Summary “Dancing Men” Doyle

To Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Hilton Cubit, a representative of the most ancient family in the English county of Norfolk, is asking for help. A year ago, Mr. Kyubitt married a young American named Ilsi. Before the wedding, the girl took the word from him that he would never ask her about his past life. All this time the couple lived in love and harmony, but for some time now something strange has happened to Ilsey.

First she received a letter from America, which she immediately burned. Soon on one of the windowsills appeared a picture on which the dancing people were depicted. Some of them were painted with flags. The picture was erased without giving it a meaning, but Ilsi, upon learning about this, asked to show her if such drawings still appear. Soon a leaf with the same figures was found in the garden. Seeing this, Ilsi lost consciousness. Since then she has lived like a dream and her eyes are full of terror. Mr. Kyubit does not want to contact the police, because he is afraid that

he will be ridiculed there. And he can not ask his wife either: a promise is a promise. It remains only to ask for help from the famous detective.

Sherlock Holmes agrees to help. He asks Mr. Cubitt to keep a close eye on the appearance of strangers in their locality and carefully draw new dancing people.

Two weeks later, Mr. Cubitt again visits an apartment on Baker Street. He is concerned and depressed. Drawings appear again and again, and Ilsi is melting before our eyes. One day, Mr. Cubit decided to watch the draftsman at night with a revolver in his hand, but his wife persuaded him to go to bed. Then he noticed how someone sat down under the door. Mr. Kyubit wanted to catch the night guest, but Ilsi did not allow it, and in the morning he found a drawing on the door.

Sherlock Holmes began to carefully study the drawings left to him by Mr. Kyubit. After a while, a letter came from Norfolk with a new drawing, which alerted the detective. The next train he went to Mr. Cubitt’s house. But there was already a tragedy: Mr. Hilton Cubit was killed, and his wife was seriously injured. The police

version was that Mrs. Kyubit killed her husband, and then decided to commit suicide. The cook and the maid showed the same thing: they were awakened by the sound of a shot, then they heard a second shot. Downstairs, the women saw the dead master and his unconscious wife lying unconscious. The windows of the door were closed, and the smell of gunpowder was in the room.

Having studied the situation in the room, Sherlock Holmes saw in the window frame a hole from the bullet and a handbag full of bank notes. Under the window were found traces of men’s shoes and a cartridge case. The great detective pulled from his pocket leaflets with drawings of dancing people and plunged into work. He wrote a note and asked me to give it to a man named Ab Sleney, who lives on Elridge’s farm. Meanwhile Sherlock Holmes tells the police inspector about Mr. Cubitt’s visits and shows him the drawings. Dancing people are a cipher, and flags are used to mark the end of words. Gradually, the great detective had unraveled this code and knowing that Mrs. Kyubit was an American, realized that the drawings were left by an American named Ab Sleni, now living on the Elridge farm. First, Ab Sleny persuaded Ilsi about the meeting, then began to threaten her. Having made the request, Holmes learned that Ab Slobey is one of the most dangerous bandits in Chicago. Knowing the cipher, the detective wrote him a note in the name of Ilsi.

The American appeared confident that the note was written by Mrs. Kyubit, since no one knew her code. Learning that Ilsi was trying to commit suicide and is now in serious condition, Ab Slobey did not resist justice. Father Ilsi was the leader of the Chicago gang and invented a cipher from dancing people. Ab loved Ilsi and had to marry her, but the girl did not want to have anything in common with the bandits and fled to England. When she found out where she was hiding, Ab began persecuting her. Ilsi begged to leave her alone, offered money, but Ab could not reconcile with the loss of his beloved woman. During the conversation her husband appeared and snatched a revolver. Ab and Mr. Cubitt fired at the same time: Mr. Cubitt missed, and Ab’s shot was accurate. Seeing that the murder occurred, the American ran away and returned only because he received an encrypted note.

Sherlock Holmes proved that Mr. Cubitt shot first. Given this circumstance, the court replaced the death penalty of Abu Sleni with hard labor, and Mrs. Kyubit recovered and devoted her life to caring for the poor.

Gisselle Adan recounted

Hilton Cubit, a representative of the oldest English county in Norfolk, turns to Sherlock Holmes for help. The happy marriage of Mr. Cubitt with the young American Ilsi was overshadowed by mysterious events. Before the marriage, the beautiful woman forced her future husband to promise never to be interested in her past. Recently she received a message from America, after which strange drawings with dancing men began to appear in the house, and she herself was clearly terrified and began to fear something. Mr. Kyubit could not ask his wife directly about what was happening, because he did not want to break his promise, so he turned to the famous detective for help.

Holmes agreed to help and recommended that Kyubita track in their neighborhood the appearance of strangers and carefully copy new drawings of dancing people. Mr. Cubitt again visits Sherlock Holmes, he talks about the latest developments and leaves the detective several new drawings. Later, a letter comes with a copy of the last image, Holmesmidit in it a threat and rushed to the house of Mr. Kyubit. Fears are fully justified – Hilton Cubit is killed, and his wife is seriously injured.

The detective can decipher the mysterious drawings – this is a kind of cipher, where the words flags indicate the end of the word. On behalf of Ilsi Holmes writes an encrypted letter to a suspected American named Ab Sleny, who turns out to be one of the most dangerous criminals of Chicago. Ab was very fond of Ilsi and wanted to marry her, but the girl did not want to associate her life with the bandit. She fled to England, but the lover of Sleny continued to pursue her, settled on the nearest farm and began writing letters with the help of the cipher dancing people. Ilsi tried to get rid of the bandit by offering him money. The husband found them together during the conversation, he shot at Aba, but missed. The bandit proved to be more successful – he shot Mr. Cubitt and fled, and Ilsi tried to commit suicide.

As a result, the court sent Aba Sleni to hard labor, and Mrs. Kyubit came to herself and devoted her life to charity.

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Summary “Dancing Men” Doyle