Biography of Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a great Austrian composer, conductor. The representative of the Vienna classical school of music, the author of more than 600 pieces of music.

Early years

Mozart Mozart) was born January 27, 1756 in the city of Salzburg in a musical family.

In Mozart’s biography, musical talent was discovered even in early childhood. Father taught him to play on organ, violin, harpsichord. In 1762 the family went to Vienna, Munich. There are concerts of Mozart, his sister Maria Anna. Then, while traveling through the cities of Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Mozart’s music amazes listeners with amazing beauty. For the first time the composer’s works are published in Paris.

The next few years, Amaday Mozart lived in Italy. There, for the first time, his operas are staged, which receive great success for the public.

Let us note that by the age of 17 the composer’s wide repertoire included more than 40 major works.

flowering of creativity

From 1775 to 1780, the fruitful work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart joined the cohort of his writings with a number of outstanding compositions. After taking up the post of court organist in 1779, Mozart’s symphonies, his operas contain more and more new techniques.

In a short biography of Wolfgang Mozart it is worth noting that the marriage to Constance Weber also reflected on his work. Opera “Abduction from the Seraglio” is saturated with the romance of those times.

Some of Mozart’s operas remained unfinished, because the difficult financial situation of the family forced the composer to devote a lot of time to various part-time jobs. In aristocratic circles piano concerts of Mozart were held, the musician himself was forced to write plays, waltzes to order, and teach.

The peak of glory

Mozart’s work of the following years impresses with fruitfulness along with skill. Famous operas “The Wedding of Figaro”, “Don Juan” by the composer Mozart are staged in several cities.

In 1789, he received a

very favorable proposal to head the court chapel in Berlin. However, the refusal of the composer further exacerbated the material shortcomings.

For Mozart works of that time were extremely successful. “The Magic Flute”, “Mercy of Titus” – these operas were written quickly, but very qualitatively, expressively, with beautiful shades. The famous Mass “Requiem” was never completed by Mozart. The work was completed by the student of the composer – Süsmeier.


From November 1791 Mozart was sick a lot and did not get out of bed at all. The famous composer died on December 5, 1791 from acute fever. He was buried in the cemetery of St. Mark in Vienna.

Interesting Facts
    Of the seven children in the Mozart family, only two survived: Wolfgang and his sister Maria Anna. The composer showed his abilities in music, being quite a child. At the age of 4 he wrote a concert for the harpsichord, at 7 years his first symphony, and at the age of 12 – the first opera. Mozart joined Masonry in 1784, wrote music for their rituals. And later in his same box came his father, Leopold. On the advice of Mozart’s friend, Baron van Sweeten, the composer was not satisfied with an expensive funeral. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was buried in the third category as a poor man: his coffin was buried in a common grave. Mozart created light, harmonious and beautiful works that became classics for children and adults. It has been scientifically proven that his sonatas and concerts positively influence the mental activity of a person, help to become collected and to think logically.

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Biography of Mozart