Summary “Debt for a future life”

Castle of Count Almaviva. If you look into it, you will see that there are preparations for marriage. The valet is going to link his life with Susanna. It was the Countess’s maid. The count does not want the wedding to take place, because Susanna liked him very much. He decided to do everything possible to prevent the triumph.

The future bride began to complain to her beloved that the count pursued her. Figaro began to think how to upset the master’s plans. However, the valet, unfortunately, has many enemies. Old Bartolo will always remember how Figaro once helped the owner to marry his adopted daughter Rosina. The Saint-P music music school will help you learn how to sing, play instruments and much more, if you want to sing a song at a wedding, or just learn to play the guitar, then the music school experts will bring you to the result, I recommend to try!

The Marcellin clan has long wanted to marry a valet to herself. Bartolo and Marcellina do not lose hope

that the Count will help them. The clerk greeted Susanna with cruel compliments. The girl began to laugh at the old woman. Suddenly we see the page of Cherubino. This young man does not miss a single woman. He likes the countess. However, he is not averse to priudarit for the future bride.

Right now, he decided to share his problem with her. The owner saw him in the room of the daughter of the gardener Barbarina and told him to leave. The Count began to ask Susanna not to reject it. However, their conversation was interrupted by the appearance of Basilio. He immediately informed the Count of the fact that the page of Cherubino fell in love with the Countess. He had a feeling of jealousy.

The owner of the castle ordered the young man to go to the regiment. The valet began to reassure him. The countess is in frustration because of her husband’s indifference. Susanna informed her that the owner was not loyal to her. The countess was very sorry for the servant and her beloved. So she decided to accept the plan of Figaro. He was to send to the count instead of the maid’s page. He will be dressed in

a woman’s dress.

The girl started dressing Cherubino. The spontaneous arrival of the Count caused confusion among all. Cherubino hid in the other room. The owner of the castle was amazed at the embarrassment of his wife. He demanded that she give him the key to the locked door. The wife began to inspire her husband that Susanna was sitting in the next room. The count was very jealous. Therefore, his suspicions only intensified.

He went with his wife for the tools to break open the door. Susanna, through her dexterity, released the page. Cherubino, in mortal fear, jumped out of the window. In the meantime the Count returned. Unlocking the door, he saw Susanna. She began to laugh at his suspicions. The owner of the castle had to apologize to his wife.

And then, out of breath, Figaro was running into the room. He announced the arrival of the guests. However, the count said that he needed to wait for the housekeeper to come. Marcellina told Figaro that he should marry her or give her an old debt. The marriage of the young is postponed. The court took the side of the housekeeper. However, the owner of the castle did not have to triumph long, as Figaro was the son of Bartollo and Marcellina. He was kidnapped by robbers in early childhood.

Parents Figaro in joy are going to get married. Susanna and the mistress of the castle decided in their own way to punish the Count. Under the dictation of Mrs. the servant wrote a note to the owner with a proposal to meet. During the celebration, Barbara must hand it. The valet is mentally amused over the count. However, Barbarin said something about Susanna’s note. After this, Figaro began to suspect his future wife of infidelity.

At night, he recognized Susanna, despite the fact that she was disguised. However, he pretended that he had mistaken her for her mistress. The owner of the castle did not recognize his wife, since she was wearing a servant’s dress. He invited her to go with him to the summer-house. There, the Earl saw that Figaro confesses his love for the Countess. He immediately called on people to arrange a civil execution for his wife. However, the real countess took off her mask. The owner of the castle asked forgiveness from his wife.

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Summary “Debt for a future life”