Bylina “Churila Plenkovich” in the summary

In the capital city of Kiev, Grand Duke Vladimir has a feast. At the feast princes, boyars and mighty warriors. Suddenly there are a hundred fellows, followed by a hundred more, and for those and a hundred more. All of them are beaten-wounded, the violent heads are tied with sashes. The beaten fellows beat the prince with a brow. They drove along the Cherege River to the sovereign’s loan and did not meet there either a beast or a migratory bird, but they met a fine number for three hundred and five hundred. Stallions under these fellows are Latin, caftans are stony; They raised all the sables and martens, the foxes went out, they shot the deer and the reindeer, and they themselves were beaten and wounded. Therefore princely fellows back to the prince appeared without prey. Now they will not be paid from the prince either; they will have to wander around the world to their children and wives.

Prince Vladimir of the petitioners does not listen, he continues to rule his feast.

There is another crowd of fellows numbering for three hundred and five hundred, hunters fishing. Everyone is also beaten-wounded, their heads pierced, their sashes bandaged. And they complain that no fish was found on the rivers and along the lakes: strange fishmen were inflated all the fish, and there are no spoils to the state hunters, and there will be no salary from the prince. And these petitioners are not listening to Prince Vladimir.

No sooner had the fishermen left the prince’s court – two more crowds poured into the courtyard: well-falconers and stalwarts-krechetniki, all beaten-wounded, their heads pierced, their sashes tied. And these fellows tell how they hunted in the princely possessions, but they met neither falcons nor gyrfalcon, but they met a thousand people. Well done, these falcons and gyrfalcones were promoted, the prince’s falconers and kratchevniki were beaten and wounded, and they are called the team of Churilova. Then Prince Vladimir asks: “Who is this Churila is that?” The old governor of Bermyat answers: Churila lives below the small Kievtz, the yard is

seven versts away, and is so decorated: “the first gate is rolling, the other gate is crystal, the third gate is tin.”

Hearing this, Prince Vladimir quickly equips himself on the road to Churila, taking with him princes, boyars and mighty warriors – Dobrynya Nikitich and Vermyat Vasilyevich. They gathered their heels, and they went to Churila Plenkovich. At the gate they are met by an old film: the Grand Duke and Princess opens the gate to the imposing, to the princes and boyars – the gates of crystal, to ordinary people – the tin gate. Old Alexei Surozhenin leads the prince with the princess at the table, puts him in honorable places, begins to regale all the guests. Suddenly the prince, looking out of the window, sees a lot of people and worries: evidently the terrible ambassador from the Horde is coming to him, but the prince is not at home. The old film, grinning, replies: it’s not the formidable ambassador from the Horde, but the squad of the young Churila Plenkovich.

Churila drove up to his court, but could not enter the courtyard. Then he left the squad in the courtyard, himself went down to the cellars, took the furs, brocades, treasures of gold, brought everything to Prince Vladimir, put in front of him on the cleaned table. The prince was delighted, he began to call Churila Plenkovich to come to Kiev for tsarist service. Churila did not disobey the prince, ordered the horse to be saddled and rode along with the prince to Kiev.

In Kiev, Prince Vladimir sends Churila Plenkovich to collect from all the princes and boyars for ten rubles. Churila went round all and called to the prince for a feast, and in the courtyard of old Bermyata Vasilyevich was puzzled: he spoke with his young wife Katerina. All the princes, boyars and heroes were at the feast late at night, but as they went to matins in the morning they saw fresh tracks on the snow, they were surprised: “either a hare rode or an ermine-ermine”. And others grinned: it was not a bunny galloping or an ermine, but Churila Plenkovitch went to old Bermyat Vasilievich, to his young wife Katerina.

In another epic is told about the death of Churila. Did not bring him to the goodness of love for Katerina Mikulichne. He came to her on the very day of the Annunciation, when Bermyata Vasilyevich was in the church. I saw Churila with Katerina, the girl-maid, went to the master to the church and told everything. Bermyat Vasilevich returned home, Churila cut his head, and Katerina Mikulichna herself threw herself on sharp knives. And the old Bermyata Vasilievich waited for Christ’s Resurrection and married a girl-black-haired girl.

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Bylina “Churila Plenkovich” in the summary