Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “On the Great Road – Retreat, Flight”

His paintings about the Patriotic War, Vereshchagin Vasily Vasilyevich first of all wanted to show contempt, which it causes in him. Really, the ambitions of several influential persons can bring so much grief, ruin and death. Is it worth it. In his next film “On the Great Road – Retreat, Flight,” the author compares the forces of nature and man.

We see a beautiful road covered with snow-white blanket. On either side of her grow blond birches in winter dresses. Sunlight and frost give them shine and sparkling. Spoils the entire winter landscape of the French army, which is retreating, losing the battle and snow-covered wreckage of wagons, weapons and human bodies. Even scary to imagine what people are capable of for their whims. They will never think about the consequences.

You look at the picture and you realize that even nature is against violence and war. Firstly, the Napoleonic army could not prepare for the harsh Russian winters and now must run out of the country in cold and hunger, only the birds circulate above them in the hope of extraction. And secondly, nature as it could, and tried to hide the consequences, which led to the war. That ruin, pogroms, debris and even lifeless bodies, which no one and there is no time to bury him with honors.

Every general and a person should think about whether all this is worth what such good will bring. War is emptiness and lifelessness, and we are people with soul and compassion.

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Composition on the picture Vereshchagin “On the Great Road – Retreat, Flight”