The novel takes place in the era of Restoration, a time when everyone still remembers both the events of the revolution and the rule of

Among the works on wartime, the story “The golden night spent” written by Anatoly Pristavin stands apart: it not only shows the pain and misfortune

IA Bunin Dryodol “Suhodol” is a family chronicle of Khrushchev’s noblemen. In the center of the work, in addition, – the fate of Natalia, a

A. Hamilton Memoirs of the Count de Gramon In the romanized biography of his relative, Chevalier de Gramont, the author draws contemporary manners of the

Prague, the beginning of the century. The narration is from the first person. The hero is not sleeping, or awake. Moonlight falls in the foothold

J. T. de Reo Interesting stories The author collected oral testimonies, his own observations and historical works of his time and on their basis recreated

Novalis Heinrich von Ofterdingen The work is based on the legend of the famous Minnesinger of the 13th century. Heinrich von Oterdingingen. The external eventual

The basis of the poem was the Karelian-Finnish folk epic songs, which in the 18th century. collected and processed by Elias Lennrot. Fleece 1 Ilmatar,