Summary “Bezruchka”

Summary “Bezruchka”

Old peasants, husband and wife, died. Before his death, his mother punished his son in all things to obey his older sister.

At the request of his sister, his brother married, that there was another mistress in the house – to help her sister. Brother’s wife began to complain about her sister-in-law: she was a lazy bastard, and she broke a new pot, and poisoned the cow.

The brother’s wife gave birth to a baby and at night it “slept” – the baby suffocated. She blamed it on the sister-in-law. The brother was angry with his sister, brought her into the forest and cut off his hands.

For a long time a girl wandered through the forest. I went out to the garden, where the juicy apples hung low on the branches. She reached out with her mouth

to them and ate a couple of apples. The watchman dismantled it and led it to the owner of the garden.

The young son of the owner fell in love with the girl, “it is clear whom you love, and that does not spoil the kale.”

The father was dissatisfied with the choice of his son, but he said:

“Look at yourself, my dear son.” In the farm I am free, in my garden I am free, but in your heart I am not free. Your heart is not an apple.

Lived young in harmony with each other, they lived in happiness, but at that time a war with the enemy began, and the armless wife took her husband to military service.

“And the time has come, and an armless wife gave birth to him.” Mother looked at her baby, grandfather looked, and they saw: the baby’s hands are golden, the moon shines in the forehead, and where the heart is there the red sun is burning. “

She told Bezruchka to a literate old man to write a letter to her husband describing her son. I wrote a letter to the elder and set out on my journey. On the way, he stopped just with his brother and his wicked wives.

The mistress sent the old man to the bathhouse, and threw the letter in the oven and wrote another: “They say that the wife gave birth to a husband not a child, but in front it looks like a pig,

behind a dog, and from the back he looks like a hedgehog on the hedgehog, what now to do with the child, “.

On the way back, the old man went to the same house, and the landlady read the letter of her husband, where he told his wife to “cherish and pity their child, and that it was born ugly, so for him it is still expensive and cute.”

The wicked sister changed the letter: she wrote to the father of the warrior that “the father sent his wife away from the yard with her son, he does not want to know her any more, he does not want to live with the armless wife, she does not fit him, the warrior, and if he survives in war, then he will have another family. “

In grief, the old man told his daughter-in-law to go away. And then came to, decided to return – but did not find it. Put the crippled baby in the hem. Clamped her skull with her teeth and went along the roads.

She saw the well, bent down to drink water – the baby fell out. Lies on the bottom. And then a miracle happened – “her hands grew, she reached out to her son and grabbed him.” And how she snatched the child out of the water, how she had saved him, so her hands did not become again. “

In one kind village they sheltered the cripple. Time passed, her son grew up and went to the same war where his father fought.

Waited for the woman’s son, waited. “Her heart failed to endure, Bezruchka dressed in a soldier’s dress and went to war.

Soldiers saw her, thought she was a man, and told her:

– You would be sitting at home on the stove, fellow countryman, – what a cripple in the war to do! A brave man, you’re out of place!

And Bezruchka found what to do. She began to console the sick and dying, and, it happened, whoever would die must not, and does not die with kind words. “

Once a woman saw her son struggling against a cloud of enemies – rushed to his aid. And again her mighty hands grew. They fought off enemies.

The commander praised the son of Bezruchka, praised the hero’s parents.

“Let your mother come and receive your reward!”

“And she has no hands, she is armless,” replied the son of Bezruchka.

The commander sent him for his mother.

In the village they said that his mother in the army was comforting the wounded.

“The general commanded to bring him to all who helped heal the wounded and dying, and began to reward them for a good deed. and when an armless woman came up to him in plain soldier’s clothes, the commander looked into her face and recognized her as his wife, and Bezruchka saw that this commander was her husband. “The girl wanted to hug her husband-she lived with him for a whole century, but remembered that she had no hands.” They again withered away at once, how she defended her son in battle. “But she did not tolerate Bezruchka and stretched herself To her husband, she always loved and could not forget. And in the same instant, the layer out of the heart, her hands grew as strong as they used to be, and she embraced her husband with them, and ever since then her hands have always remained with her. “

The son recognized the mother of that warrior who “defended him with his sword.” The son rushed to his mother’s knees and kissed her hands, which saved him. “

Returning home from the war, the commander, his wife and hero son drove past the court of his brother and his wicked wife. From fear she fell to her feet and told all her evil deeds. The brother heard all this and said:

– Thank you for the story, and the evil is not left to crop. Forgive me, my dear sister!

“That very night, secretly from his guests, he brought out an unembossed mare from the stables, tied his wife to the tail with twisted reins, and tied himself to his wife, and then hiccupped, the horse carried, dragged the husband and wife in a clean field and disheveled their death to the ground.

The guests did not wait for the hosts and left to live for years to their court. Unhappiness, though living in the world, but accidentally, but happiness must live constantly. “

Summary “Bezruchka”