Summary “Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin

Summary “Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin

The novel in verse begins with the fact that the young nobleman Eugene Onegin goes to his uncle, anticipating a premonition of boredom. But, frankly speaking, Eugene is already nothing in life is happy – he’s sick of everything, he wants new impressions, he looks for them and does not find them.

As a child, Eugene received a good education, now he shines in the light, thanks to his manners, the ability to dance and make up epigrams. Once he refused to accept the inheritance of his father, who “lived in debt and was ruined at last,” hoping that his uncle would leave him all his fortune. And so it happened – my uncle, having died, left him his estate, plants and lands.

Eugene goes to the countryside – life there seems to him something new,

which can save him from the boredom that seized him. At first he likes it here, he tries to bring about changes in the life of the peasants – for example, he replaces the corvee with dowries, because of which the neighbors begin to regard him as a dangerous crank.

At the same time, Vladimir Lensky comes to his estate near Onegin’s estate. Vladimir is 18 years old, he lived in Germany for a long time and is not yet spoiled by the light. He is naive, kind, believes in love. Vladimir since childhood in love with Olga Larin, who is now considered to be his bride. About this Vladimir tells Onegin, with whom closely converges, despite the fact that they are too different people. Onegin feels respect for Lensky’s feelings, but he himself does not believe in the fervor of feelings and considers Vladimir’s words nonsense.

Once Lenski, going on a visit to Larin, invites Onegin with him. He agrees to go and meets the sisters Larin – cheerful and mobile Olga and thoughtful and romantic Tatiana. On the way home, Onegin tells Lensky that Olga did not make an impression on him and in place of Vladimir he would have paid attention to her sister – Tatyana.

And on Tatyana meeting with Onegin makes an indelible impression. She is in love with him and represents herself as the heroine of the novels,

which she read in large numbers, and his – a real hero. Tatyana writes Onegin a letter in which she openly confesses her feelings. She asks the nurse to send this letter and anxiously awaits an answer. Soon Lensky comes to the house, and after some time, Onegin.

Tatiana runs to the garden, where she finds Onegin. He tells her that she is touched by her letter, but he does not want to deceive her – he is not created for family life. And if, Evgeni continues, he felt at least the slightest desire to create a family, then as a wife would choose Tatyana. Gradually his speech becomes like a lecture – he tells Tatiana that she should not write to him all so openly, that we must learn to restrain our feelings. Tatiana, crying, listens to him to the end.

Summer passes, autumn comes, and then winter. Tatiana is all grieved. But Olga, on the contrary, is merry – the matter is moving towards her wedding with Lensky. Once Lenski, having arrived to Onegin, gives him an invitation to Tatyana’s name-day. Seeing Onegin at home, Tatiana is worried, and Evgeniy is angry with Lensky and decides to take revenge on him. He begins to look after Olga in front of everyone, invites her to dance, and even when Lenski comes to her with an invitation to dance, it turns out that she already promised this dance to Onegin.

Lensky is offended – he decides that now only a duel can bring him satisfaction. He calls Onegin to a duel, and he agrees, although he is angry with himself because he laughed so deeply at Vladimir’s feelings. Having arrived at the place of the duel, both feel that they could do without it, but none of them can retreat – any step towards reconciliation in the world will be regarded as cowardice. Eugene shoots first and kills Lensky.

After Lensky’s death, Olga meets a young lancer, for whom she is getting married. But Tatiana refuses all the grooms, which is very worried about her mother. As a result, Tatyana’s mother decides to go with her daughter to Moscow to find a groom there for her. She succeeds in this – Tatyana is drawn to the attention of the “important general”, and she, yielding to the persuasion of her mother, agrees to marry him.

Two years passed. Onegin returns to Moscow after long wanderings. He is 26 years old, and he is bored again, not knowing how to entertain himself. At the meeting he meets a young princess, who appears there accompanied by her husband, the general. Evgenie recognizes Tatyana Larin in the princess, he suddenly feels uncomfortable for himself, but Tatiana remains calm.

It’s time for Eugene to experience the torments of love. He writes one letter after another to Tatiana, but does not receive an answer to them. And finally, in the house of Tatyana there is an explanation between Onegin and Tatyana. She confesses to him that she still loves him, but she is now married and is going to be faithful to her husband. Eugene, who did not expect such words, freezes on the spot, Tatyana leaves the room, where, after a short time, her husband enters.

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Summary “Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin