Summary “The Journey of Sinbad the Sailor”

Summary “The Journey of Sinbad the Sailor”

A lot of people live on the earth, and each of them has his own tales. If you read at least some, you can find in them a lot in common. And this is natural: everywhere people appreciate the mind, kindness, courage, love for the motherland. But there are also differences – nature, living conditions, national character have formed them. All this makes the fairy tales of different peoples unique and unrepeatable.

Long ago in the city of Baghdad lived a rich merchant, whose name was Sinbad. He had a lot of goods, money and ships that sailed across all the seas. Captains of ships, returning from travel, told Sinbadu amazing stories about foreign lands. Sinbadu long wanted to see everything with my own eyes. And, finally, buying the goods, he decided to go on the road.


ship sailed for a long time from the sea to the sea and from land to land. And then one day, when they had not seen the earth for many days and nights, the shore appeared on the horizon, to which the ship headed. Travelers descended to the ground to rest: some lit a bonfire and began to cook food, others washed clothes in wooden troughs, others simply walked. And suddenly the captain shouted:

– Save yourself! Fast on the ship. It’s not an island, it’s a huge fish!

Indeed, it was a fish; She was carried by sand, trees grew on her, and she looked like an island.

Not all managed to get on the ship: the fish dived to the bottom, and many drowned.

Sinbad also did not have time to reach the ship. He climbed a large wooden trough, and the waves began to toss him in all directions.

All night Sinbad fought with a storm, and in the morning he saw that he was nailed to a high bank. Climbing him, Sinbad discovered a beautiful green lawn, in the middle of which a horse was grazing, more beautiful than he had not seen. The groom who came running explained that it was the horse of King Al-Mihrdzhan.

The king affectionately treated Sinbad, they made friends and more than once talked about distant countries and amazing lands. But often Sindbad was sad, because he missed his homeland, about Baghdad.


then one day a ship arrived from Baghdad to the city. It was the same ship Sindbad once went on to travel. At first the captain did not recognize the merchant: he believed that he had drowned. But when Sinbad told him in detail about what had happened since his departure from Baghdad, the captain believed. Everyone was very glad that the merchant remained alive. And soon the ship set off on the return journey, and on board it was Sinbad.

During the first trip, Sinbad suffered so many misfortunes and troubles that he decided not to leave Baghdad anymore. But time passed and Sindbad wanted to see the world. Once again he bought the goods, chose a strong ship and set out on a journey.

Sindbad saw many islands, cities and countries, and finally his ship came to an unknown beautiful island, where clear streams flowed and thick trees hung with heavy fruits.

Sinbad and his companions scattered around the island. Soon the merchant found a shady place, sat down to rest under a thick apple-tree and fell asleep.

When he woke up, the sun was already low. Jumping to his feet, Sinbad ran to the sea, but the ship was gone: he swam away.

Until the night stood Sinbad in melancholy on the beach and watched the ship sail in the distance. But it was all in vain.

The next day, encouraging himself, he said:

“What’s the use of sitting and grieving?” No one will save me if I do not save myself!

And Sinbad set out to search for people.

Several days passed. And then one day he saw a large white dome in the distance, which glittered brilliantly in the sun. At first he thought it was the roof of the palace in which the tsar lives.

But coming closer and carefully examining everything, Sinbad realized that this is a huge egg of the bird Rukh, stories of which he heard from the captain. And soon the bird flew in. “I found a way to escape,” thought the merchant.

When the bird fell asleep, he tied himself to her leg, and in the morning, without noticing, the bird Rukhh with Sindbad soared upward. Long it flew over seas and lands, and Sinbad hung, tied to her leg, and was afraid to look down.

Finally the bird Rukh began to descend, sat down on the ground, and Sinbad, shivering with fear, quickly got away. Soon, grabbing something long and thick (it was a snake), the bird flew away.

Relaxing slightly, Sinbad looked around: he was in a deep and wide valley; around the wall stood tall mountains, leaning against the peaks in the clouds. The traveler realized that there was no way out of this valley.

“I got rid of one misfortune and got into another, even worse,” he thought bitterly.

Not knowing what to do, he began to wander sadly through the valley.

Suddenly the sun seemed to shine, and all around shone, shone with blue, red, yellow lights. These were precious stones – diamonds. And then there was a hissing: huge snakes crawled out from under the stones to bask in the sun.

Sinbad trembled with terror and wanted to run, but there was nowhere to run. And suddenly a large piece of meat fell right in front of him, then another one. Then Sinbad realized where he was and what kind of valley it was.

Once upon a time in Baghdad, from one traveler, he heard a story about a valley of diamonds.

“This valley,” they told him, “is in a very remote country, between the mountains, and no one can get there, but the merchants who sell diamonds have come up with a cunning.” They drop meat into the valley, the diamonds stick to it, and at noon predatory birds grab it and fly to the mountain, then the merchants shouted the birds away from the meat and collected the stuck diamonds. “

Remembering this story, Sinbad was delighted, as he realized how he could be saved again. He filled his pockets with diamonds, became attached to a piece of meat, and soon the mountain eagle lifted him to the mountain. And there was a merchant waiting for his diamonds on a piece of meat. He was incredibly surprised to see Sinbad, barefoot, in blood and dust.

Sinbad told his story and asked him to help him return to Baghdad, promising to pay with diamonds.

And soon he reached his native city.

So ended the second journey of Sinbad.

A comment. For more than one hundred years, wonderful Arab fairy tales have awakened imagination, excite the imagination of readers. Amazing, incomparable adventures of their heroes are forced to read and re-read these stories of adults and children.

The rich merchant Sinbad is very inquisitive and therefore many times goes on a journey around the world, although sometimes it is a hair’s breadth from destruction.

Whichever difficult circumstances he finds, ingenuity, perseverance, the will to live help him to win.

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Summary “The Journey of Sinbad the Sailor”