Summary “Constellation Goatwork” Iskander

Summary “Constellation Goatwork” Iskander

The protagonist and narrator of this story, a poet who worked in the editorial office of a youth newspaper right after the institute and because of his free-thinking was dismissed. He was not upset, said good-bye to his friends and through Moscow he went home to Abkhazia, the city of Mukhus. In Moscow, he still managed to print his poem in a central newspaper.

Thanks to the printed poem, he managed to become an employee of the republican newspaper “Red subtropics”. The editor, Avtandil Avtandilovich, was in step with the times, and had already read the author’s poem. As well as wanted, our hero now works in the agricultural department of the newspaper. At that time, active reforms took place in agriculture. Platon Samsonovich, the head of the agricultural department

of the newspaper, was seriously engaged in the propaganda of “gambling.” Two years ago, one breeder crossed a domestic goat and a mountain tour and got a goat.

Platon Samsonovich wrote a note in the newspaper, and this note received publicity in the highest circles. The article referred to the high wooliness and high weight of the received animal. Then everything began. In voluntary compulsory order in all collective farms began a campaign on “gambling.” A new employee of the newspaper “Red subtropics” was sent to the village of Orekhovy Klyuch to consecrate the topic of “gambling” in this village. The collective farm chairman did not even want to talk to him. He asked in Abkhazian from the employee what the lazy fellow needed. The young man pretended to pretend that he did not understand Abkhaz. And he found out that in Russian – “Everything is fine, conditions are created, complementary and so on.”

In Abkhazian everything was exactly the opposite. Kozlotur did not want to breed and chased goats over the corral, threatening with horns. The chairman and his driver cursed in Abkhazian language on the goat and on those who invented everything. The only one who stood up for the gantry was Vakhtang Bochua, a cunning archeologist. He traveled through the villages

with lectures on “wooliness and utility” goat. The representative of the newspaper found himself in a difficult situation. It was necessary to write the truth, but at the same time, that the article did not contradict the “gambling”. As a result, according to the editor-in-chief, a “harmful” article turned out and the author was transferred to the department of culture. Platon Samsonovich did not give up hopes of reforming agriculture.

He offered to cross the Tajik wool goat and goat. Suddenly, a central newspaper published a report on the groundlessness of gambling and similar events. Avtandil Avtandilovich immediately changed the direction of the newspaper and even reprimanded Platon Samsonovich, having lowered his post. Platon Samsonovich was upset and sick, and he was sent to a good sanatorium. Employees now dealt with the elimination of the consequences of “gambling.”

Our hero met the chairman of the Walnut Key at a meeting in Mukhus. He was concerned that other gadgets would replace gates. The author calmed him, but in vain. Platon Samsonovich, returned to the newspaper with new strength and the idea of ​​an incredible cave, in which it is necessary to build a cable car for tourists. He was not worried by the remark of his comrades that there are thousands of such caves in Abkhazia.

Summary “Constellation Goatwork” Iskander