The summary “Spring is portioned”

Once Sarah, earning her living with shorthand, had dinner at the Schulenberg restaurant. Seeing that the menu is written by hand is very illegible, she reprinted it on the typewriter and brought it to the owner. For this he concluded a contract with her: Sarah will print him a menu, and he will feed her lunch.

All winter Sarah was provided with lunches, but then came the spring. Sarah suffered because of her beloved Walter for two weeks there were no letters, and in the spring they were going to get married. Sarah burst into tears, printing a price list.

One evening, the bell rang and Walter appeared at the door. He came to New York a week ago, went to Sarah, but it turned out that she had moved, and he had not yet received the letter with the new address. For a whole week he sought out his beloved one, turned to the police, and today went to eat at the Schulenberg restaurant, where he was served a menu in which he wrote: “Dear Walter with lemon juice” instead

of “Dandelions with lemon juice”. And such a crooked caption “M” is only in Sarina’s typewriter. Gisselle Adan recounted

Sarah, a young resident of the city of New York, cries over the price-list from a nearby restaurant. She signed an oral contract with the owner of the restaurant “Home Table” by Mr. Schulenberg. This agreement was mutually beneficial. Sarah printed a menu for twenty-one tables of the Schulenberg restaurant every day, and in return received delicious food.

Sarah had no other work, her home was cold and uncomfortable. The arrival of spring Sarah was not happy. She sat in an armchair and remembered the story of her love for farmer Walter. Last summer she spent in the village, where she met a young and handsome young farmer. He and Walter were even going to get married. Pleasant memories interrupted the knock at the door. It’s time to print the menu. This time the work was more than usual – the menu had many innovations. When the turn came to the vegetable dishes, Sarah remembered that from Walter for two weeks as there were no letters.


did not know what to think. She became very sad and tears rolled from her eyes. She could not stop the ceaseless stream of tears. But it was necessary to finish the work and Sarah gradually calmed down. The menu was printed on time and transferred to a restaurant. Having finished the menu, Sarah started to read the boring book, but suddenly heard a doorbell and ran to meet the guest. They were her favorite Walter, who had been looking for her for a week in New York.

He was in the old apartment, but they did not know Sarah’s new address. It is not known when Walter would find Sarah, if not for a lucky coincidence – he went to eat at the “Home Table” restaurant and found there the menu printed by Sarah’s hands. It was he who helped him find Sarah. Walter said that he simply could not confuse Sarino with the proprietary “m” of dandelions. When Sarah objected that there was no letter “m” in the word “dandelions”, Walter took out the menu and read the line between “Cabbage red” and “Green stuffed pepper”: “PELLET WALTER WITH LEMON JUICE”.

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The summary “Spring is portioned”