Biography of Henry Belle

Heinrich Belle is a German writer, novelist and playwright.

Belle represents a critical, anti-militaristic image of modern society in the collection of skilful short stories. Such works include “The Traveler, when you come to the Spa…”, Traveler, If You Come to Spa 1957), the novel “Where have you been, Adam?” , Adam, Where Art Thou? , 1955) and “Billiards at half past nine”, Billiards at Half Past Nine, 1961).

Human excesses and inability to change one’s destiny stand out among the basic principles of such works of Henry Belle as “And did not say a single word,” Acquainted with the Night, 1953), “The House Without a Host,” Tomorrow and Yesterday, 1954), “The Clown’s Eyes “, The Clown, 1965),” Unauthorized absence “, Absent without Leave, 1964).

In the biography of Henry Bell, many works represent his critical portrayal of Catholicism, the church and modern German society. Among other notable works are the collection of travel essays “The Irish Diary”, the novel “Group Portrait with the Lady”, Group Portrait with Lady, 1971), two English collections “Eighteen Stories”, “Children Are Civilians Too”, and previously unpublished stories ” Der blasse Hund “. Belle received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972.

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Biography of Henry Belle