfortable living in it, he finally decided that he had nowhere else to go, there was nothing to look for. .. “. Oblomov found his quiet happiness with Agafya Matveyevna, who gave birth to his son Andryusha. The arrival of Stolz does not disturb Oblomov: he asks his old friend just not to leave Andryusha…
And five years later, when Oblomov was no more, the house of Agafia Matveyevna was dilapidated, and the wife of the ruined Mukhoyarov, Irina Panteleyevna, began to play her first role. Andryusha was asked to bring up Stoltsi. Living memory of the late Oblomov, Agafya Matveyevna concentrated all her feelings on her son: “she realized that she lost and brightened her life, that God put his soul into her life and took it out again, that the sun shone in her and faded forever…” And high memory forever associated it with Andrei and Olga Stoltsi – “the memory of the dead, as crystal, the soul of the deceased.”
And the faithful Zakhar there, on the Vyborg side, where he lived with his master, now begs…

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Summary Oblomov Ivan Goncharov