“Teacher of dance” Vega in brief summary

“Teacher of dance” Vega in brief summary

Aldemaro, a young nobleman from a noble but impoverished clan, comes to the city of Tudela with his cousin Ricaredo for the wedding of Feliciana, the daughter of one of the most famous and wealthy townspeople, and immediately falls in love with the bride’s sister, Florela. The surprise that struck him unexpectedly is so great that he flatly refuses to leave Tudela and return to the family castle Lerin. Despite all the exhortations of Ricaredo, Aldemaro firmly decides that he will be hired by Alberigo, the father of Feliciana and Florela, the dance teacher: the young man recently returned from Naples, where he learned this art so much that he could compete with the Italians.

Just at this time Felisyan, her husband Tevano, Florela and Alberigo are discussing the just-concluded festival. It succeeded in glory: a knight tournament, competitions in strength and dexterity, a masked procession, each participant of which showed the wonders of ingenuity, and many other entertainments. Only one disappoints the young women: among all the entertainments there was obviously a lack of dancing, and they bitterly complain to their father about their inability to dance, reproaching him that he did not teach them this art. Alberigo decides to immediately correct his mistake and hire a teacher; Here comes Aldemaro, who claims to be a dance teacher. He is very fond of all family members, especially Florele, who immediately falls in love with him. The girl is famous for her beauty

– at the just-concluded festival many, including noble and handsome nobleman Vandalino,

Vandalino has long been in love with Florel, and at the wedding of her sister, he dared, passing the case to Florele with his prize, to put in it a love message. Now the young man hopes to receive an answer and, learning that Alberigo hired a dance teacher for the daughters, appeals to him with a request to become a mediator between him and Florela. Aldemaro agrees, hoping thus to find out how Flaurel relates to a passionate admirer, and to assess whether he has the very hope of success. It turns out that Feliciana’s happiness is not as great as it seemed to the guests at her wedding: she does not love her husband and married him, only obeying the will of her father. She is clearly jealous of her sister, in whom Vandalino is in love – this young and elegant nobleman likes the bride very much. Learning that he dared to convey Florele along with the prize of a love message, Felisyan begs her sister to agree to a date with her admirer, and at night on the balcony she will speak with him – he still does not know their voices and will easily take one sister for another. For his part, Aldemaro decides to peek behind this date to find out if Flaurel answers the feelings of her admirer. He, like Vandalino, is deceived, taking Felisyan, who listens favorably from the balcony with the passionate confession of Vandalino standing behind him, Florel.

The unfortunate Aldemaro can not contain his experiences and, giving the next day Florele a dance lesson, confesses to her in love. Fortunately, he suddenly finds out that he is reciprocated. Florele becomes aware that Aldemar belongs to a noble family and that only love for her forced him to engage in dance teacher. She herself admits to him that her sister stood on the balcony at night, and explains how and why she was there. The conversation of young people interrupts the arrival of Felisjana, who managed to write a love message of Vandalino on behalf of Florela, putting her own feelings and desires into it. Florela instructs Aldemaro to convey this letter to the addressee: now the young man is aware of the game that the sisters lead, and willingly undertakes to carry out this assignment.

Florel is somewhat worried that she does not know the content of the love letter written on her behalf, and Felisyan goes away from the direct answer in every possible way. However, Aldemaro himself learns from Vandalino that he was appointed at night in a garden. When it becomes known to Florele, she is outraged at the ease with which her sister puts her honor at bay. After reading Vandalino’s reply to Feljian’s note, Florel tore it up with anger and replaced it with others, in which Vandalino refuses to come to his appointment because he sees in the subject of his passion a future wife, not a mistress, and promises to wait for her, as well as last night, under the window. It is this reply that Aldemaro sends to Fedisyane, who is highly offended by the indifferent tone of the message. Aldemaros also decides, together with two servants, to ambush Vandalino at night under the window and teach him a lesson. In turn Tevano, the husband of Fedisyana, finding scraps of the letter torn by Florela, suspects that it was addressed to his wife, and also decides to spend the night in the garden in order to track down the uninvited guest. On a date in the garden at night goes Floreda, which opens Vandalino the truth: she never wrote to him, and most likely, a duel was joked about him. In the darkness of the night, Aldemaro, who was about to teach a passionate admirer of Florela, takes Tevano as an intruder and almost injures him.

Meanwhile, the insulted Felisyan decides to talk to Vandalino, who assures him that he never wrote florals to indifferent messages and did not refuse night dates. Realizing that behind this deception is Aldemaro, Feliciana decides to take revenge: she orders the butler, who does not have a special love for the dance teacher because of his exquisite manners, and therefore will remain silent, put in a room Aldemiro jewelry box. She writes on behalf of her sister the message of Vandalino, in which Florre allegedly confirms his intention to come to him at night on a date and promises to be his wife. Felisjana shows miracles of ingenuity, passing this note Vandalino directly in the presence of Tevano, her husband. Left alone, Felisyan, under some pretext, asks her to bring her jewels, and then their loss is revealed. The sent butler soon brings a jewel box, which was found in the dance teacher’s room. The angry master of the house of Alberigo orders the servants to take Aldemaro’s sword and escort him to prison. The clever Belardo, the servant of Aldemaró, managed to slip away. He rushes to find Ricaredo, who returned to Tudela, hoping to persuade his cousin to return under the paternal shelter. Taking another servant, Ricaredo and Belardo go to the house of Alberigo, where they penetrate unnoticed. hoping to persuade his cousin to return to his father’s house. Taking another servant, Ricaredo and Belardo go to the house of Alberigo, where they penetrate unnoticed. hoping to persuade his cousin to return to his father’s house. Taking another servant, Ricaredo and Belardo go to the house of Alberigo, where they penetrate unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Florela, in order to save her lover, explains to her father that she never loved Vandalino and that the intercepted letter in which she appoints that date a date in the garden is forged. Afraid that if the truth comes out, then Felisjana will be disgraced, Alberigo begs Florela to marry Vandalino and save her sister and the whole family from shame. However, the ingenious Florela still comes up with an exit: she tells her father how to behave with the Vandalino, and even Alberigo is struck by the ingenuity of his daughter. Not wanting to force Florel to marry an unloved person, he tells Vandalino that he does not dream of anything else, how to see that with his son-in-law, but the reckless Florella decided to secretly marry a dance teacher and introduce him into his father’s house under a false name. Then she changed her mind, and now her hand is free – Alberigo will gladly give a daughter for Vandalino. Heard greatly embarrassed recently ardently enamored youth: he does not want to disgrace his kind of marriage with a woman who could behave so unworthily, can not imagine such a woman as the mother of her children. And Vandalino without hesitation refuses to be the son-in-law of Alberigo. While this explanation was on, Florela removed the shackles from Aldemaro, who was seated under the castle, and Ricaredo and his companions, who had penetrated into the house, almost clawed at Tevano swords.

Alberigo declares to all those present that the Vandalino has renounced his claim to Florela’s hand and that, knowing about the nobility of the clan from which Aldemaro is going, he will gladly give his daughter for that. Servant Aldemaro Belardo gets into his wife Lisen, the servant of Florela, for whom Alberigo gives a generous dowry, and Felicians has nothing else to do but to throw out of her heart a love for Vandalino.

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“Teacher of dance” Vega in brief summary