Brief summary “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” Rustaveli

Brief summary “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” Rustaveli

This epic poem of the most famous Georgian poet was written in the XII century. Studying the theme “Shota Rustaveli” The Knight in the Panther’s Skin “: a short summary”, it should be noted that in its authentic form the ancient work did not reach contemporaries. The poem has undergone various additions and changes, that in the title, that in the writing of the text. Various imitators and copyists were many. Only in St. Petersburg, since 1712, the poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” (the summary is presented below) was reprinted several times. And it is not surprising that only in the Georgian language there are already more than 50 of its publications.

Once upon a time, Arabia was ruled by the just tsar Rostevan, who had the only

beloved daughter, the beautiful Tinatin. The tsar, sensing that his earthly clock was already running out, once told his viziers that he was giving the throne to his daughter, and they humbly accepted his decision.

From this begins the famous poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”. The summary tells that when Tinatin ascended the throne, Rostevan and his faithful military commander and beloved pupil Avtandil, long in love with Tinatin, went hunting. Amusing this favorite occupation, they suddenly saw a lonely grieved rider in the tiger skin in the distance.

A sad wanderer

Burned with curiosity, they sent a messenger to the stranger, but he did not obey the call of the Arabian king. Rostevan was insulted and very angry, and sent after him twelve best soldiers, but he dispersed them and prevented them from capturing themselves. Then the king himself went to him with the faithful Avtandil, but the stranger, spurring his horse, disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared.

So famously twists the plot of the poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin.” The summary continues its narrative by the fact that Rostevan, returning home, on the advice of his daughter Tinatin sends the most reliable people to look for a stranger and find out who he is, where he came from in their land. The

king’s chasers traveled all over the country, but they did not find a warrior in the tiger skin.

Tinatin, seeing how his father is puzzled by the search for this mysterious person, calls for Avtandil and asks him to find this strange rider in three years, and if he fulfills this request, she will agree to become his wife. Avtandil agrees and goes on the road.


And now the most important work is “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin.” The summary of the chapters tells how the long search for this mysterious hero took place. After all, for three whole years Avtandil wandered all over the world, but he never found him. And then one day, when he decided to return home, he met six wounded travelers, who were repulsed by a warrior dressed in a tiger skin.

Avtandil again went in search of him, and one day, looking around the neighborhood, climbing a tree, he saw how a man in a tiger skin met a girl named Asmat, she was a slave. Embraced, they cried, their sorrow was due to the fact that they could not find one beautiful maiden for a very long time. But then the knight again set out on his journey.

Avtandil met with Asmat and recounted from her the secret of this unfortunate knight, who was called Tariel. Soon after Tariel’s return, Avtandil made friends with him, because they were united by one common desire – to serve their beloved. Avtandil told about his beautiful Tinatin and about the condition she had set, and Tariel told his very sad story.


So, once in Hindustan the rule of seven kings, six of them considered their ruler the wise ruler of Farsadan, who had a beautiful daughter Nestan-Darejan. Father Tariela Saridan was the closest person to this ruler, and revered him as his brother. Therefore Tariel was brought up at the royal court. He was fifteen years old when his father passed away, and then the king put him in the place of the chief commander.

Love quickly sprang up between the young Nestan and Tariel. But her parents have already looked after the son of the Shah of Khorezm in the grooms. Then slave Asmat calls to his room to his mistress Tariel, where they had a conversation with Nestan. She rebuked him that he was idle, and that she would soon be married to another. She asks to kill the unwanted guest, and Tariela – to seize the throne. So all was done. Farsadan was angry and thought that it was the work of his sister, the witch Davar, who had cajoled the cunning of young lovers. Davar begins to scold the princess, as soon as there are some two slaves and send Nestan into the ark, and then let him through the sea. Dawar, from grief, pierces his dagger in his chest. From that day on, the princess could not be found anywhere. Tariel goes to her search, but she also does not find it anywhere.

King Friedon

The poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” (very brief) continues with the fact that then the knight met the ruler of Mulgazanzar Nuradin-Fridon, who is at war with his uncle, who wanted to split his country. Tariel becomes his twin-brother and helps him defeat the enemy. Friedon in one of the conversations mentioned that he saw how once a strange ship sailed to the shore, from where the incomparable beauty came. Tariel, by description, immediately recognized his Nestan. After saying goodbye to a friend and having received from him the gift of a black horse, he again goes in search of his bride. That’s how he found himself in a secluded cave, where he was met by Avtandil, who, satisfied with the story, goes home to Tinatin and Rostevana and wants to tell them everything, and then come back again to help the hero still find his beautiful Nestan.


Returning from his native land to the cave, the sad knight he does not find, Asmat tells him that he again went to look for Nestan. After a time, overtaking a friend, Avtandil sees that he is mortally wounded after a fight with a lion and a tigress. And it helps him to survive.

Now Avtandil himself is looking for Nestan and decides to visit the ruler of Fridon to learn more about the story of the beautiful girl. Already after he met with the caravan merchant, whose leader was Usama. Avtandil helped him to cope with the naval robbers and then, disguised in a simple dress to hide himself from extraneous views, pretended to be a senior merchant caravan.

Further, the poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” (a brief summary we look at) narrates that after a while they arrived in the paradise town of Gulancharo. From the wife of one very wealthy nobleman, Fatma, he learns that this woman bought the sun-like beauty from the robbers and hid her, but then she could not stand it and told her about her husband who wanted to make her the bride of the local tsar, bringing the girl to him as a gift. But the captive managed to escape, and Fatma herself helped her. However, as it later turned out, she was again captured, and to Fatma, who began to look for her, there were rumors that now this beauty is engaged to the prince Kajeti. His aunt Dularzhuht, who rules instead of her brother, went to the funeral of her sorceress sister, and gathered all wizards and sorcerers for this ceremony.

Reunion of loving hearts

While she was not there, Avtandil, Friedona, along with beloved Nestan Tiriel, came to the fortress of Kajeti.

A lot of the adventures of these friends awaited. However, soon, at last, the long-suffering hearts of lovers united. And then there was Avtandil’s wedding with Tinatin, and Tariel and Nestan married after them.

A very happy ending was the poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin.” The summary of it ends with the fact that faithful friends ascended to their thrones and began to rule gloriously: Tariel in Hindustan, Avtandil in Arabia, and Fridon in Mulgazanzar.

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Brief summary “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” Rustaveli