Summary “Student” Chekhov

At the beginning of the story, nature is described. Good weather by the evening is significantly deteriorating. From the cold forest freezes and is emptied. The main character – a student of the theological academy and the son of the deacon Ivan Ivanovich Wielkopolska, was on the eve of changes in his worldview. He lived poorly. His mother, sitting on the floor, was cleaning the samovar, his father was lying on the stove and was coughing. People who are far from the worldly vanity and do not call for luxury, open up other values ​​- spiritual.

Ivan was walking along his father’s path. His family honored church traditions. With the onset of a passionate Friday, despite the feeling of hunger, the family did not eat anything. At this time, people must quench the spiritual hunger and engage in service to the Lord. Twenty-two-year-old Ivan did not want to return home, despite the bad weather. He wanted to communicate with other ordinary people, also suffering from hunger

and poverty.

Ivan, coming to the fire, starts a conversation with two women. They were the righteous Vasilisa and her daughter Lukerya. Ivan talked about the biblical events that took place twelve centuries ago. His sermon made a strong impression on Vasilisa, who, listening to Ivan, could not restrain her tears. The deaf-mute Lukerya also changed in the face. The centuries-old events related to these events were related to these women and the student himself. Long ago the apostle Peter warmed himself by the fire. His renunciation of Jesus is closely connected with the present day. Truth has always guided human life in the right direction.

The ongoing conversation transforms Ivan. He overflows with a sense of youth and happiness, ready to resist any natural element. At last Ivan Velikopolsky goes to the mountain and majestically looks at his native village. The student became a participant in the legendary biblical events, telling about the opposition of good and evil, in which evil became the winner. Frightens the idea that the desert with an intolerable sense of oppression will remain forever. There

is a hope that this will not happen. Each generation will be able to take into account the errors of the previous one, find the right way in the stormy life events.

The prosperous existence of all living beings depends only on themselves. After all, it was possible to find a common topic for conversation so different people – Ivan, Vasilisa and her daughter.

Student Ivan, who entered the mountain, Vasilisa, cleansed by tears, become real righteous people, without whom our land is worthless.

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Summary “Student” Chekhov