VG Korolenko Son of Makar Makar is the main character, a peasant. The author himself referred his work to “holy stories”. Written in the Yakut

Valya is a young girl who works in a store on one of the construction sites of the distant Irkutsk. Vale is twenty-five and she’s

The end of XIX century. Countryside in Russia. Mironositskoe village. Veterinarian Ivan Ivanych Chimsh-Himalayan and teacher of the grammar school Burkin, having spent the whole

Mr. Jones owns the Manor farm near the town of Willingdon in England. The old boar, the Major gathers at night in a large barn

G. Hauptmann Before sunset The action takes place after the First World War in a large German city. In the mansion of the seventy-year-old Matthias

G. Nizami Khosrov and Shirin The truth of this legend is confirmed by the Bisutun rock with carved images on it, the ruins of Medaina,

In Denmark, once ruled the king of the glorious kind of Skilding named Hrodgar. He was particularly fortunate in wars with neighbors and, having accumulated