Summary “The Island of the Lost Ships” Belyaev

Summary “The Island of the Lost Ships” Belyaev

The large transatlantic liner “Benjamin Franklin” departs from Genoa to New York. On board is the detective Jim Simpkins, who is transmitting to Reginald Gatling, America suspected of murder. In the open ocean, the ship is wrecked. Simpkins and Gatling do not have time to evacuate and remain on it together with the rescued daughter of the billionaire Miss Viviana Kingman. The ocean current nails the damaged liner to an unknown island in the Sargasso Sea, formed from the remains of warships of all kinds brought here for many centuries.

On the island, there are dozens of people who came here after shipwrecks. Manages the island Fergus Slayton is a very dark person. Initially, Slayton politely accepts the newcomers, but soon insists Viviane to become his wife, which causes

her resistance. To avoid a scandal, Fergus announces that an equitable “groom’s choice” will be arranged for Viviana. Afraid that Vivian will choose Gatling, Slayton orders his subordinates to put Simpkins and Gatling under lock and key. The ceremony begins. All the men of the island pass before Viviana, she rejects them. Slayton declares that Vivian will be his wife, and the disobedient will try to face him with force. Meanwhile, the sympathetic islander Ternipus helps Gatling and Simpkins get out of the cell. Gatling resorts to the site of the ceremony and defeats Slayton in a duel.

To avoid revenge of Slayton, Gatling with several inhabitants decides to repair the German submarine and escape from the island. On the night when everything is ready, Slayton’s subordinates notice them, and the conspirators decide to flee immediately. Behind them the pursuit is arranged. Gatling was wounded, but a bullet hits Slayton. All have time to get into the submarine and sail. Soon they pick up the steamer.

On the boat Simpkins learns from the newspaper that the crime in which Gatling was accused is uncovered, and the real criminal is punished. After arriving in the United States, Reginald and Viviana become husband and wife. They are interested in the Sargasso Sea, and they intend to explore it and visit the

Island of the Lost Ships along the way. Simpkins joins them to find documents on the island “explaining the secret of Slayton’s fate.” After a difficult voyage on the ship “Calling”, the travelers sail to the island.

When Gatling with the company fled, Slayton was wounded, and his rival Flores became governor. The dying Slayton is forgotten. Flores orders to build bridges to a small “New Island” from the remains of ships to solve the problem of housing and food. The islanders are met on Slaton’s “New Island”, which survived, as well as a wild stranger. Slayton is put under arrest. At night, Flores wants to kill him, but Slayton manages to free himself from the cell, drive Flores into it and again seize power.

At this time, “Calling” approaches the island. The vessel is an assistant governor of Bokko Island and tells travelers about the situation. They threaten to shell the island from the guns, if they are not allowed to land. Bokko promises to help and successfully persuades the islanders to overthrow Slayton. Slayton runs away. Flores is released.

Simpkins finds documents to find out that the feral inhabitant of the New Island is Slayton’s younger brother, the talented pianist Edward Gortvan (Slayton was actually called Abraham Gortvan). In order to seize Edward’s enormous fortune, Abraham placed him in a psychiatric clinic, bribing some of the officials in Montreal, where he lived. Afraid that with the arrival of new people in the city administration his scam will reveal, Abraham decided to take Edward to the Canary Islands. On the way they were overtaken by a strong storm, the ship sank, and they reached the New Island on a boat. At night after his arrival, Abraham moved to the Big Island, leaving Edward to his fate. Edward was very wild, but in the society of people he gradually begins to show glimpses of reason.

While the expedition is engaged in exploring the island and its underwater world, Simpkins finds out that Slayton is hiding on a sailboat, along with Chinese Hao-Zheng, who is addicted to smoking opium. During the siege of the sailing ship the Chinese explodes one of the steamships. Oil from its tanks lights up, and a fire begins to spread across the Island. Residents of the island and members of the expedition sail away on the “Caller”.

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Summary “The Island of the Lost Ships” Belyaev