Zaretsky is troubled by the fate of a friend. Having changed into the uniform of the murdered French officer, he goes to Moscow in search of Roslavlev. A chance meeting with the captain of the gendarmes, Renault, threatens him with exposure: the Frenchman identified the horse and the sword of Zaretsky, who belonged to the sister of Reno. From the imminent arrest Zaretsky rescues Colonel Senikur – returning the debt of honor, he confirms that he is really French captain Danville. Left alone with the colonel, Alexander reveals to him the reason for his “masquerade”: he came for his friend, who, being wounded, could notRead More →

G. H. Andersen Thumbelina A childless woman, on the advice of a sorceress, raised a girl from the grain of a tulip an inch tall – Thumbelina. Cradle for her was a nut shell, a boat – a petal of a tulip in a dish with water and flowers, where the girl sailed and sang. One night she was stolen by a toad to make her a bride for her ugly son. Crying Thumbelina, sitting on a leaf of the water lily, while the toads adorned their dwelling, pityed the fish – they tore the stalk and the girl swam with the current, harnessing herRead More →

Chapter first The action takes place in the provincial city of NN, where the collegiate adviser Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov comes. He is a middle-aged man, of medium build and of pleasant appearance. Together with him came his servants – the valet Petrushka and the coachman Selifan. The time of the events described is several years after the war of 1812. Chichikov settles in a hotel, dines in a tavern and interrogates a servant there about the surrounding landlords. He also wondered if there was an epidemic in those places, from which many people died. The goal of Chichikov is the purchase of dead peasant souls.Read More →

Events develop in the mid-50’s. The novel begins with the meeting of Father Tassin, a seventy-year-old member of the Jesuit order, and Saint-Denis, director of a large state reserve in French Equatorial Africa. Father Tassen is a scientist who studies in Africa his paleontological hypotheses and has among the missionaries the reputation of a person more occupied with the science of the origin of man than the salvation of the soul. Saint-Denis is one of those colonial officials who love Africa, who, after working for a long time as an administrator in the outback, has done a lot to alleviate the fate of the localRead More →

O. Henry Confessional humorist The hero-narrator is famous for his sense of humor. Natural resourcefulness is successfully combined with training, jokes are, as a rule, innocuous character, and he becomes a universal favorite. Once a hero receives a proposal to send something for the department of humor in the well-known weekly. His material is accepted, and soon he is already leading his humorous column. With him they conclude an annual contract, many times higher than his former salary in a hardware firm, and he becomes a professional humorist. At first everything goes well, but six months later the hero begins to feel that his humorRead More →

H. Benavente The Game of Interest The play is preceded by a prologue pronounced by one of the actors before the curtain, which is a laudable word for farce as a genre. In the prologue it is reported that the play offered to the audience is a farce, more like a puppet comedy or a comedy of masks: it is uncomplicated and presupposes a child’s vision of the world, – in this mood the author asks for audience tuning. As it should be in the comedy of masks, the time and place of action are conditional. Two friends, Leander and Crispin, come to an unfamiliarRead More →

Fox-sister and wolf The woman in the hut makes a patty and puts it on the windowsill so that it is baked in the sun, because they do not even have a stove with their grandfather – so they live poorly. A fox and a wolf pass by and steal a pie. The fox secretly eats all the stuffing, and blames the wolf on the wolf. He vows that he did not even touch the pie. Then the fox offers him a test: you have to lie down in the sun, and whoever waxes on the body from the heat, he ate the honey filling.Read More →

Romain Rolland The Enchanted Soul According to the writer’s plan, the novel is “something more than a literary work: it is a living being, a story about the spiritual world of one woman”, covering forty years of her life – from a carefree youth to a courageous death. From the first pages of the novel we see “a strong, fresh girl, poured with the juices of life,” strong, fair-haired, with a stubbornly bulbous forehead, who has not yet known anything in life and is constantly immersed in her dreams. The situation in the society and the state of her father allow Annette Rivier to liveRead More →

PF Nilin Cruelty The county town of Dudary in Siberia. 20-ies. The narrative is conducted on behalf of the participant of the described events, which he recalls many years later. The author of the narrative, who has never been named after the novel (hereinafter referred to as the Author), works in the criminal investigation department along with his friend Veniamin Malyshev, whose position is an assistant to the head of the secret-operative part. Both of them are very young – they are not yet twenty years old. The main task of the criminal investigation at the time described – after the end of the civilRead More →

Mitya is very much in love with Katya, a sweet girl, very young, studying in a theater school. Katya is also in love with Mitya, but her love does not absorb her completely, she is busy with creativity. But, despite different views on life, they have a flash of love, they meet, argue, walk. But Katya tries to find out the price for her love, very often asking Mitya about what he can give her, because if she decides to create a family with him, she will have to give up a lot, well, for example, from the stage, which is worth a lot. MityaRead More →