Summary “Do as you please with me”

Summary “Do as you please with me”

Rachel gets a summons, but does not want to go to court. Jack scolds her for not respecting the law, they quarrel. Jack feels that he and Rachel are different people, that they are far from each other. In April 1971, Jack accidentally meets Elina on the street and follows her, several times finding himself very close, but she does not know him and does not pay attention to him. She stops in front of the statue with a distanced look, and Jack, who suspects that something is wrong with her, calls to her.

Elina’s dizzy. Jack takes her home. At parting he leaves her her phone number, but she does not call him. In June, Marvin suddenly sends Elina to her friend in California. There she remembers Jack and calls him. Jack did not expect her call, it’s been two months since they

met. Jack asks Elina – when she will return, but she does not know and invites him to come to her in San Francisco. The next day Jack arrives in San Francisco, where Elina is already waiting for him at the hotel. He becomes her lover.

Marvin Howe is talking with one of his friends. He asks what to do if a large trust or a private company is prosecuted and the prosecutor is the prosecutor. Hou believes that the only way out is to say nolo contendere [1] – “do what you want with me” – and surrender to his mercy.

Returning to Detroit, Elina and Jack continue to meet secretly. Their feelings are becoming more serious. The husband never tells Elina about his affairs, Jack, on the contrary, dedicates it to all his professional difficulties. He defends the Negroes, but blacks prefer black lawyers, so his clients, as a rule, those whom no one else wants to protect, “an old junk that has not lost faith in the struggle for civil rights since the sixties.” Jack undertakes to defend Meredith Doe, a preacher of universal love and an enemy of violence, almost a saint, Jack tells Elina that Rachel wants to raise a child in the hope that it will unite their family. Rachel believes that now is not the time to have children, but a child who has already been born needs a parent, even a foster child.

Jack understands that this will separate him from Elina, and does not know,

Elina goes to the public performance of Meredith Dow. During the rally, riots begin, a girl next to her is knocked down. Two men take Elina away from the meeting and bring her home. She understands that these are the people her husband hired to watch her. Doe breaks the skull and damages the spine. He’s in the hospital. Jack is getting ready for the process. He defends not Dow’s views and not even himself, but his right to have his own views and preach them.

Ardis informs Elina that she is married to an English aristocrat and moves to England. Jack tells Elina that if she leaves her husband, then he leaves his wife, but if Elina does not want to live with him, tomorrow he and his wife sign documents for the adoption of the child and then he will not be able to meet Elina. Elina can not decide to leave her husband, Jack furiously yells at her, they quarrel, Jack calls her “thing.”

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Summary “Do as you please with me”