A. P. Chekhov The Man in a Case Late 19th Century Countryside in Russia. Mironositskoe village. The veterinarian Ivan Ivanovich Chimsh-Himalayan and the teacher of

A small introduction Ten years, from 1899 to 1999, LN Tolstoy wrote his novel “Resurrection”. Three times he started it, wrote, copied it, set it

1 The author says that past epochs have passed that the genres of “epics” and “epics” are over. The author approves a new style, “telegraphic”.

KG Paustovsky Romantic Maksimov with Stashevsky, Alexei and Winkler was driven into this port by a cruel autumn storm. Young people lived in a crappy

Spacious and comfortable kitchen. There is no one, only at the burning hearth warms the Cat. A tired passer-by comes in the house. This is

G. de Broin Buridanov donkey Karl Erp, head of the district library in Berlin, the capital of the GDR, a forty-year-old family man with a

Emile Zola Doctor Pascal Doctor Pascal is a sixty-year-old scientist, an innovator, out of his pen goes medical works. He is engaged in healing, using