Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva. Biography

Life of MI Tsvetaeva in dates and facts

1892, September 26 – the birth of Marina Tsvetaeva in the family of Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetayev, a philologist and art historian, founder and first director of the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts. Mother – Maria Alexandrovna Maine was a talented pianist.

1898-1908 – years of study in Russia and abroad.

1910 – the beginning of literary activity. The appearance of the first book of poems “Evening Album”, which included one hundred and eleven poems.

1912 – marriage, the birth of Ariadne’s daughter. The second book of poems “The Magic Lantern”.

1917-1920 – work on the book “Swan Mill”.

1922-1925 – intense literary work: books “Versts”, “Craft”, “Psyche”, tragedies “Ariadne”, “Phaedra”, essays about the poets “My Pushkin”, “Alive on the living”, poem

“Poem of the Mountain” “Poem of the end.”

1922-1939 – emigration. Life in Berlin, Czechoslovakia, France. Yearning for home, difficult living conditions. The publication in the various publishing houses of Berlin of the poem “The Tsar’s Maiden”, the book of verses “Separation”, “Poems to the Bloc”, “Craft” and “Psyche.” In Prague, published a poem “Good”, the autobiographical story “My services”, in Paris published “Poem of the Mountain” and “Poem of the End.”

1937 – permission to return to Russia.

1939 – return to Russia. The arrest of a husband and daughter, a new stage of homelessness and poverty, a miserable existence through stingy transfers.

1941 – the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Evacuation with his son in the Kama region.

1941, August 31 – in Elabuga, under the yoke of personal misfortunes, alone, in a state of spiritual depression, Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva committed suicide.

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Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva. Biography