Summary “Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov

The cherry garden in the estate of Lubov Andreevna Ranevskaya had to be sold because of debts. For several years, Ranevskaya and her daughter Ana were living abroad for seventeen years. Behind the house, Lyubov’s brother, Leonid Gayev, was looking after, and Vanya, a girl of twenty-four years old, who was once adopted by Ranevskaya. Lubov had almost no money left, life did not go well: the husband died, Grisha’s son was killed, the man he loved fell ill, and then robbed her and left her.

Brother and daughter met the arrivals Love and Anna, and the governesses were already waiting at home

Dunyasha and the merchant Yermolai Lopakhin, as he put it, became rich, but he was still the same peasant. An employee of Yepikhodov came with a special feature of constantly finding himself trouble.

The crews arrived, the house was filled with people, each of whom with enthusiasm talks about something of his own. After talking about the sale of the estate, Ermolai Alekseevich

suggested renting out plots of land. But Love does not want to listen about cutting down your favorite garden. Lopakhin, loving Ranevskaya, wants to stay, but has to leave. Arrived Peter Trofimov, once a Grishin teacher, has changed beyond recognition.

Everyone left, Varya and Gayev remain, who begins to blame her sister for not finding a nobleman’s husband, Anya, who heard the conversation, is unhappy with the words. Gaev begins to plan how he will get money, claiming that he will not allow the sale of the garden.

After breakfast in the city, Lopakhin with Lyubov and Leonid, stop at the chapel, which recently Yepihodov confessed his love to Dunyasha, she, however, gave her preference to the lackey Yasha. Lopakhin still does not convince them to agree to a lease.

Anya, Varya and Petya come. There is a talk about pride, Trofimov does not see any sense in it, he is dissatisfied with how noble people communicate with the working class. Lopakhin, then Ranevskaya, tries to express her opinion, but none of them listens to the others, so at some point silence comes.

Alone and Trofimov

remain alone, rejoicing at the absence of Vicki. Trofimov convinces Anya that the value of freedom is superior to love, and to obtain happiness in the present, one can only redeem the past with labor.

It’s time for the auction. On the same day, out of place, a ball is arranged in the estate. The agitated Ranevskaya waits for Leonid, but the money sent by her aunt was not enough for the ransom of the estate.

Trofimov calms the crying Ranevskaya, who regards the garden as the meaning of her life. Love begins to think about the opportunity to return to the man who deceived her. Petya judges Ranevskaya’s love for the thief. Angry, Love in retaliation calls him a ridiculous freak and such words, argues about the need to fall in love. But then he asks for his forgiveness, and dances with him.

Come joyful Lopakhin and suppressed Gay, who immediately leaves. The buyer of the estate is Ermolai, who is happy and wants to cut down the cherry orchard.

Ranevskaya and Gayev became somewhat more cheerful after the sale of the garden so exciting. Love intends to live in Paris for money, not useful for bidding. Anya is happy with the thought of the beginning of a new life. Appears Simeonov-Pishchik, and, surprising all these, begins to give out debts.

Time passed. Gay began to work in the bank. Lopakhin hires Charlotte and Epikhodov, Varya and Lopakhin like each other, but Ermolai can not make a move. The house is empty, there was an old servant Firs, who wanted to send to the hospital, but forgot. Sighing, upsetting the count of Gaeva in his coat, he remains motionless to lie. In the approaching tranquility, there is a crash of trees.

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Summary “Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov