Joe came to New York to study painting. There he met Dilius, a girl who came to complete a musical education. Young people fell in love and got married. They rented a small apartment, where they were happy. Joe studied painting, and she took music lessons. Until they ran out of money. Дилия has decided to become the teacher. Every day she left home in search of students until finally she was unlucky. Dilia was offered to teach the daughter of General Pinkney Clementina, a sweet girl, dressed from head to foot in white. Joe was ready to sell newspapers, pave the streets to bringRead More →

The amateur performance, set in the halls of the former medieval abbey and now the estate of Baron Sivud, changed the fate of its participants and many other people, contributed to the age-old struggle of socialist revolutionaries and conservative aristocrats, proved to be a very instructive episode in British history and, at the end he turned his life to the only organic state for her – ordinary happiness. A lover of antiquity, young and thoughtful Olivia Ashley was the author of the play “Troubadour Blondel”. This historically known troubadour traveled, singing, throughout Europe in the hope that King Richard the Lionheart, captured in Austria onRead More →

During one of my trips I received an invitation to dine with a rich landowner and hunter, Alexander Mikhailovich G ***. Alexander Mikhalych was not married and did not like women, his society was going to be bachelor and he lived on a broad foot. On that day he expected an important dignitary and experienced excitement incompatible with his wealth. Almost all the guests were unfamiliar to me. I began to get bored when Voynitsyn approached me, an undergraduated student who lived in this house in no way in what capacity. He introduced me to the local wimp Petr Petrovich Lupikhin, a man of smallRead More →

Action first On the street, at the bus stop, waiting for transportation is Tanya, a girl of 19 years, reading posters. Student of the last course Nikolai Kolesov, a young man of 24 years old, is persistently trying to meet her. Soon he explains that he promised to come to the wedding to a friend with a beautiful girl. Tanya is intrigued, but still refuses to make Kolya company. In the hostel, meanwhile, there is preparation for a festive dinner, most of the guests are already at the table. Everyone is waiting for Kolya with his mysterious companion. The bride and groom are Vasya BukinRead More →

Sinclair Lewis Main Street A young girl, Carol Milford, graduates from Blodget College in St. Paul and thinks about what kind of noble occupation for her to devote her life to. She intends to achieve significant results in any business, no matter what she does. At first she worked for a year in Chicago, in the city library, then in the public library of St. Paul. Once a guest she meets Dr. Will Kennicot from Gofer-Prairie, a small town of two or three thousand inhabitants, and after a while marries him. Arriving in Gopher-Prairie, Carol is disheartened by the awkwardness of the buildings and theRead More →

The comedy “Woe from Wit” is both a picture of morals, and a gallery of living types, and a burning satire, and most of all a comedy. As a picture, it is huge. Her canvas captures a long period of Russian life – from Catherine to the Emperor Nicholas. In the group of twenty people reflected all the old Moscow, its picture, its then-spirit, historical moment and mores. And all this with such artistic, objective completeness and certainty, which was given only to Pushkin and Gogol. While there will be a desire for honors other than merit, while the masters and hunters will persevere andRead More →

Family Ramsey: father – Mr Ramsey, mother – Mrs. Ramsey, children – Nancy, James, Cam, Pro, Rosa, Andrew, Jesper, Roger. They live on the island of Skye. A lighthouse is visible in the distance. First in the narrative there are a lot of thoughts of the mother, she gives an assessment of all that is happening. Events are shown from her point of view. Children very much want to go to the lighthouse, throughout the book they ask to go there, their mother inspires, saying that tomorrow there will be good weather, and they will go, but my father always disappoints, saying that the weatherRead More →

Twenty-five-year-old Valentine, a high school teacher, wakes up one morning with a sense of happiness, because he dreamed of a rainbow. Valentine is late for work – he teaches French in high school. He thinks that lately he has become too often to lie, and understands: lying on trifles means that he is not free and someone is afraid. Valentine decides to live a day without lying. Once he wanted to study at the Literary Institute at the department of artistic translation, then – to become an interpreter and go abroad. Neither one nor the other failed. As it was not possible after the endRead More →

Ch. T. Aitmatov And more than a century lasts the day The trains in these parts went from east to west and from west to east… And on the sides of the railroad in these parts lay the great desert spaces – Sary-Ozeki, the Middle Lands of the yellow steppes. Yedigei worked here as a switchman at the Boranly-Burannyi exit. At midnight, his wife, Ukubala, made his way to the booth to report the death of Kazangap. Thirty years ago, at the end of the forty-fourth, Edegei was demobilized after a concussion. The doctor said: in a year you will be healthy. But while physicallyRead More →

UPGRADED PRECISION Opera in four acts (eight scenes) Libretto by LI Dzerzhinsky Characters: Davydov Nagulnov Makar Lushka, his wife Grandfather Shchukar Lyubishkin Islander Jacob Polovtsev Damaskov Frol Timothy, his son Bannik Khoprov Wife of Khoprov Ulyana An old man with a cigar Cossack with a newspaper The fucking guy 2nd guy Cossack 2 peasants 2 snares The chief of militia Balabin Dramatic tenor Baritone Soprano Tenor Tenor Characteristic tenor Bass Bass Baritone Tenor Baritone Soprano The dramatic soprano Lyrical tenor Beritone Tenor Baritone Baritone Baritones Baritone, tenor Baritone Cossacks, kulaks, collective farmers, women, old women, guys, girls. The action takes place on the Don inRead More →