Biography of Vladimir Klichko

Vladimir Vladimirovich Klitschko – professional boxer, was born March 25, 1976 in the Kazakh city of Semipalatinsk in a military family. He has the pseudonym “Stilhammer Doctor”. Physical characteristics of the athlete: height 198 cm, weight 110 kg, range of arms 206 cm. In fights Vladimir performs in a heavy weight category. For the sports biography of Vladimir Klitschko from 51 battles 48 were won. And in 43 bouts the boxer won by knockout.

Being quiet, quiet child, over time, Vladimir showed a purposeful, strong character in boxing battles. Having traveled much of the USSR, the Klitschko family moved to Ukraine in 1985. Vladimir studied at the Brovary School of the Olympic Reserve, which he graduated in 1992. Then the athlete entered the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Pedagogical Institute. In 2001, Vladimir defended his thesis at the National University of Physical Education and Sports of the city of Kiev, becoming a candidate of science in sports.

The first

title of the champion was won by the athlete in European competitions among juniors. Then Vladimir was 17 years old. The title of the champion of Ukraine was awarded to the boxer five times. In addition, the athlete became the winner of the World Games of military personnel, in 1996 he took the second place at the European Championships in his weight category. However, the greatest achievement in the amateur career of Vladimir is the victory at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Professionally boxing Wladimir Klitschko took up in 1996, simultaneously with his brother Vitali. Thanks to the spectacular performance at the Olympics, Vladimir Klichko and his brother began to invite various clubs. In the autumn of 1996, the invitation was accepted from the club “Universum Box-Primition”, where the coach of the athletes became Fritz Zdunek.

In 1999, Vladimir first spoke against the strongest opponent of Axel Schultz for his professional career, winning by knockout. In the same year, Klitschko fought with Phil Jackson, also knocking out the opponent. In 2000, Vladimir won fights against David Bostis, Monte

Barrett, Chris Byrd.

In 2001, Wladimir Klitschko knocked out Derrick Jefferson, Charles Schafford. In 2002 – Ray Mercer, Jameel McCline, in 2003 – Danella Nicholson. In 2003, he lost to Corry Sanders, and in 2004 Vladimir was knocked out by Lamon Brewster. In addition, in 2004 Klitschko defeated Davarville Williamson technically, knocked out Eliseo Castillo in 2005, defeated Samuel Peter. In 2006 Vladimir won fights with Chris Byrd, Calvin Brock, in 2007 – Ray Austin, Lamon Brewster. In 2008, Klitschko in the battle for the title of absolute world champion defeated Sultan Ibragimov.

In the biography of Vladimir Klitschko, many high sporting titles were won. Among them, the title of intercontinental champion by the WBC version, according to WBA, according to WBO. Vladimir is the champion of Europe, the IBF / IBO world champion. Also, the athlete has several orders and awards. Among them, the Order “For Courage”, which was awarded to the athlete for winning the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

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Biography of Vladimir Klichko