Composition “For what I love spring”

With what uncontrollable desire we all expect the arrival of spring, and how brightly and joyfully we meet its first signs, promising sunny and clear weather, the change of the harsh winter with affectionate and warm days.

I really love spring for elusive charm and timid beauty. She is also a brave warrior with a strong and frosty winter, and a gentle, affectionate guest, resplendent with her modest steps resurrecting the earth, tired of the harsh cold. Spring lights everything around with a nice and warm smile, and I always admire her ability to subjugate all life, involving in a joyful and magical cycle of colors and genuine delight.

In the spring I like leisurely walks by the sea, watching as it changes its angry gray-steel color to blue and affectionate, beckoning with its incessant surf and promising a hot summer and happy moments in its streaming embrace.

I like to watch the awakening of the forest, where the first green grass blades are quickly and imperceptibly manifested in the glades covered by the first heat.

Every time I admire the flowering of fruit gardens and the unusually delicate and intoxicating aroma of spring flowers – colorful tulips, naive crocuses, elegant daffodils.

I love spring fresh air and clear purity spring air, the height and azure of the spring sky, May thunderstorms and short warm rains, under the gentle streams of which wake up the leaves and grass.

Spring is a fairy tale and harmony, true beauty and the charm of life.

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Composition “For what I love spring”