Summary “The Juvenile Sea”

Summary “The Juvenile Sea”

Five days a person goes to the depths of the south-eastern steppe of the Soviet Union. On the way, he presents himself as a locomotive engineer, a geologist-spy, or “another organized professional being, just to occupy his head with an uninterrupted thought and distract the longing from the heart” and reflects on the reorganization of the globe with the goal of discovering new sources of energy. This is Nikolai Vermo, who tested many professions and was sent as an electrical engineer to the meat-producing farm. The director of this state farm, Umrishchev, having met a business trip, defines Nikolai Vermo at the far end. Umrishchev gives Vermo his advice – “do not meddle,” because the everlasting passions-sufferings, in his opinion, are due to the fact that people “tirelessly pushing, violating the dimensions of tranquility.”

Together with Nicholas from the state farm, a young woman, the secretary of the party party cell Nadezhda Bestaloyeva, is walking to the far side. Nicholas tells her how often it gets boring because feelings do not come true, and when you want to kiss someone, the person turns away… Bastaloyeva says she will not turn away. When they kiss, Umrishchev drives up on horseback and says: “Are you already hanging out?” Hope promises to Umrischeva with him, because the milkmaid was a milkmaid.

Gurth “Parental Courtyards” has four thousand cows and a large number of supporting

animals, being a reliable source of meat for the proletariat. When Vermo and Bestaloyeva come to the land, Umrishchev is already there. After trying the bread, he instructs “to bake a more delicious bread.” She points to the ground: “To tear the sheep on a footpath, or it hits the legs and stops concentrating.” Umrishchev is holding a meeting of the workers of the region, where questions of the victory of Soviet power over capitalism are being discussed. The old woman Kuzminishna, who began to call herself Federated, speaks of her pity for the federal republic, for which she walks and feels day and night, where everything is and where there is nothing… The elder gurtoprav Bozhev is afraid that the old woman knows about his secret exchanges of good cows on thin kulaks, but calms down:

The next day the milkmaid is buried by Ainu. Aina learned about the affairs of Bozhev with his fists, who, with the knowledge of the driver, changed their cows to fattened state farms, and also extorted them in pastures. Bozhev beat a witness to his crimes and once raped. Aina, unable to bear the abuse, was able to do it. Bastaloyeva guessed the true reasons for this suicide. Vermo walks ahead of the procession, playing on the harmonic by hearing “Appassionata” Beethoven.

The commission is headed for the investigation by the secretary of the district committee. Aina’s brother tells everything. Bozhev was tried and shot in a city prison. Umrishchev is sent to another collective farm, where, as an opportunist, he does everything on the contrary to his convictions in order to get it right… Bystaloeva becomes the director of the meat-producing enterprise, which takes Federatov’s help, and Nicholas Vermo appoints the chief engineer.

On the edge there is not enough water, and Vermo thinks of burning the earth with a voltaic arc to get to the buried waters – the juvenile sea. Bastaloyeva at the meeting of the asset orders Nicholas to do excavation while she decides to go to the area for equipment and building materials to increase the delivery of meat in the future in several times.

Meat is subject to technical reorganization: cows are killed by electricity in the tower, briquetted manure to produce fuel, install a windmill to generate electricity. Volt’s unit, Nikolay Vermo, drills a well, reaching to the bottom of the water, glowing under the ground. With this unit, it cuts from the ground slabs for building dwellings to people and sheltering cattle. The work of the engineer Nikolai Vermo is received by a delegation from Moscow.

In the deep autumn a ship sails from Leningrad, on board are engineer Vermo and Nadezhda Bestaloyeva. They are sent to America to test the idea of ​​super-deep drilling with a voltaic flame and learn how to extract electricity from the space illuminated by the sky. On the shore they are escorted by Federatovna and Umrishchev, whom Federatovna has long ideologically re-educated, carried away by the patient negative old man and became his wife. In the evening, going to bed at the hotel, Umrishchev asks Federatov, whether there will be a dusk on the earth when Nikolai Edvardovich and Nadezhda Mihailovna begin to make their electricity from daylight.

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Summary “The Juvenile Sea”