Vishakhadatta Signet of the Rakshasa The renowned expert on the art of Chanakya’s policy, or Kaugilia, was deposed in Pataliputra, the capital of the country

About the work In 1870, after a series of publications of separate chapters, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin’s The History of a City appeared. This event received a

A. A. Fadeev Young Guard Under the scorching sun of July 1942, they walked along the Donetsk steppe with their carts, artillery, tanks, the retreating

MIKHAIL IVANOVICH GLAIN 1804-1857 Glinka has an outstanding historical role in Russian classical music. Summarizing the achievements of his predecessors, he laid the foundations of

E. Burgess Clockwork Orange Before you, blin, is nothing like a society of the future, and your humble narrator, shorty Alex, now will tell you

William Styron Selection of Sophie New York, Brooklyn, 1947. The novice writer Stingo, on whose behalf the narrative is based, set out to conquer literary

“Murder of Roger Ackroyd” – a work-novel by Agatha Christie, created within the detective genre and published in 1926. The events of the novel’s heroes