“Month in the village” of Turgenev in summary

The appearance of a new person in the village is always an event. When in the summer of 184 … a new home teacher appeared in the rich estate of the Islaevs, the already established balance was somehow disturbed or, at least, shaken.

From the very first day, Alexey Nikolayevich fell in love with his disciple – a ten-year-old Kolya Islaev. The teacher made him a bow, gets on a kite, promises to teach him how to swim. And how cleverly he climbs the trees! It. you are not the old boring Schaaf, who teaches him German.

It is easy and fun with the new teacher and the seventeen-year-old pupil of the Islaevs Vera: they went to look at the dam, they fished squirrels, they walked for a long time, they fooled around a lot. Twenty-year-old maid Katya also noticed the young man and somehow changed to Matvei, who cares for her.

But the most subtle processes took place in the soul of the hostess – Natalia Petrovna Islaeva. Her Arkady Sergeevich is constantly busy,

always building something, improving it, putting it in order. Natalia Petrovna is alien and boring household concerns of her husband. Boring and talking a friend at home Rakitin, And in general, he is always at hand, he does not need to win, he is completely manual, not dangerous: “Our relationship is so pure, so sincere. We have the right not only to Arkady, … “And yet, such relationships are not entirely natural. His feeling is so peaceful, it does not bother her….

Rakitin worries that recently Natalia Petrovna is constantly in a bad mood, some kind of change is taking place in her. Not in relation to him? When Alexei Nikolaevich appears, she is clearly animated. This was noticed by Shpigelsky, a district doctor who came to help Bolshintsov to win Vera. The applicant is forty-eight years old, clumsy, unyielding, uneducated. Natalia Petrovna is surprised by the suggestion: Vera is still young… However, when Vera whispers something to Belyaeva and both laugh, she nevertheless returns to the conversation about matchmaking.

Rakitin worries more and more: does he start to bore

her? Nothing is more tiring than a sad mind. He has no illusions, but he hoped that her calm feeling with time… Yes, now his situation is quite funny. That Natalya Petrovna talked with Belyaev, and immediately in the face of liveliness and gaiety, which never happened after talking with him. She even in a friendly way admits: this Belyaev made a pretty strong impression on her. But do not exaggerate. This man infected her with his youth – and only.

Alone with her, she seems to remember: it’s time to stop all this. Vera’s tears in reply to Bolshintsov’s proposal seemed to restore her the ability to see herself in true light. Let the girl not cry. About Bolshintsov is no longer a question. But jealousy flares up again when Vera confesses that Belyaev likes her. Natalia Petrovna is now clear who the rival is. “But wait, it’s not over yet.” And then she is horrified: what is she doing? The poor girl wants to marry an old man. Was she jealous of Vera? Yes, she is in love, or what? Well, yes, I’m in love! First. But it’s time to come round. Michelle should help her.

Rakitin believes that we should recommend the teacher to leave. And he himself will leave. Suddenly, Islaev appears. Why is this wife, leaning on Rakitin’s shoulder, pressing the handkerchief to his eyes? Mikhail Alexandrovich is ready to explain, but a little later.

Natalya Petrovna is going to declare Belyaeva herself the need to leave. At the same time he knows if he really likes this girl? But from the conversation with the teacher it turns out that he does not like Vera at all and is ready to tell her about it, but it’s unlikely that after that he will be comfortable staying in the house.

Meanwhile Anna Semyonovna, mama Islaeva, also witnessed a scene that awakened her son’s jealousy, Lizaveta Bogdanovna informs this news to Shpigelsky, but he reassures: Mikhailo Alexandrovich has never been a dangerous person, they all go out with tongues, chattering. He himself is not like that. His proposal to Lizaveta Bogdanovna is like a business proposal, and she is quite well-disposed.

