Federico García Lorca. Biography

Federico García Lorca. Biography

Federico Garcia Lorca is a Spanish poet and playwright, whose work belongs to the peak phenomena of Western European modernism. The basis of his original, permeated with intense dramatic and extraordinary imagery of the artistic world was the synthesis of national cultural traditions, individual author’s myth-making and artistic experiments of the beginning of the 20th century.

Life of F. Garcia Lorca in dates and facts

June 5, 1898 – was born in the Andalusian village of Fuente Vaqueros, located not far from Granada. After graduating from the Jesuit school he continued his studies at Granada University, which, however, did not finish. In the university years he published his first book – travel notes “Impressions and landscapes.”

1919 – moved to Madrid, where he settled in the so-called Student Residence – a cultural center of a new type, whose goal was to prepare the elite of Spain.

1920 – debuted as a playwright play “The Magic of the Butterfly”. The play staged on this work ended in complete failure.

1921 – the first lyrical collection of Garcia Lorca – “The Book of Poems” was published. In the same year, the poet began to work on the “Poem about Kante Hondo”, published in 1931.

1928 – published the cycle “Gypsy romance”, which received national recognition.

1929 – went to travel to the US and Cuba. During this trip, a collection of poems “The Poet in New York” and several plays were created.

1931 – on his return to his homeland organized the wandering student theater “La Baraka”. He gave Lorca almost three years of life, during which he worked as a director, actor, artist and even an ordinary extras. Together with the theatrical troupe, the poet traveled all over the country, visiting the most remote villages, whose inhabitants never saw scenic performances.

1933 -1936 – the most powerful tragedies of the theater of Lorca and all Spanish drama of the twentieth century were created: “The Bloody Wedding”, “Yerma.”

September 19, 1936 – was shot by the francists not far from Granada.

Federico García Lorca. Biography