Part one Introduction Alexander Petrovich Goryanchikov I met in a small Siberian town. Born in Russia as a nobleman, he became an ex-convict of the second class for the murder of his wife. After serving 10 years of hard labor, he lived his life in town K. He was a pale and thin man of about thirty-five, small and frail, unsociable and suspicious. Passing one night past his windows, I noticed the light in them and decided that he was writing something. Returning to the town three months later, I learned that Alexander Petrovich had died. His mistress gave me his papers. Among them wasRead More →

Five days a person goes to the depths of the south-eastern steppe of the Soviet Union. On the way, he presents himself as a locomotive engineer, a geologist-spy, or “another organized professional being, just to occupy his head with an uninterrupted thought and distract the longing from the heart” and reflects on the reorganization of the globe with the goal of discovering new sources of energy. This is Nikolai Vermo, who tested many professions and was sent as an electrical engineer to the meat-producing farm. The director of this state farm, Umrishchev, having met a business trip, defines Nikolai Vermo at the far end. UmrishchevRead More →

NN Nosov Blot Boy Fedya Rybkin liked to make the whole class laugh, it was even a habit. Once he fought with Grisha Kopeikin because of the bottle of carcass. And accidentally one drop fell on Fedya’s forehead. He was angry at first, but when he saw that all the guys were laughing, he decided that this blot on his forehead was for the best. The lesson began, and Fedya specially smeared with mascara. The guys roared with laughter. When the teacher noticed that Fedya did, she told him that the mascara was chemical, poisonous, and she would have blisters and sores. Fedya was frightenedRead More →

The action takes place from 19 to 26 March 1815 in France, during the last before Easter of the week, in the Catholic calendar called passionate. The novel is based on historical events connected with the return of Napoleon Bonaparte to Paris, who fled from the island of Elba, where he was in exile. The main character of this multifaceted novel-epic is a young artist Theodore Gericault. In 1811, his father, Georges Gericault, with the consent of his son, who hates war, hired a recruit to serve in Napoleon’s army. And for several years, Theodore quietly engaged in painting. However, in 1815 he was suddenlyRead More →

Ray Bradbury 451 Fahrenheit America about a near future, what she saw the author in the early fifties, when this novel was written, the anti-utopia. Thirty-year-old Guy Montag is a firefighter. However, in these modern times fire brigades do not fight with fire. Quite the contrary. Their task is to find books and fire them, as well as the homes of those who dared to keep such sedition in them. For ten years now Montag has been fulfilling his duties, not thinking about the meaning and the reasons for such book hatefulness. Meeting with a young and romantic Clarissa McLandland knocks out the hero fromRead More →

Vitka Borzenkov went to the bazaar in the regional city, sold bacon for a hundred and fifty rubles and went to the wine stall to “smear” a glass or two red. A young girl came up and asked: “Let me have a light.” “With a hangover?” asked Vitka bluntly. “Well,” the girl answered simply. “And there’s nothing to hang on to, right?” -“Do you have?” Vitka bought more. Drank it. Both became good. “Maybe some more?” asked Vitka. “Not here, you can come to me.” In Vitka’s chest something like this-sweetly slippery-wagged his tail. The girl’s house turned out to be clean – curtains, skaterochkiRead More →

IS Turgenev Mumu “In one of the remote streets of Moscow, in a gray house with white columns, a mezzanine and a crooked balcony, once lived a lady, a widow surrounded by a large courtyard… Of all her servants, the most remarkable person was the janitor Gerasim, a man twelve heights of growth, built by a hero and deaf and dumb from birth. The lady took him from the village, where he lived alone, in a small hut, apart from his brothers, and was considered almost the most serviceable draft man, gifted with extraordinary strength, he worked for four. . “. But then Gerasim wasRead More →

The action takes place in Germany, during the Second World War. The protagonist is a teenager Sergei, who was hijacked to Germany, to Arbaytla-ger. The narration covers about three years of the hero’s life. Non-human conditions of existence are described. Arbeit camp is better than concentration camp – the extermination camp, but only because people are killed here gradually, excruciating by overwork, hunger, beatings and bullying. Prisoners of Arbeit camps wear a “OST” badge on their clothes. The central event of the first chapters of the novel is the escape of Sergei and his friend Valka. First, a prison is described, into which the teenagersRead More →

Returning home, the soldier met a sorceress. She sent him to the hollow where, in three rooms of three chests guarded by terrible dogs, he could collect copper coins, silver and gold, having first planted the dogs on the old woman’s checkered apron. For this she asked me to bring her a flint located there. After completing everything according to the instructions of the old woman, the soldier cut off the adviser’s head and took the flint himself. Walking through all the money, and with it, and losing all new friends, the soldier again began to live poorly. One day he lit a candle, whichRead More →

February 27, 1815 in Marseille from the next voyage returns three-masted ship “Pharaoh”. Captain LeClair was not destined to set foot on his native land: he died of fever in the open sea. The young sailor Edmond Dantes took over the command and executed another last will of the captain: “Pharaoh” comes to the island of Elba, where Dantes hands over the package received from Leclerc’s hands to Marshal Bertrand and meets with the disgraced Emperor himself. Dantes receives a letter to be delivered to Paris, Mr. Noirtier, one of the conspirators preparing the return to the throne of Napoleon. The owner of the “Pharaoh”Read More →

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