The opportunity to explain himself to Vera introduced herself to Belyaev quickly. It is clear to Vera that he does not love her and that Natalya Petrovna has betrayed her secret. The reason is clear: Natalia Petrovna herself is in love with the teacher. Hence the attempt to extradite her for Bolshintsov. In addition, Belyaev remains in the house. Apparently, Natalia Petrovna herself still hopes for something, because Vera is not dangerous to her. Yes, and Alexei Nikolayevich, maybe she loves. The teacher blushes, and it is clear to Vera that she was not mistaken. Natalia Petrovna presents this discovery to her. She is no longer a meek young girl, but an insulted woman.

The rival is again ashamed of his actions. It’s time to stop cheating. It is decided: they see Belyaev for the last time. She informs him of this, but at the same time admits that she loves him, that she was jealous of Vera, mentally betrayed her for Bolshintsov, cunningly discovered her secret.

Belyaev is struck by the recognition of a woman whom he esteemed as a higher being, so that now he can not force himself to leave. No, Natalia Petrovna is adamant: they part for ever. Belyaev obeys: yes, we must leave, and tomorrow. He says goodbye and wants to leave, when he hears a quiet “stay,” stretches out his arms to her, but then Rakitin appears: what did Natalya Petrovna decide about Belyaev? Nothing. Their conversation should be forgotten, everything is over, everything has passed. Has it passed? Rakitin saw how Belyaev mingled, ran away…

The appearance of Islaev makes the situation even more piquant: “What is this? Continuation of today’s explanation?” He does not hide discontent and anxiety. Let Michelle talk about their conversation with Natasha. The confusion of Rakitin makes him ask directly whether he loves his wife? Loves? So what do you do? Michelle is going to leave… Well, it’s made up correctly. But he’s going to leave for a short while, because there’s no one to replace him. At this moment, Belyaev appears, and Mikhail Alexandrovich informs him that he is leaving: for the rest of friends, a decent person must sacrifice something. And Alexey Nikolayevich would do the same, would not he?

Meanwhile Natalia Petrovna begs Vera to forgive her, kneels before her. But it’s hard to overcome the dislike of a rival who is kind and gentle only because she feels loved. And Vera must stay at her house! No way, She can not bear her smile, she can not see Natalia Petrovna basking in her happiness. The girl turns to Shpigelsky: is it really Bolshintsov a good and kind person. The doctor vouches that is excellent, honest and kind. Well, then Vera asks to convey that she accepts the offer. When Belyaev comes to say good-bye, Vera, in answer to his explanation, why he can not stay in the house, says that she herself will not remain here for long and will not disturb anyone.

A minute after Belyaeva left, she became a witness to the despair and anger of her rival: he did not even want to say good-bye… Who let him so foolishly break… This contempt, finally… Why does he know that she would never have made up her mind… Now they are equal with Vera…

Natalya Petrovna’s voice and eyes are hateful, and Vera tries to reassure her, saying that the benefactress will not bother her with her presence for long. They can not live together. Natalia Petrovna, however, again came to her senses. Does Verochka want to leave her? But they are both saved now… Everything has again come in order.

Islaev, finding his wife in frustration, reproaches Rakitin for not preparing Natasha. It was necessary not so suddenly to announce his departure. Does Natasha understand that Mikhail Alexandrovich is one of the best people? Yes, she knows that he is a fine person and they are all fine people… And yet… Without agreeing, Natalia Petrovna runs out, covering her face with her hands. Rakitin is particularly bitter with such a farewell, but a good-for-nothing chatterbox, and all for the better – it was time to stop these painful, consumptive relationships. However, it’s time to go. In Islaev’s eyes, tears: “But all the same… thank you! You are a friend, for sure!” But the end of surprises is not foreseen. Aleksey Nikolayevich was missing somewhere. Rakitin explains the reason: Verochka fell in love with the teacher, and he, like an honest man…

Islaeva, naturally, has a head all around. All flee, and all because honest people. Anna Semyonovna wondered even more. Belyaev left, Rakitin leaves, even the doctor, even Shpigelsky, hurried to the sick. Again, only Shaaf da Lizaveta Bogdanovna will remain close. What does she, by the way, think about this whole story? The companion sighs, lowers his eyes: “… Maybe I will not have to stay here too long… And I’m leaving.”

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“Month in the village” of Turgenev in summary