Plaut Menechma, or Gemini In the city of Siracusa lived a merchant, and he had two twin boys, like two drops of water. The merchant drove out of the sea and took with him one of the boys – named Menechm. There was a holiday, the boy was lost in the crowd; he was picked up by another merchant – from the city of Epidamn, took to his place, adopted, and then found his wife and left all his fortune. The second boy remained in Syracuse; in memory of the missing, he was renamed and also named Menechm. He grew up, went in search ofRead More →

The events of this novel unfold in the twenties and thirties of this century in the United States of America. The narrative is conducted on behalf of Jack Berden. Berden was born in a well-to-do family in the south, graduated from a prestigious school, studied US history at the University of the State, and later became the right-hand man of Governor Willie Stark. With Willie Stark, Jack Berden met in 1922 in Mason City on behalf of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to write an article about him. He was born in a poor peasant family, worked on the ground, independently read books on jurisprudence,Read More →

The text of Bradley Pearson’s book The Black Prince, or the Feast of Love is framed by the foreword and afterword of the publisher, from which it follows that Bradley Pearson died in prison of transient cancer, which he opened shortly after he finished the manuscript. Wanting to restore the honor of a friend and remove from him the accusation of murder, the publisher and published this “story about love – after all, the history of creative struggles of man, the search for wisdom and truth – it is always a story about love… Every artist is an unfortunate lover, and unhappy lovers love tellRead More →

Anatole France Rise of the Angels The great Alexander Bussar d’Esparvieu, vice-president of the state council under the July government, left his heirs a three-story mansion and a rich library. René d’Esparvieux, a worthy grandson of the famous grandfather, added the precious collection to the extent of his strength. In 1895, he appointed Julien Sariette as the curator of the library, simultaneously making him the mentor of his eldest son, Maurice. Mr. Sariette imbued the library with a quivering, but jealous love. Anyone who carried with him the most insignificant little book, tore the archivist’s soul. He was ready to take down any insult andRead More →

The great Russian poet M. Yu. Lermontov can rightfully be called a poet of the past and the present. The historical theme, the theme of the generation change, The manners, traditions, foundations are one of the most important in his work. And if in the representatives of the past generations he saw a role model, an example of strength, courage, patriotism, great ideas and an active striving for the goal, then contemporary, and furthermore future generations, he has doubts and sadness. To the historical themes of Lermontov lead frequent and disappointing thoughts about the fate of his generation. The poet is called and beckons “theRead More →

Alphonse Dode Extraordinary adventures of Tartaren from Tarascon 186 * year, the country is governed by Napoleon III, all who can, thrive. In the small town of Tarascon, in the south of France, lives the great Tartarin hunter, in whose garden grow baobabs and other exotic trees. The passion for hunting is shared by all fellow citizens of Tartaren, and although the game in the vicinity has long been transferred, every Sunday the Tarascans arm themselves to the teeth and go out of town, where they fire at the cap – to the delight of the local captains. As a hunter for his cap, TartarenRead More →

The narrative begins with a sad event. A wounded horse stands clearly in front of the reader. The animal regretted the miller of Berezhki village and sheltered it at home. But it was not easy for the elderly man to feed his horse in the winter. In fact at this time there is no fresh grass, which the horse could pinch, and the surplus of products at the miller, apparently, was not. The feeling of hunger made the horse walk through the yards in search of food. He was endured with stale bread, carrots, beet tops – whoever could. Only an indifferent boy Philemon didRead More →

Thomas Mine Reed White Leader The action takes place in Mexico in the late 18th – early 19th century. The novel opens with a description of the holiday in honor of the day of St. John in the small Mexican town of San Ildefonso. Here all the layers of society are having fun. Among the aristocrats stands Catalina de Cruces, daughter of the wealthy owner of the mines of Don Ambrosio. There is also a candidate for her hand, Captain Roblado, a serf garrison officer, and the commandant of the fortress, forty-year-old Colonel Viscarra. The main participant in the competition, which is an integral partRead More →

At the heart of the story “Poor Lisa” Karamzin – the story of the unhappy love of a peasant woman to a nobleman. The work, written and published in 1792, influenced the further development of Russian literature – here for the first time “people acted, the life of the heart and passions was depicted in the midst of ordinary everyday life.” The story became an example of sentimentalism: images of the heroes of the story and the author’s position are ambiguous, the feeling is the highest value, first of all the inner world of the common man is revealed. The story “Poor Liza” is studiedRead More →

Jean Cocteau Hell Machine The play, based on the motifs of the myth about Edil, unfolds in ancient Greece. The Queen of Thebes of Jocasta, in order to prevent the oracle’s prediction that her son, when he grows up, will kill his father, King of Leah, the king of Thebes, seventeen years ago ordered the servant to injure the feet of his youngest son, to bind him and leave him alone in the mountains to true death. A certain shepherd found a baby and carried it to the king and Queen of Corinth, who had no children, but passionately dreamed about them. They raised himRead More →