“Garnet bracelet” Kuprin in brief summary

A messenger with a small jewel case in the name of Princess Vera Nikolaevna Sheina was delivered by a messenger through a maid. Princess pronounced it, but Dasha said that the messenger immediately ran away, and she did not dare to tear the birthday girl away from the guests.

Inside the case was a gold, low sample blown bracelet, covered with grenades, among which was a small green stone. The letter enclosed in the case contained a congratulation on the day of the angel and a request to accept the bracelet that belonged to the great-grandmother. A green pebble is a very rare green garnet that communicates the gift of providence and protects men from violent death. The letter ended with the words: “Yours to death and after death, the humble servant GS GZ.”

Vera picked up the bracelet-alarming, dense red lights lit up inside the stones. “Exactly blood!” she thought, and returned to the living room.

Prince Vasily Lvovich demonstrated at that

moment his humorous home album, which had just been opened on the “story” “Princess Vera and the Telegraphic Teacher in Love.” “I do not need it better,” she said. But my husband has already started a full, brilliant humor comment on his own drawings. Here is a girl named Vera, receives a letter with kissing pigeons, signed by the telegraph operator PPJ. Here young Vasya Shein returns the wedding ring to Vera: “I dare not interfere with your happiness, and yet it is my duty to warn you: telegraphists are seductive, but insidious. ” But Vera marries beautiful Vasya Shein, but the telegraph operator continues the persecution. Here he, disguised as a chimney sweep, penetrates the boudoir of Princess Vera. Here, disguised, enters their kitchen dishwasher. Finally, he is in a madhouse, and so on.

“Gentlemen, who wants tea?” asked Vera. After tea the guests began to leave. The old general Anosov, whom Vera and her sister Anna called grandfather, asked the princess to explain what the truth is in the prince’s story.

GS Zh. Began to pursue her with letters

two years before her marriage. Obviously, he constantly watched her, knew where she was at the parties, how she was dressed. When Vera, too, in writing, asked not to disturb her with her persecution, he stopped talking about love and limited himself to congratulations on holidays, as today, on the day of her name-day.

The old man was silent. “Maybe it’s a maniac? Or maybe Verochka, your love path was crossed by such a love, which women dream of and which more men are incapable of.”

After the departure of the guests, Vera’s husband and her brother Nikolai decided to find a fan and return the bracelet. The next day they already knew the address of GS GZ. It turned out to be a man of thirty or thirty-five. He did not deny anything and admitted the indecency of his behavior. Finding some understanding and even sympathy in the prince, he explained to him that, alas, he loves his wife and neither expulsion nor prison will kill this feeling. Is that death. He must admit that he has squandered state money and will have to flee the city, so that they will not hear about him again.

The next day in the newspaper Vera read about the suicide of the official of the Control Chamber GS Zheltkov, and in the evening the postman brought his letter.

Zheltkov wrote that for him all life is only in her, in Vera Nikolaevna. This is the love with which God rewarded him for something. Leaving, he enthusiastically repeats: “Hallowed be Thy Name.” If she remembers him, then let him play the D major part of the Beethoven “Appassionata”, he thanks her from the depths of her soul that she was his only joy in life.

Vera could not not go to say goodbye to this man. Her husband fully understood her impulse.

The face of the man lying in the coffin was serene, as if he had learned a deep secret. Vera lifted his head, put a big red rose under her neck and kissed him on the forehead. She understood that the love that every woman dreams about has passed her.

Returning home, she found only her institute friend, the famous pianist Jenny Reiter. “Play something for me,” she said.

And Zhenny played that place “Appassionaty”, which was indicated in the letter of Zheltkov. She listened, and words were composed in her mind, like a couplets, ending with a prayer: “Hallowed be Thy Name.” “What happened to you?” Jenny asked after seeing her tears. “… He forgave me now. Everything is fine,” Vera answered.

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“Garnet bracelet” Kuprin in brief summary