Painting by Reshetnikov “The Boys”

Summer night. Night city, only windows of houses burn, silence is around, no voices of people, no noise of cars. Three boys climbed onto the roof of a multi-storey house. They are fascinated by the starry sky.

All the children are depicted in different poses, one lay down on the railing, the other simply leaned on them, the third stood and pointed a finger up, and something tells about the constellations. Probably, he saw the constellation of the Great Bear or found the North Star. But he tells us so interestingly that his friends open their mouths and listen to him, they really like to look at the sky.

Maybe the guys dream of becoming cosmonauts and imagine how they, when they grow up, go up high on an unfamiliar planet and study it. Maybe they think about who lives there, represent and discuss these creatures. In the eyes of the boys read romanticism, dreaminess, a certain fairy-tale, they believe in a miracle, maybe they saw a falling star and make a wish as it flies.

At the moment, boys are not interested in anything except the sky and the stars, they are surrounded by a beautiful night city, but they do not look at it. Boys are so carried away by the sky that they are not afraid of the height they are on, and they are standing right by the edge of the roof. Meanwhile, the burning windows resemble sparkling stars in the sky, and the blue-black sky seems to be a cosmic space.

The picture is interesting, it gives the viewer to guess the picture, its plot, it is somewhat like a fairy tale. It shows the enthusiasm of children. After watching it, I wanted to look at the starry sky and admire the stunning stars, and childhood memories flooded, once I also dreamed of becoming an astronaut and flying into space.

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Painting by Reshetnikov “The Boys”